Gay Patriot: “Why do gays need a Big Government hug?” #DOMA #Prop8 #religiousliberty

A view not often vocalized or seen of the gay marriage mandate given to us courtesy of the California and Supreme Courts….and against the will of the people. And with great risk to the religious community….

“If someone wants to engage in a civil contract with someone they love, nothing stopped them from doing so last week. I have consistently urged that public policy adopt civil unions with strong religious liberty protections as a balance to resolve the gay marriage issue. Instead, the gay political class decided that they would expend all their energy, time and millions of dollars for the last decade quarreling over the word “marriage.”…..

…..The gay political movement is bound and gagged to the progressive left. So ….we will see demands for public accommodations for gays and infringement upon the religious liberty of many faiths. I am confident that this attorney general, or the next one, and the Obama IRS, will put pressure on churches and synagogues to marry gay and lesbians. After all, there is a track record of such behavior over the past four years.

So for those of my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters who needed the federal government’s emotional approval of their relationship: Congratulations. I just hope all gay and lesbian Americans take a moment to stop and thank Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush for nominating Justices Kennedy and Roberts so the Clinton era of discrimination could come to an end Wednesday.”

Read it all here.


Some interesting thoughts that crossed my brain today….

I don’t always have time to write, link, and do justice to so many of the issues that exist in our country and politics today.

So today I am summarizing a few things that have creeped into my brain over the last few days.  Perhaps some of you can answer and discuss……

Why don’t the so-called 9-11 truthers concentrate less on ignorant theories that the government exploded the World Trade Center and focus more on the deficits and debt explosion of this government?

Why do the NFL (and MSM and Hollywood and liberals, in general) give a pass to, if not practically cheer for, those sports stars and others who’ve had 121 adulterous partners, raped underage girls, mutilated dogs for fun, and more…..while they show contempt for a wholesome, “saving himself” leader such as Tim Tebow?

Why is it that the so-called “tolerant” MSM and liberals are laser-focused on the sexual preference of Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan, while those on the right are not?

Similarly, if Elena Kagan believes that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is so wrong in the military, why won’t she clearly state whether she is (or isn’t) a homosexual?

How is it that we always hear about “peaceful and tolerant Muslims” but we never see or hear them?  Is it because the “peaceful” cower to the violence or because the “peaceful Muslim” is non-existent but the “radical” Muslim slithers among us?

If Arizona, as of today’s signing by Governor Brewer, has a law that outlaws teaching children about the “overthrow of the US Government“, does that mean that if Obama’s is successful in imposing his ideological agenda on America that they won’t be able to learn about our 44th President in Arizona in the future?

What do you think?

Our country is being “slaughtered” from within – The Constitution, Obamacare, and the unprecedented time we find ourselves in

Constitution? What Constitution?

I have followed somewhat closely the goings-on in Washington with the Healthcare Government Takeover.    I know most people do not follow that closely, but I believe many Americans are very aware of the corruption and outright arrogance being shown by Obama and the Democrats on their Obamacare bills in the House and Senate.

But it is much worse than you likely want to believe.

Republicans have all but been shut out of the process and the backroom deal-making to buy votes and outright bribery by Obama and Dems is like nothing we’ve ever seen in this country. And many Republicans have clearly stated the dangers and the idiocy of the Democrats’ plan for healthcare and their attempts to cram it down our throats.

I believe this is an epic battle this week with the Obamacare bill and will go down in history as the week America spiraled into decline or the week she got her footing back and moved back up the mountain of freedom, the Constitution, and smaller government.

I am fearful that the former is most likely even if only because the Democrats have flouted the Constitution and Americans will have no choice but to fight against it in ways we’ve never had to do in modern time.  Frankly, I think it will be hard, will take perseverance and could get ugly.  The latter is likely if we fight this we all we have, however.

As many have said, this bill is not about healthcare but about control.

While Democrats are putting out a “shell bill” today in the House that is supposedly going to be completely overhauled this week with goodies to buy votes…they apparently still do not have the votes for an up or down vote on the bill.

However, since Pelosi has thrown around the possibility of the “Slaughter Solution” late last week, that option is still on the table and a quite likely option.  I believe that as long as the votes are not apparent in an up or down vote, the Slaughter Solution will be attempted by the Democrats.

