Van Jones threatening Americans with his version of “Arab Spring” in America

From RealClearPolitics, quotes from Van Jones on MSNBC, the media voice of the Obama regime (see video at RCP link):

Van Jones: “We are going to build a progressive counterbalance to the tea party. Eighty percent of Americans agree with everything that you say on this show, but we have no voice. We know that jobs are more important, and this phony, made-up deficit stuff they talk about. We know that people who have done well in America should do well by America and start paying America back in the form of more fair taxes.

“People who benefited from the bailouts and from the tax breaks should start paying America back. They’re doing great.

“Everybody else is suffering. That is 80 percent of the majority. And we’re going to now have a voice. 

Van Jones, as you may recall, stepped down as Obama’s “green” czar when it was found that Jones had advocated that Bush caused 9/11 and that he used derogatory terms for Republicans.

The media would have you believe that Jones just made a couple of mistakes there…..but Van Jones is a self-avowed Marxist whose has Obama as his mentor and partner in “crime”.

Michelle Malkin has much information on Van Jones and his efforts for bringing about redistribution for his buddy Obama.  A list of articles on Jones here. From Malkin:

The Contract for the American Dream is a contract for continued wealth redistribution from taxpayers to Democratic special interests from a failed prophet of green jobs boondogglery. Sound familiar?

Van Jones may have left Washington, but his spirit, alas, is alive and well in his mentor’s nightmare policies.

More importantly, with regards to Van Jones’ latest threat, I want to now quote the last item that was included in Van Jones’ comments on MSNBC:

And you’re going to see an American fall, an American autumn, just like we saw the Arab spring. You can see it right now with these young people on Wall Street. Hold onto your hats. We’re going to have an October offensive to take back the American dream and to rescue America’s middle class.”

This is where he is threatening potential violence and taking to the streets against the American people and business.  One thing that jumped out to me was the phrase “take back the American Dream.”

Recently, I ran across a page on Facebook titled “Restoring the True American Dream“.  It is not the kind of page I thought it was (smaller government, constitutional America, etc).  It is a page for radicals like Van Jones.   It wasn’t until I saw Van Jones comments today that I made the connection between Jones’ phrase and the name of the Facebook page.

The page sounds harmless on the surface and some posts are clearly made by the more moderate among us, who, like me, were probably drawn in by the title of the page.  However if you read through the comments on most posts and scroll down through many of the posts, you will find a plethora of hatred, Marxism, threats of “taking my country back” from the whites, how America is a racist country, it’s time we get our fair share, etc.

I believe that this is not the sentiment of the vast majority of Americans, but there is a flame of hatred in certain communities that are completely aligned with the views of Van Jones’ “American Autumn”.   And those views make it all too real to us when you see them on that FB page.

There is irrational hatred for whites, rich people, the Founding Fathers, George W. Bush, Congress, our country, our history….and some effort by Van Jones and/or Obama to stir up chaos and incite riots may be just the fuel to spark that flame.

Here are a few examples of comments (names omitted) from that FB page. Real people in America that are spouting off beliefs such as these (I didn’t correct language or punctation except for some unacceptable words) :

