Newt rightfully hits back at the moderators and Ron Paul makes a little sense in Reagan GOP debate

Last night at the Republican debate at the Reagan Presidential Library two candidates had the best “sound bite” points of the night.

No, it wasn’t Rick Perry or Mitt Romney.

Oddly enough, it was two of the least likely candidates to win the nomination — Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul.

First, from Newt Gingrich, a forceful and accurate takedown of the media, Brian Williams-MSNBC, John Harris of Politico, and their biased questioning:

While honest debate and questioning is what debates are made of….I thought Newt was spot on in pointing out the methods used by the left-wing moderators in an effort to create the appearance of MAJOR differences between candidates where there may not be any.

From HotAir:

Greg Hengler ( brings us the clip from last night’s debate where Gingrich rips into NBC’s Brian Williams and Politico’s John Harris for their attempts to create rhetorical mountains out of insubstantial molehills of differences in the policy positions between the GOP candidates, declaring himself uninterested in “puffing up” attempts to make Republicans fight each other in order to take the focus off of Barack Obama.

And Ron Paul, as it turns out, had the the last words of last nights debate…and it was one of the best rants he has made.  While discussing welfare, he spoke about the fact that it is wrong to assume that those who love and strive for liberty are not compassionate or caring.  And he made it clear that government is not the only entity that can effectively tackle the issue of the poor and welfare.

On this video, skip over to about the 11:54 mark and to hear the remark I am referring to.

Ron Paul is not the most articulate of the contenders, and often he is flat out wrong, but I give him his due on this one!


Krauthammer: Obama’s budget lies and gimmicks

How do you know when Obama is lying? When his mouth is open.

Obama’s rhetoric on his budget is chock full of lies and gimmicks.  Charles Krauthammer calls him on it.

And for you Bush-bashers, who accuse Bush of running up the debt (even though his highest deficits occurred on the watch of Democratically-controlled Congress and were nothing compared to Obama’s deficits so far)….all of you please check out the part where Obama’s budget, at the end of this decade. leaves us in debt in an amount THREE times of the total when Obama took office.

Yet for all its gimmicks, this budget leaves the country at decade’s end saddled with publicly held debt triple what Obama inherited.

A more cynical budget is hard to imagine. This one ignores the looming debt crisis, shifts all responsibility for serious budget-cutting to the Republicans – for which Democrats are ready with a two-year, full-artillery demagogic assault – and sets Obama up perfectly for reelection in 2012.

Obama fancies his happy talk, debt-denial optimism to be Reaganesque. It’s more Louis XV. Reagan begat a quarter-century of prosperity; Louis, the deluge.

Moreover, unlike Obama, Louis had the decency to admit he was forfeiting the future. He never pretended to be winning it.

Reagan he is not…and the comparison is absolutely absurd.   Obama is leaving the hard, but absolutely necessary, cuts to entitlements (Social Security, Medicare, etc) to the Republicans.  What a coward.  Obama wishes to make Republicans do the dirty work so he can hammer them for it….never mind that Obama has stated serious cuts are necessary.  His words never match his actions….ALWAYS remember that.

 Read all of Krauthammer’s piece to get a summary of Obama’s lies and gimmicks on his budget.

Ronald Reagan: “A Time For Choosing”

Change the numbers to trillions and the names of those mentioned and Reagan’s speech in the Fall of 1964 could be given today.  His remarks about liberalism are as true today as they were then.

Unfortunately, I believe America is at a crossroads…”a time for choosing”.

It is time to choose whether we wish for a bleak future for ourselves and families through crushing debt and massive spending or whether we want a massively reduced government that lives within its means.

It is time to choose whether we will respect our traditional allies or continue to undermine them while enabling and propping up totalitarian regimes across the globe.

It is time to choose whether we will continue to allow the scourge of “multiculturalism” to eliminate our borders and to allow mini-cultures and laws outside of our own system or will be seal our borders, abide by the framework of our Constitutional law, and call out radical Islam and illegal immigration for what it is.

It is time to choose whether we embrace the notions of individual freedom and liberty, as our Founders did, or will we continue to allow the decay of liberty in exchange for a collectivist society that is led by elites who never reap the “rewards” of such a welfare state.

It is time to choose whether we will continue to embrace those who ignore the Constitution in favor of their own set of standards or will we continue to respect the wisdom and intent of our Founders.

Reagan says it all so much better than I can…. (UPDATE:  Sarah Palin says it well, too!!)

It is a long speech, but so well worth listening to and understanding that the principles that Reagan espoused are the same ones we should be talking about today.

Happy 100th Birthday, Ronald Reagan.  America needs another like you!

Ronald Reagan would have been 99 years old today

Ronald Reagan would have been 99 years old today, February 6, 2010.

Oh, I long to again have a Constitution-respecting president who loves America! 

We love you Ronald Reagan and all you did for the cause of freedom in the world and America.

Video of Reagan’s first inaugural address.  Some choice excerpts from his speech:

“We are nation that has a government and not the other way around….and that makes us special.”

“The federal government did not create the states, the states created the federal Government.”

“Government can and must provide opportunity not smother it.”

“We are too great a nation to limit ourselves to small dreams.”


(H/T: Ace of Spades)

Memorial Day 2009: Thanks for your sacrifice!

In Remembrance–
As we honor their memory today, let us pledge that their lives, their sacrifices, their valor shall be justified and remembered for as long as God gives life to this nation.
– Ronald Reagan, Memorial Day, 1982

A wonderful tribute to those who died so we can continue to live free….From Blackfive:

Honor them by ensuring that our future was worth the sacrifice of their tomorrows.

Local and current events on this Memorial Day, 2009



The annual Veterans' "Avenue of Flags" at Floral Haven cemetery, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma   ---Source:

The annual Veterans' "Avenue of Flags" at Floral Haven cemetery, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma ---Source:

And just because I love this picture…..
Generations of Valor

Generations of Valor

Quote of the day

Found this on some comments while reading news/blogs today…attributed to Ronald Reagan:

What is the difference between a Marxist and an anti-Marxist?

A Marxist reads the books of Karl Marx.

An anti-Marxist understands them.

 —- Ronald Reagan

How true!

“Here’s to you Mr. Jefferson, we all miss you more than you will know”

Rippin’ up OUR Constitution every afternoon….woo woo woo…..

Make it viral….this is better than the original version! 

It may make you tear up….but wipe away the tears with the added vigor you will have to fight after hearing it!

You don’t suppose the government will have a support program for the tears of those who love America as she was meant to be do you?…..I have a better solution than the one at the link….kick Obama and the Congress out on their butts….any thoughts of depression will fly out the window.

(H/T: Michelle Malkin  and Kudos to Mike Church for making it)