The Slaughter Solution is unconstitutional and completely unprecedented.  Basically, Louise Slaughter in the House is drawing up NEW rules for  the House.  Pelosi would hold a vote on this new rule.   What is this rule?  Basically, the rule would say that once this rule was approved, the House would DEEM the Senate bill passed by the House and move the bill to be signed by Obama.

This is unconstitutional because Article I, Section 7 says the following:

Every Bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it become a Law,be presented to the President of the United States; If he approve he shall sign it, but if not he shall return it, with his Objections to that House in which it shall have originated, who shall enter the Objections at large on their Journal, and proceed to reconsider it. If after such Reconsideration two thirds of that House shall agree to pass the Bill, it shall be sent, together with the Objections, to the other House, by which it shall likewise be reconsidered, and if approved by two thirds of that House, it shall become a Law. But in all such Cases the Votes of both Houses shall be determined by Yeas and Nays, and the Names of the Persons voting for and against the Bill shall be entered on the Journal of each House respectively.

EVERY bill that makes it to the President’s desk must be VOTED on by both the House and Senate with the EXACT same language.  The Slaughter Solution ignores the vote on the bill in the House and essentially bypasses this article of the Constitution by DEEMING the vote passed instead of actually voting on it.

THIS IS MONUMENTAL and you should be angry about it.  This sets an ugly precedent.  Who’s to say that the next bill Obama and Pelosi believe needs to be passed won’t be passed with another such rule without voting on it?  Essentially if Democrats are allowed to do this our Constitution is null and void.

I don’t like the sound of that and I believe this must be fought with everything we have.

But what do we do?  Susan Ann Hiller at studies the Constitution and Declaration of Independence for an answer in her piece “Consent of the Governed”.  It is well worth a read.

Also at today, a post by writer E Pluribus Unum caught my eye.  This post talks about the Slaughter Rule but also clearly outlines the danger of it and what may happen if the Democrats choose to go through with it.

Which brings us to the Slaughter Rule, in which Democrats just flat-out defy the Constitution and declare a bill “passed” which has not been voted on. It’s been discussed at length here, here, and here, by constitutional scholars, veteran congressional experts, and other VSGs (very smart guys)…..

…..Now America is flat irritated. And if the Dems try sporting this blatant middle finger at the Constitution and America, we will all see what happens when America is finally angry. Like Dan Perrin, I think Democrats will back down before doing this. But we’ve both underestimated their stupidity several times in this process. Nothing’s a safe bet anymore.

……..But if they try this stunt, the ensuing electoral revolt will be epic and irreversible, resulting in a Democrat Party crippled so irredeemably that I predict a new center-left party will emerge in the next 10 years,…..

But that is November. What will happen in March?

Six things I can think of, the first three within days. I couldn’t say what order, because things will move pretty quickly. So I list them how my mind sorts them.

1. The Supreme Court will strike it down within days.

I don’t remember which of the 3 authors I cited said this (or maybe I heard it on the radio), so I don’t know who to cite. But every American has standing here, due to the exceedingly far reach of the Health Care Takeover bill. Somebody will sue. I predict GOP members of Congress will, and it will go straight to the Supreme Court. They will strike down the whole caboodle, and they will do it almost immediately. Probably 6-3, with Breyer and Kennedy voting with the originalists. Their ruling is very likely to include language extremely damning of the behavior of Democrats.

2. Numerous states will declare statutorily under the 10th Amendment that this law will be unenforceable within their borders.

I’m guessing 20 states. The move has been afoot for awhile anyway, and this blatant flouting of the Constitution will trigger the America-loving, freedom-loving instincts into bold (if rash) action. And while they’re at it, they’re going to say the same thing about everything emanating from the EPA.

3. There will be public anti-government outrage so great that it will boil into violence.

I do not condone this; it will be ugly and more than a little scary. Lest I give anybody fresh ideas, I will not expound upon it other than to say it will be directed, not generalized — directed at objects, property, and symbols of government, not at people. Although those who voted for this Slaughter Rule would be wise to perhaps hang around in Washington for awhile.

4. (Even more) new candidates opposing incumbent Democrats will come out of the woodwork.

