The Atlantic: The Military’s Deepening Geographic Divide

Very interesting information about the home states of our military at The Atlantic:  The Military’s Deepening Geographic Divide – Richard Florida – Business – The Atlantic.

The variance across states is quite substantial: 13 states are home to fewer than ten military personnel per 10,000 people, while six states have more than ten times as much and three have more than 200 military personnel per 10,000 people.

Aside from relatively high concentrations in Alaska, Hawaii, Washington state, and North Dakota, the military is overwhelmingly concentrated in two distinctive areas of the Sunbelt: The southeast running from Virgina and North Carolina through Kentucky and down through South Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi; and the corridor from Texas through Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas and Wyoming. Texas and California now drop out. The upper mid-west and the northeast, especially New England, which tend to be more liberal and left-leaning than the rest of the nation, have very low concentrations of military personnel.

 My observation — Comparing the map to the Electoral College map for the 2008 election is interesting.  Much of the higher concentrations of military personnel in the above map correlates to those states that voted “red”/Republican in the last Presidential election (map below).

Is it a coincidence?  I report, you decide. 🙂