  • ” is time like Obama said stop complaining , he can’t do it alone with individuals who are bent on his Destruction we must stand together and take it to the Streets , get their attention and let our voice’s be heard and our Presents Felt!!!!”
  • In response to one commenter who denounced socialism:  “I see more & more people getting raped by the system & I am afraid. When the riots come I hope the mobs find you & your house & not mine.”
  • “the truth is Wall Street and Big Business is screwing us with no vaseline and we complain about our rights as we give them authority to take em away. “
  • obama exterminate white people to restore america 🙂 they have always been the problem.”
  • On Herman Cain: “This brother has SOLD OUT ! YOU CAN’T BE BRAINWASHED UNLESS YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE ! He don’t even look right……”
  • Again, about Hermain Cain: “Him and Clarence Thomas are both sellouts which is something you’d understand if you were black but you’re white so your opinion is weightless in this discussion. Cain is just another GOP Sambo tap dancing for dollars.”
  • If they would stop trying to make the rich richer the GOVERNMENT wouldn’t have to step in.”
  • TEA PARTY = Hates colored people! It’s very simple to understand. Their policy is stupid. They have agenda pushed by the corporate agenda. The Tea party is a CANCER to this government.”
  • “All I will say to those haters of the Chocolate-skinned, YOU need to grow up. You are not better or more educated than I am (me the black.) You white devils created the racial hatred as part of your household upbringing cultureand if still you can’t give it up, you will face the resentment of nature on you one very day of your messed-up lifeenough is enough with the lynching and imprisonment of my people.”
  • Rise up against the biggest threats which is not terrorism it is the corporation in which are all butt buddies to the republicans. Rise up I tell ya! Rise up!
  • Its amazing how we still have this mentality. Break the black woman by killing the black man in front of her so she believes the black man is weak. After seeing this, any offspring she raises will be broken and a well trained labor machine. This process continues today, the black family unit is broken. Until we fix this problem, things will never change.”
  • “….what seems to be “in your head” is a pile of [poop]. OR should I wipe my a– with your “Holy Bible“?”
  • All of you closeted, teabagging trolls are really just a bunch of ignorant, racist f–king crackers!”

And if you really want to sum up, in a crude dialect, what Obama and Van think of this country, it would be this FB “American Dream” commenter:

  • YOU PEOPLE, are neo-fascist thugs and bigots who apparently have the exclusive use of some type of clairvoyance to conjure up a cadre of dead, hemp-smoking, slave masters whom you so proudly refer to as the “Founding Fathers.” Well, let me hip you to something: My skin is brown and my lineage is long and illustrious. The way that I see it, my “Founding Fathers” have names like Taharqa, Mansa Musa and Sundiata Keita. The reason that America is in the mess that it is in now is because it is filled with ignorant cretins who know nothing and care less about the rest of the world. Earth is a community Lady – The U.S. doesn’t have any special preeminence. “

I encourage to peek at the Facebook page “Restoring the True American Dream”  if only to catch a glimpse of the people who irrationally and blindly support Obama….some who even hint at being proponents of “rising up” and “taking it to the streets”.  You don’t have to “like” the wall on that page in order to read everything.

It is eye-opening.  Makes me wonder if Van Jones started it!


Did Hollywood “genius” Morgan Freeman see the Florida straw poll?

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, right, disputed actor Morgan Freeman's, left, claim on Friday that the Tea Party is 'a racist thing.'(pics: Jason Kempin/Getty; Joe Burbank/Pool)

Just wondering…did Morgan Freeman, the Hollywood Whiz Kid*, happen to take a look at the Florida Straw Poll on Saturday?

Herman Cain, a black man, won that straw poll largely from the support of the Tea Party.

Morgan Freeman said on CNN last week that members of the Tea Party are racists willing to do  whatever they can to “get this black man” (Obama) out of the White House.

The only racist I see is Morgan Freeman…..

Herman Cain responds:

“Most of the people that are criticizing the Tea Partiers about having a racist  element, they have never been to a Tea Party………Name calling is something that is going to continue in this because they don’t  know how to stop this movement and this movement is making a big difference in  politics.”

Amen!  Freeman is right about one thing….the Tea Party wants the President out of the White House.

Not because of his race, but rather based on:

So, Mr. Freeman, race is not the issue as proven in Florida….but for some reason it is an issue with you and many like you.

Why don’t you attend a Tea Party (as Herman Cain suggests) before spreading your nastiness?…and then….well….

Get. Over. It.


Something to consider: A snapshot-in-time of YOUR country

As I’ve read and listened to the new just over the last several days, I just keep wondering what our country is and has been transforming to. 

As I’ve stated before, I no longer believe the fight in this country is between Republicans and Democrats or liberals vs. conservatives, per se. I believe our fight is clearly one on many fronts: good vs. evil, anti-Capitalists vs. Capitalists, immoral vs. moral, and haters-of-Americans vs. America lovers, and freedom suppressors vs. freedom lovers. This includes clear assaults on our markets, upon Christians, upon patriots, our military, and our system of laws. 