Many already have, but many good ones have considered, then declined. Many of those will change their minds, even in blue states. And new ones will pop up like dandelions. And a whole bunch of them will win. The leftist partisan national media currently think Republicans might, juuuuuuuust MIGHT, get 40 seats and the House back. Idiots. It was already going to be 80 and 8. But after this stunt, it might be 120 and 14. This is what happens when the entire center turns on a party.

5. State AGs will bring charges against sitting Congressmen for whatever they can plausibly pin on them.

Sedition is the actual crime (IMHO), and that’s a federal charge. But no USA will touch this, since they work for the president. Because members of Congress cannot be recalled, citizens will be thirsting for vengeance. Very loudly. State AG’s will be chomping at the bits to exact SOME form of payback, encouraged (or pushed) by their citizenry. Things like corruption, conspiracy, bribery, racketeering, tax fraud, and so on, will be easy indictments. As the last few months have shown, congressional Democrats have been so thoroughly corrupt for so long, nobody will even have to trump up anything.

6. Republicans will shut down business in Congress until January 5.

Then it will REALLY get fun.

Democrats will lose the country days after they pull the Slaughter Rule. They’ll have their illegal law both flouted and overruled, their members will be subject to investigations and indictments, and not a single item of interest will be signed into law, nor will any appointment be approved, before January 5, when a hundred or more of them leave Washington for good.

Let’s hope he’s right about that.  Call all of the House members who are possible changes to yes votes.  A list  is here.

Rush to Obama: “I’ll tell you, you are not a leader. You are an agitator and an organizer…”

Rush Limbaugh to Obama:  “I’ll tell you, you are not a leader. You are an agitator and an organizer”

Nail —- > Head.

Rush has penned a great letter to Obama that he read on his show today.  Audio here. 

Transcript below.  Here is the transcript on Rush’s site – (H/T: Gateway Pundit).  Read it all.  Rush is not holding back and is spot-on.

I penned a message to Obama that I would like to deliver now. Because Mr. Obama, I think it’s time we had a heart to heart talk. Let me be the father that you never had or never really knew, because I think you need some guidance. It’s time to man up. It’s time to grow up. That speech last night was an embarrassment. You couldn’t focus, you lashed out in all directions, you refused to accept responsibility for your own actions, and you were angry.

And he was, folks! He was mad. Being president is a big job. It’s a big responsibility. You wanted the position, Barack. You campaigned for it. You told the public to trust you with it, and they elected you — and you’re now president of the greatest country mankind has ever known, and yet you act like this was all coming to you, like you deserve it, that you’re better than the people you are supposed to serve and that you have no tolerance for debate or dissent. That’s not the way it works as president, Barack. We have a Constitution, we have checks and balances, we have separation of powers, we have states — and most of all, we have the people. You don’t get to impose your programs and policies on the nation and the people without our consent.

This is a representative republic, not a banana republic, and let me remind you: Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky are not our Founding Fathers. This is a nation built on individuality, built on liberty, free markets, and faith. Yet you, Barack, demand fidelity to a different belief system: A system that crushes individual initiative and free will. The president does not berate Supreme Court justices who are guests of the Congress and who have no ability to respond to your attacks. You’ve made such a mess of things, Barack, and it’s time to stop deluding yourself. It’s time to stop blaming others. You are delusional. You are delirious. It’s time for you to assume the responsibilities of a president rather than pretending to be one.

You’ve driven the nation’s debt over the edge. It is your responsibility to fix it now. Otherwise, our young people will have no future. You were wrong to grant terrorists constitutional rights. Even the libs in New York don’t want the trial there now! You, Mr. President, are endangering the security of this nation. Now fix it! Reverse course, and end the terrorists — all of them — back to Guantanamo Bay, where they belong. You are wrong to nationalize one industry after another from automobiles to banks. You are destroying competition and jobs. You need to stop what you were doing before million of more families go broke from your misguided policies. It’s not too late to stop this. I know you’re not going to stop it because last night you said you don’t quit, and I know what you mean.