Much of the most recent news gives a great glimpse into the country we are becoming and have become. As you read these examples, think to yourself if this is the country you want now and one you wish to leave to your kids and grandkids. 

We’ve sat on the sidelines for far too long while we’ve allowed these assaults on our institutions to fester and grow. It is a sad state of affairs.  And the current administration and Congress has done virtually nothing to make it better and almost everything to make it worse. 

I give you, my fellow citizens, a snapshot of your country in the Spring, 2010: 

Patriotism no longer accepted:  Students sent home for wearing American flag to school on Cinco de Mayo 

Students from Live Oak School in California


A group of California students who dared to wear the American flag on Cinco de Mayo learned a hard lesson about the corruption of citizenship and sovereignty this week. 

They were sent home for their show of U.S. patriotism. 


No bounds to immorality and perversion:  It’s official: Cher’s gender-swap son Chaz Bono is legally a man   The disgusting details: 

Chaz Bono as man....formerly Chastity Bono


Bono started undergoing gender-reassignment surgery in March 2009 – soon after turning 40. 

In an interview last year, he said undergoing the surgery was ‘the best decision I’ve ever made’. 

He said: ‘I feel so much more comfortable than I’ve ever been. 

‘I’ve felt male as far back as I can remember. Life is short and life is precious. This is who I am. I need to finally be who I am.’ 

He explained that the entire  transition from female to male will take about four to five years. 

So far, his breasts have been removed and he has received hormone treatments to deepen his voice. And to his delight, he now has to shave his face. 

As one commenter in the news article stated clearly: 

What should be discussed as a psychiatric disorder is instead being celebrated, at least by this nutty girl and a few like-minded gawkers. 

And another: 

“Anyone can be confused and uncomfortable, have pieces removed and foreign pieces sewn on, and take hormones to change all sorts of things. It does not change what you were created to be. It only creates an illusion.” 

Intolerance of Christianity and free speech:  National Day of Prayer ruled unconstitutional  & Franklin Graham disinvited to speak at Prayer event because of his views on Islam

Evangelist Franklin Graham prayed on a sidewalk outside the Pentagon Thursday after his invitation to a prayer service inside was withdrawn because of comments that insulted Muslims. 

“It looks like Islam has gotten a pass,” he told reporters. “They are able to have their services, but just because I disagree … I’m excluded.” 

Franklin Graham


Kudos to Graham for defending his beliefs and Jesus Christ and hanging tough amidst his Biblically prophetic outright persecution.  Since when is it not OK to profess the Christian faith and belief? Maybe since Obama said, “We are no longer a Christian Nation“. More Graham: 

He (Graham) said he doesn’t believe “all religions are equal” and that there is only “one way to God” — and that is through Jesus. 

Asked if he still believes Islam is evil, he said: “I believe the way they treat women is evil, yes I do.” And, can he understand how some of his comments would be offensive to Muslims? “Oh, I’m sure,” he said. “But I find what they teach and what they preach and what’s on the Internet — I find that to be offensive, too.” 

Another moment in the press conference, he said people shouldn’t be offended because it’s simply a disagreement in what people believe. 

Last time I checked, Franklin Graham runs an organization for helping the poor, downtrodden, and abused.  They are active in Haiti, Chile, Nashville and more currently helping with disasters.   He comes from perhaps the most ethical of families but is persecuted for calling evil what it is.  Islam is not a religion of love and helping fellow man, but is an authoritative one of suppression, threats, and violence and one that condemns those who disagree with its tenets.  

Franklin Graham prays for Muslims with whom he disagrees.  But in Islam, Graham is an infidel and worthy of death.  Can the contrast be any more stark? 

More snapshots  of your country in the news including High Unemployment, Immorality, boycotts for border laws, Presidential power grabs, entitlements run amok and sports star and Hollywood depravity: 

Of course, not all is lost in America.  I hold out great hope that the uprising of American patriots will turn back the tide of this assault on America. 

But reality is reality and these headlines are but a snapshot in time of our country right now.  Would the founders even recognize us anymore?  Just ponder the thought and think/pray about what it is that you might be able to offer to our country to change it back to what it was meant to be.

Lt. Col Allen West reminds us that MLK held the opposite beliefs of today’s Democrats

Lt Col Allen West (retired) (Source:

Lt. Col. Allen West, a GOP candidate challenging Democratic Rep. Ron Klein in Florida’s 22nd congressional district, is also a retired Iraq and Afghanistan veteran.

West is a proud, black man…and for starters would you like to know what West thinks of Harry Reid’s ignorant comments about Obama?

The revelation of Senator Harry Reid’s comments referencing “negro talk” is just indicative of the true sentiment elitist liberals, and indeed the Democratic party, have toward black Americans. The history of the Democrat party is one of slavery, secession, segregation, and now socialism. It is this new aged socialism born from the Johnson Great Society programs that have castigated blacks as victims needing government dependency. One need only to look upon the city of Detroit to ascertain what liberal social welfare policies have produced for the inner city… the new plantation for black Americans.

And Allen West clearly understands that Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton do not hold the values of Dr. King.  West goes on to say:

One can only imagine the insanity and media outrage if Reid’s quote had come from a member of the Republican party. I look forward to hearing from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on Reid’s comments… or has liberal hush money paid for the silence of these proprietors of poverty and victimization theory. Actually, if President Obama had any courage he would demand Reid step down as Senate Majority Leader, and discontinue any support for his Senate reelection… notice I said “if”. I am quite sure the Soros money which elevated Obama to the position of President has bought his servitude. 

On this day honoring Dr. King, West made stated why the GOP must embrace the position of the slain Civil Rights leader which was one that stressed importance of character and individual liberties. 

Contrast those beliefs with the actions and end results of today’s Democratic policies and even the black leaders of the Democrat community: victimization, dependence, and race division. 

West said:

“I think we need to be very careful about losing the sense of individualism, and when you look at this collective progressive mentality that has turned the black community into victims and dependent upon the government.”….

…”What we need to establish in our culture is a sense of individual responsibility and move away from victimization.”

It seems the best way to honor Dr. King would be to promote individual achievement and hard work in our communities.  Of course, Obama and the Democratic-led Congress wish to force even more  entitlements and welfare upon Americans….at the expense of individual liberty.

Even some Republicans have, at times, lost their way in turning away the so-called “progressive” mindset for one of individual freedom and liberty.  It is clear that this country preserves equal opportunity for everyone….but freedom does not guarantee equal outcomes.  

 Unlike Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and even Barack Obama, and their “shakedown” versions of equality, I believe Dr. King understood the difference between equal opportunity (for which he fought) and equal outcomes.

Further thoughts from West:

West says many black clergy hold conservative values such as the need for self-reliance and personal responsibility, and believe in traditional family values even if they don’t self-identify as conservatives.

“It is just a matter of us connecting and getting them to contrast between liberal principles of victimization and conservative principles of empowerment,” he said.

Republicans, he says, can reclaim the trust that many blacks, including Martin Luther King Jr., gave them by emphasizing the heritage of defending their rights going back to that party’s 1854 foundation and not by trying to be all things to all people…..

…..“Go back to what you stand for, and the community will come back to you,” West said. “What we need to establish in our culture is a sense of individual responsibility and move away from victimization.”

West also said the GOP leadership needs to move away from “leadership by entitlement” and find people who will defend limited government, the free market and other traditional values.

And West reminds us which party fought for those rights and which did not:

The GOP pioneered civil rights for blacks through the passage of the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the U.S. constitution.

The first congressmen of this country that were black congressmen were congressmen of the Republican Party,” West said. “Then you contrast that with the segregation laws, the Jim Crow laws and the founding of the Ku Klux Klan, which was the terrorist arm of the Democratic Party.”