You’re gonna keep plugging for the same agenda, which is going to destroy this country even more — which makes me think, Barack, that’s your objective. You know, Barack, unlike most presidents you’re dealing with a Congress that has super majorities in both houses, fellow Democrats. It amazes me that with all the talk about your ability to persuade and communicate, that you can’t even hold your own party members together anymore. Is that Bush’s fault, too? Is it is fault of the banks and the insurance companies and the lobbyists that you can’t keep your own Democrat Party unified — or is it a problem with your leadership, Barack, or lack of leadership? It’s the latter, Mr. President. I’ll tell you, you are not a leader. You are an agitator and an organizer, and a process guy, but you are not a leader. It is you who are doing something wrong.

The people in Virginia don’t like it. The people in New Jersey don’t like it. The people in Massachusetts don’t like it. The people in Massachusetts and all over the country have the ability to inform themselves outside of your sycophant press corps, and they are doing so. Members of your own governing majority don’t like what you are doing. I mean, this calls for some self-reflection and some circumspection. Has it occurred to you, Mr. President, even once that you’re not as cool as you think you are? Has it occurred to you that you are screwing up? And if it has, are you happy about that? Has it occurred to you that you have a great deal to learn and that you need to take your own measure, or are you Mr. Perfect? Are you God-sent?

Are you The One that you’ve been waiting for? See, I have a little concern there may be a psychological issue at play here. I don’t say this to demean you, Barack. I say it because I’m concerned. I mean, Tom Daschle was always “concerned” and I like the word. I’m concerned. You seem to have a whole lot of enemies, at least in your own mind. A partial list would include Fox News, insurance companies, banks, oil companies, the “special interests,” the Supreme Court, Republicans, talk show hosts, executives, anyone or any business that earns over $250,000 a year, mortgage companies, credit card companies — and the list goes on and on and on. You have the longest enemies list of anybody I’ve ever known.

These people are not your enemies, though, Barack. They are Americans. They are part of this country. They are part of what makes the nation work. You are not. You have nothing to do, and have had nothing to do, with this nation’s greatness. You can’t lay claim to greatness on any scale, not even rhetorical. But you have no direct relationship to the greatness of this country. You are damaging the possibility of further greatness. Nevertheless, like a bully, you continue to threaten all of these people. The Supreme Court, Big Oil, Big Pharmaceutical, Big Retail, talk show hosts, Fox News, the list goes on. You threaten anybody who does not agree with you. You try to intimidate them. You smear them. Your sycophantic media goes right along and carries your water. But this is not what presidents do…

Now all of the libs out there will persecute Rush for conveying his opinion about Obama very pointedly. Of course, those same libs are praising Obama today for a State of the Union Speech that was low on truth and respect and high in the amount of condescenscion Obama rained down on the American People, Congress, Republicans, Banks, Private Industry and the Supreme Court.

And there are those on the right who will wring their hands in worry about the “tone” of Rush’s words. You know…we don’t want to be like the Left are when berating George W. Bush at every turn.

But it must be remembered that when a strong statement is made about Obama, it is not the same as the lies that were perpetuated (and still are) about George W. Bush. Those lies encompassed false stories about Bush’s intentions for the war, his prosecution of the war, and almost everything Bush achieved while in office.

But, the BIG difference between what the Libs have done to Bush and what Rush has clearly stated to Obama is that the Libs had to lie about Bush. And then perpetuate the lies.

What Rush has laid out about Obama is becoming more and more clear to many Americans every day. Obama’s contempt for our country, its Constitution, its tradition and people who don’t praise his Far Left agenda is clear.
GW Bush has never had contempt for America or its people.

Thanks Rush…you said what I wish I’d said.

Words to describe Obama’s SOTU speech: Intolerant, intimidation, propaganda, childish, not true, distasteful…


While I was able to manage keeping my dinner down throughout Obama’s State of the Union (SOTU) speech last night, I was not able to watch it all.  I simply didn’t want to purchase another television set after our remote control or a lamp was heaved through the screen.  So I know my limits…and turned it off a few times just to keep my sanity and TV screen intact.

But I saw enough.  Obama behaved as someone lecturing Americans, berating his Republican counterparts, attempting to intimidate the justices of the Supreme Court…and he said nothing new.  Above all his speech showed that he intends to continue his anti-Constitution, anti-Capitalist, anti-freedom assault on this country AND he lied at almost every turn of his speech. I heard Mitch McConnell say on Fox News this morning that he was wrong to expect Obama to “pivot” or to move to the center in his speech.   He went on to say (paraphrased) that Obama has doubled down on his far Left agenda…quite the opposite of a sensible man’s “pivot”. 