He said it took Republicans such as late Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen of Illinois to pass the 1964 Civil Rights Act in spite of Southern Democrats such as Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.V., who tried killing it.

I do hope and pray that Dr. King’s true vision can be realized where every black man, woman, and child in this country are not slaves to their government, but people truly freed from the chains of welfare and dependence and with a thirst for liberty, freedom and individual effort. 

Today’s brand of progressivism and statism are not the answers to achieve that goal.  But a country that respects the Constitution and its blueprint for individual liberty and freedom is the answer.  Hopefully, the elections in 2010 will bring us closer to that country.

God Bless Dr. King and Lt Col Allen West!

I have a dream….

Bill Maher: The authority on Rush Limbaugh, Racism, and Oklahoma

Bill Maher is a classless, hateful, liberal idiot…and those are his good points.

With guest Andrew Breitbart on Friday, Bill Maher claimed that Rush Limbaugh is racist….and that Oklahomans are buying guns and ammo because “they’re afraid that Obama and his Negro army are going to come and get you.”

Watch this crock of crap for yourself:

Bill Maher I have a message for you:

Rush Limbaugh has more class in his formerly nicotine-stained pinky than you could muster in your entire body over the course of a million years.

Rush has respect for ALL Americans unlike yourself, who has to demean and lie about those who disagree with your point of view.   It’s true what my mom always said…those who have to attack to boost themselves above another are insecure and immature.  Mr. Maher, grow up  for God’s sake.

Your hypocrisy is shining brightly for all to see, but your hatred, and I do mean hatred, is so immense you can’t see that your errant judgments and condemnations are the very essence of what you attribute falsely to others.

Bill, have you ever listened to Rush Limbaugh for more than a soundbite you received through e-mail from  Actually Rush stands for each and EVERY American being all that he or she can be and striving for the American dream.   

Unlike yourself, of course, who seemingly agrees with liberal black intelligentsia that 95% of black people have their place and that place mustn’t include self-sufficiency, morality, hard work, and sense of accomplishment.  Rather it includes decades-long existence of black suppression under the guise of a grandiose government “saviour”…..

Rush’s ideology doesn’t include seeing race and hatred at every turn, as does yours Mr. Maher.  You accuse Rush (and others I’m sure) of racism for simply rejecting  a Marxist/Socialist President who is anathema to all that Rush holds dear.    Excuse Rush and the rest of us if we don’t see the need to bow at the alter of  liberal ideology — nor to a pompous, windbag preacher of it like yourself.

As for Oklahomans and guns….did you ever stop to think that Obama’s stances and policies on guns, and not his race, are what is fueling gun and ammo sales?

Of course not–poor  excuses for men don’t often think past their big, stuck-up, liberal noses.

I’d like to ask you to share your vast knowledge of race and guns before a large crowd in Oklahoma …..and I’d like you to try out that line again about “Obama and his Negro army”…..

….psst…a little secret, Mr. Maher, you’ll find out why we really buy those guns and ammo….

…… keep a^&holes like you out of Oklahoma…..

(NOTE: Please excuse my French, but it is tough to mention Bill Maher without expletives in the same sentence.)

More from

ANDREW BREITBART: Right now if you look online you’ll see that “Atlas Shrugged” and Ayn Rand’s books are, are, you know, flying off of the bookshelves, of the virtual bookshelves…

BILL MAHER: Well, so’s ammo in Oklahoma.

BREITBART: Right, well okay…

MAHER: Oklahoma’s out of ammo because they’re afraid that Obama and his Negro army are going to come and get you. 

BREITBART: Who’s afraid of, who’s, where’s this racism coming from? I haven’t seen this online.

MAHER: Well, the racism is coming from Rush Limbaugh. It’s taking root in Oklahoma. 

Unfortunately, Maher is so filled with hatred towards conservatives — and, of course, black conservatives — that he missed this obvious hypocrisy.

Imagine that. But there’s more, for when Breitbart took offense Maher laughed.

Even better, after Maher’s other guest, Georgetown professor and liberal talk radio host Michael Eric Dyson, elaborated on why Limbaugh is a racist, Breitbart pointed out that nobody was a bigger defender of Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas than Limbaugh.

This elicited uproarious laughter from Maher and his audience. 

Breitbart then deliciously acknowledged the crowd’s response: “Thank you, I appreciate that.” 

Maher disgustingly replied: “Clarence Thomas, a, a black man who does not represent 95 percent of black people.”

Once again, Breitbart correctly took offense:

That’s bulls**t…You’re allowed to have independent thought in this country. And this kind of intimidation by the black studies intelligentsia crowd that, that intimidates black people who are conservatives…

Maher then asked an amazingly stupid question: “You think black people are intimidated from being conservative?”

Ummm, Bill, you just intimidated black people from being conservative by laughing when Clarence Thomas’s name was brought up and insulting him with your claim that he doesn’t represent 95 percent of black people.

(H/T: Tullycast)

UPDATE: Oklahoma Shooters, thanks for the link!

A humorous take on the sentiments of those who cast 58,958,000 losing votes

From Iowa Hawk:

Yes, I know there are probably other African-Americans much better qualified and prepared for the presidency. Much, much better qualified. Hundreds, easily, if not thousands, and without any troubling ties to radical lunatics and Chicago mobsters. Gary Coleman comes to mind. But let’s not let that distract us from the fact that Mr. Obama’s election represents a profound, positive milestone in our country’s struggle to overcome its long legacy of racial divisions and bigotry. It reminds us of how far we’ve come, and it’s something everyone in our nation should celebrate in whatever little time we now have left…

…So for now, let’s put politics aside and celebrate this historic milestone. In his famous speech at the Lincoln Memorial 45 years ago, Dr. King said “I have a dream that one day my children will live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Let us now take pride that Tuesday we Americans proved that neither thing matters anymore.

Read the all of this funny take on the election here.

Thoughts on the election: Obama elected 20 years after Reagan DEFEATED the same ideology held by Obama

obamessiah1After a slightly unrestful night of sleep, I am feeling like Obama’s bus ran over me…..I think I can stay focused enough this morning, however, to complete some of my thoughts about this monumental turn of events with this country electing Obama.

I respect the office of the Presidency, but I do not have to respect the man who will be holding that office starting in January, 2009. 

Since 2000, the hateful Left has found it necessary to vilify President Bush from the day he stepped into office, based largely on the factually incorrect notion that Bush “stole the election”.  The rhetoric has been so strong, with our side only mildly speaking what is truth, that, I believe, many Americans have begun to drink the Koolaid that Bush is an evil man. 

Here is where we start down the path of right is wrong and wrong is right.  The same people who have led the drumbeat that “Bush stole the election”, Bush is spying on you, and “Bush lied, people died”, now believe they have elected a pure and righteous man in Obama…..funny, if not terrifying, isn’t it?

I will be the last person to defend many of Bush’s policies including unnecessary spending, government bailouts, and amnesty proposals, among others.  I will be the first to defend the fact that Bush handily dealt with a great blow to our country that occurred on 9/11/01–only one other President in our history has ever managed such an attack on our country–The fact that Bush has kept us safe for the 7 1/2 years since is worthy of our praise.   Much of the work to secure America after 9/11 was not perfectly executed, but the results speak for themselves.  The efforts by this Administration on securing our country and fighting for Freedom around the world are second to none.     These efforts by the Bush Administration, despite the Left’s calls for surrender and their demeaning attacks on our country and military, have been so successful that, it seems, America has reverted back to a 9/10/01 mindset….so much so that we, at least through this election yesterday, wish to take a stab at opening the door to 1960’s radical ideology….

Something I noted to my husband this morning….it is ironic, if not downright chilling, that a short twenty years after Reagan left office we have elected a man that lives, breathes, and will fight for the very ideology that Reagan defeated around the world!   Think about that.  Further, if we can take a 180 degree turn like that in this country in a short 20 years, much damage can be done in the next four!