Another takeaway for me was now Obama’s speech portrayed his ideas will now have focus as if the last year never occurred.  Where was the focus last year on jobs? on deficits? on spending?  His words came out as if he were just beginning his first year in office….as if the last year never happened.  Astounding how Obama overlooks his unprecedented deficits and spending while saying he will “focus” on those issues.  It’s as if we lost a year…and Obama gets a restart.

And it wasn’t just what Obama did say and do, but the areas of the “state of the union” that he left out—-No mention of victory in Iraq.  No recognition to the brave men and women who have fought and, yes, won that war!  Ace of Spades addressed this best:

What words didn’t he use? Victory. Freedom. Or anything that recognized the fruits of the incredible sacrifices millions of men and women in our military and their families made to make it possible.You see, the war is just “ending”. …….Oh and this ‘ending’? Yeah, he inherited that from Bush too but you don’t hear him mention that do you?

I doubt W. cares much about what this CHILDISH little man says or thinks about him. Bush signed up for the big leagues and if Obama can’t do anything but bitch about him, well, that’s part of the deal. Besides, Bush only looks better by comparison.

But for a serving Commander in Chief to fail to acknowledge the victory of American troops is beyond shameful, it’s unpardonable and even un-American.

In a nutshell, what we saw was the tone of an arrogant, Bush-blaming, tin-eared, far Left ideologue who believes he is all-powerful.

All-powerful you say?  There are three EQUAL branches of government.  Obama managed to “lord it over” the other two last night in a very DISTASTEFUL way.   While Obama lectured Congressional Republicans (EQUALS) about holding “41 votes” makes them responsible (or something condescending like that), Obama purposefully tried to intimidate the Supreme Court justices who sat neutrally by throughout the speech.  With one exception— when Obama decided it was time for demagoguery and idiotic, Constitution-despising Democrats, like Chuck Schumer, applauded over the heads of the sitting justices, Samuel Alito reacted.    Obama’s words and behavior toward the Supreme Court justices was truly revolting (and nearly unprecedented).  Obama said:

“With all due deference to separation of powers, last week the Supreme Court reversed a century of law that I believe will open the flood gates for special interests — including foreign corporations — to spend without limit in our elections.”

Justice Samuel Alito mouthed the words “NOT TRUE” (video here) while Schumer and company grandly rubbed it into the faces of the justices (you know, the EQUAL branch).

To that, Ann Althouse (via SISU) had this to say:

Isn’t it fascinating that the lengthy, amplified, magnified speech of the most powerful man in the world with his big captive audience — in the magnificent room and in smaller rooms all over the country — are outweighed by one man’s headshake and silent mouthing of 2 or 3 words?……

It’s not how much or how loud you speak that counts, is it?

But perhaps, William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection best narrows down the soul of Obama:

The attack on the Supreme Court exposes the INTOLERANCE of this President. The politician who campaigned and allegedly champions the rule of law actually has very little use for the rule of law when it does not advance his political agenda.

Last night was an attempt at INTIMIDATION, a chance to work the referees on the sideline during a home game with the guarantee of crowd approval.

Ironically, Justice Alito was correct in saying “not true”.  Obama’s statement about foreign money was wrong.  From Brad Smith at National Review:

The president’s statement is false.

The Court held that 2 U.S.C. Section 441a, which prohibits all corporate political spending, is unconstitutional. Foreign nationals, specifically defined to include foreign corporations, are prohibiting from making “a contribution or donation of money or ather thing of value, or to make an express or implied promise to make a contribution or donation, in connection with a Federal, State or local election” under 2 U.S.C. Section 441e, which was not at issue in the case. ……….

This is either blithering ignorance of the law, or demogoguery of the worst kind. 

Aside from the condescension, Obama was masterful with his lies and Bush-blaming last night.  Sister Toldjah says this is what Obama tried to convey:

– I will lie and misrepresent my record on taxes and spending to the American people, while at the same time praising their courage and determination to make it on the lean budgets they have had to deal with since Bush’s recession started.

For anyone who hasn’t drank the “Hopey Changey” Koolaid, it is clear now that Obama’s words do not match his actions.  In other words, he lies, he covers up, and simply changes (and invents) “facts” to suit his purpose.       —(My ADD moment:  I can see an advertisement/tagline for this Koolaid going something like this:   “Oba-Kool-aid: The brand for hope and change–low on freedom.  Caution: may cause blindness)”

For those of you who drink the Koolaid and for those who just like to have  the truth handy in order to educate their liberal friends, many have fact-checked Obama’s speech last night.  Obama’s PROPAGANDA is called out below:

On Obama’s Stimulus claims.  From Gateway Pundit:

OBAMA: “But you don’t have to take their word for it. Talk to the small business in Phoenix that will triple its work force because of the Recovery Act.”

THE FACTS: The democrats gave $100 million to a company owned by prominent democratic donors who have created only 15 jobs so far with the stimulus money.

Even if you look past the Democrat’s crony capitalism…that comes to $6.67 million of our money to create one job.  Does that sound like a logical way to “avert disaster” and sustain long term job growth?  If you think so, you have larger problems than just the Koolaid you are drinking.

On the tiny little spending freeze.  From Fox News Fact Check:

OBAMA: “Starting in 2011, we are prepared to freeze government spending for three years. Spending related to our national security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security will not be affected. But all other discretionary government programs will. Like any cash-strapped family, we will work within a budget to invest in what we need and sacrifice what we don’t.”

THE FACTS: The anticipated savings from this proposal would amount to less than one percent of the deficit — and that’s if the president can persuade Congress to go along.

Some pundits also noted last night that Obama proposed this “spending freeze” and it does virtually nothing to cut the deficit as he claims.  And then Obama turned around and proposed and pushed for additional massive spending on healthcare, student loans, “jobs” bill and more.  ALL Of that spending will ADD to the deficit.  So Obama’s drop-in-the-bucket proposal is for appearances only….not a serious call for reducing the deficit.

On transparency.  Again from Fox News:

OBAMA: He called for action by the White House and Congress “to do our work openly, and to give our people the government they deserve.”

THE FACTS: Obama skipped past a broken promise from his campaign — to have the negotiations for health care legislation broadcast on C-SPAN “so that people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents, and who are making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the insurance companies.” Instead, Democrats in the White House and Congress have conducted the usual private negotiations, making multibillion-dollar deals with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders behind closed doors. Nor has Obama lived up consistently to his pledge to ensure that legislation is posted online for five days before it’s acted upon.

Perhaps one of the most infuriating claims by Obama is “what he inherited”.   

Obama’s lie about who created our whopping deficit.  From Gateway Pundit:

OBAMA: “By the time I took office, we had a one year deficit of over $1 trillion and projected deficits of $8 trillion over the next decade. Most of this was the result of not paying for two wars, two tax cuts, and an expensive prescription drug program. On top of that, the effects of the recession put a $3 trillion hole in our budget. All this was before I walked in the door.”

THE FACTS: For the record the federal deficit was $459 billion in 2008 when Bush left office not $1 trillion.

(source: Gateway Pundit)

The STATISTS in our Union are in a revolution against the citizens of American, attempting to overturn our Constitution and usher in an era of Socialist economics and shove their far Left ideology and programs down our throats.

But, despite our America-loathing President and power-hungry Congressional leaders, the STATE of our Union will remain strong if the American people continue their defense in this revolution

I am convinced that, unlike the historical debates of left versus right in the past, we are no longer in a debate of the best ideas for moving forward under our Constitution.  We are instead in an unprecedented part of our history where the Left is in Revolutionary mode…they don’t want civil debate and good ideas…they want control, they want to overturn the Constitution, and they are working overtime to destroy the cultural, religious, and societal traditions of our country.

Literally I will let that happen over my dead body.

The “Scott heard round the world” was only the beginning.  We must continue to fight those who wish to change America for their own gain.

May GOD BLESS AMERICA, in spite of our President and the Leftist Revolutionaries in this country.

Other reaction to Obama’s SOTU:

Obama’s Sorry State of the Union Speech

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AP’s ten whoppers from the SOTU speech

Bitter Gun Clingers REJOICE!

Landmark and clear—-the 2nd Amendment is about an INDIVIDUAL’S Right to Bear Arms!

The Supreme Court voted 5-4 today against the DC Gun Ban.  Story here.

Somewhere in heaven today, Charlton Heston is celebrating:

Analysis summary of the ruling at Michelle Malkin.

One of the best lines of the day from John McCain:

Unlike Senator Obama, who refused to join me in signing a bipartisan amicus brief, I was pleased to express my support and call for the ruling issued today………Unlike the elitist view that believes Americans cling to guns out of bitterness, today’s ruling recognizes that gun ownership is a fundamental right — sacred, just as the right to free speech and assembly.

Reactions from those who are for freedom:

“This is a great moment in American history. It vindicates individual Americans all over this country who have always known that this is their freedom worth protecting.” Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association.

Today’s ruling is a major victory for the rights of all Americans to protect themselves and their families. The Supreme Court sent a clear message to local, state, and federal governments that this individual right cannot be unreasonably infringed.” Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas.

“In the most significant victory for the Second Amendment in recent memory, the Supreme Court today reaffirmed our citizens’ constitutional right to keep and bear arms. … This decision should send a clear message to opponents of the Second Amendment. The Constitution plainly guarantees the solemn right to keep and bear arms, and the whims of politically correct bureaucrats cannot take it away.” — House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio.

“While this is a clear victory for those who live in Washington, D.C., it’s my hope what was decided here today projects a powerful new precedent for judges to follow across the country.” Rep. Roy Blunt, R-Mo.

“As someone who works in Washington during the week, I’m relieved that I can now defend myself in my own apartment without fearing a knock on the door from the local police,” —Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, R-Ga

And now, reaction from those who oppose freedom and will say anything to keep their power

“More handguns in the District of Columbia will only lead to more handgun violence.” Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty.

“While it ruled that the D.C. gun ban went too far, Justice Scalia himself acknowledged that this right is not absolute and subject to reasonable regulations enacted by local communities to keep their streets safe. Today’s ruling … will provide much-needed guidance to local jurisdictions across the country.” Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.

“We’re shown time and time again how many children have been killed in their homes by guns. … The only thing it’s gonna do is increase your taxes. More police. More hospitalization. More victims of violence.Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

“I am profoundly disappointed in Justice Roberts and Justice Alito, both of whom assured us of their respect for precedent. With this decision, 70 years of precedent has gone out the window. And I believe the people of this great country will be less safe because of it.” Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

“This decision’s going to say to these guys that it’s OK to have guns — that’s the message the street gets from this … If you take this ruling the wrong way, everybody and their mother’s going to go out and get a gun.” — Tio Hardiman, of the Chicago violence prevention group Cease Fire.

You can bet the libs (including Obama) will look for every loophole to regulate and keep guns out of the hands of citizens, but I think they will have an awfully hard time doing so now. 

 Also, you see the normal inconsistent thought about how guns in the hands of law-abiding individuals will somehow make them less safe and increase crime…..typical liberal rationalizing.

I’m a bitter, clingin’, 2nd Amendment Vindicated Individual gun owner and PROUD OF IT!

Let’s hear it for Photo IDs!

Well, chalk one up for integrity at the voting booth!

From AP/Yahoo:

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that states can require voters to produce photo identification without violating their constitutional rights

Of course those on the left who demand civil rights (for those that agree with them) believe everyone should vote without ID (and as many times as they choose):)

Democrats and civil rights groups said (the legislation) would deter poor, older and minority voters from casting ballots.

Well, in Indiana, where this case originated, see how they do take care of those without ID:

Indiana provides IDs free of charge to the poor and allows voters who lack photo ID to cast a provisional ballot and then show up within 10 days at their county courthouse to produce identification or otherwise attest to their identity.

The ACLU will have to pick another state or another approach to defend a lack of integrity in voting:

Ken Falk, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana, said he hadn’t reviewed the decision, but he was “extremely disappointed” by it. Falk has said voter ID laws inhibit voting, and a person’s right to vote “is the most important right.” The ACLU brought the case on behalf of Indiana voters.

That’s funny, I thought they considered abortion and a so-called “woman’s right to choose” as “the most important right”. 🙂

Victory from the Supreme Court and a defeat for the ACLU!