I have never been a very politically correct person by nature.  When I was a manager in corporate America, I did not deal well with politics in the workplace.  I just don’t have it in me to pretend that something is “OK” or that I embrace it just so “everyone gets along” and we “all have the same message”…..I think it is a hereditary thing for me.

This is applicable because I have read some right blogs last night and today who believe we should embrace and congratulate the man of Obama on his victory.  (many, I might add, don’t feel that way)  Even McCain and Bush have and will say something similar.  I disagree. While I don’t believe in being a poor sport when you find yourself on the losing side, I do believe in stating truth about how the race was won. 

Obama does not deserve respect for winning an election on his broken promise to take public financing.  His broken promise led to record cash for his campaign through foreign (illegal) donations and money laundering, of sorts, and through non traceable “gift” credit cards and the lack of measures to screen credit cards for fraudulent activity.  It is hard to say exactly how much of his record cash was acquired through illegal/fraudulent means, but I venture to guess it is a monumental amount.  So an effort to “buy” the Presidency illegally is not worthy of our praise or respect.

Obama does not deserve respect for his ties to ACORN and voter registration fraud.  With some of his record cash, Obama donated almost $1 million dollars to ACORN (that is the amount we know about…).  One could argue that cash went straight to voter fraud efforts….is this worthy of praise?

Obama does not deserve respect just because he has made history as a black man.  While I would be the first to vote for any black man who respects our country, its traditions, and its Constitution, I think the historic nature of America’s first black President is undermined by the fact that our country sold its soul to Obama’s radical and dangerous ideology in an effort to make that history.

Obama does not deserve respect for his soaring rhetoric about bringing our country together and the “politics of change” when his campaign was deeply engaged in silencing those who had the audacity to disagree with Obama.   It is not indicative of a great leader, nor a “healer”, when that person speaks harmony but behind the scenes he invokes intimidation, character assassination, and life-destroying techniques so that opponents will be silenced.  Just think Joe the Plumber, Stanley Kurtz, Sarah Palin and her family for the most recent examples.

While it is healthy for our country to disagree and for new ideas to flow, it is not healthy when illegal, immoral, and destructive tactics are used in an effort to gain votes and win an election.  It is also not healthy when our country chooses a man who sees our Constitution as a “negative” document…..this is not something we can or should embrace about Obama. 

We can disagree on tax policy, social issues, and military strategy and have a healthy debate about those topics.  But there is nothing healthy, nor worthy of adoration, about a man who chooses to force his views, his policies, and his ideology on a country through illegal means and tactics….

For those of us who voted against Obama, we must step up the fight for our country.  It is a historic election, not because Obama is black, but because we have, for the first time, elected an avowed Socialist and Marxist as our President.  If Obama follows his gut and his ideology, we are in for some rough times ahead….we have to continue the fight that our forefathers began over 230 years ago.

For all of us, take a good hard look at Obama and what (little) we know of him.  He has rarely, if ever, espoused a sincere love of this country AS IT IS AND HOW IT WAS ENVISIONED BY OUR FOUNDERS.  His rhetoric has dripped with words indicating he believes us to be a nasty country (that holds peaceful elections and dares to defend itself against its enemies), a racist country (who, by the way, just elected a black man), and an uncaring country (this country gives more to the world than any other in history)….

Obama wants to change much about our country including our Constitution and our financial system….well, I believe we are about to see that change….and I don’t think you are going to like it.

We have traditionally held many ideologies and groups to be enemies of this country and enemies of freedom around the world.  They’ve included, but are not limited to: Communists, Socialists, Marxist Dictators, Al Qaeda, Palestinians, radical Islam, Weather Underground, terrorist groups, charismatic and/or evil leaders like Hitler and Stalin.

Now think about which party, Republicans or Democrats, have historically fought these evils of the world and which have embraced them and allowed them to exist…..One question to ask yourself…..Do you think our enemies are happy wih our recent election and those who will now be in power of our Presidency and Congress?

Another blogger takes this concept one step further – our enemies are now in charge of our country:

The United States government now falls into the hands of the enemies of this country and civilization for a time or forever. And that is part of what the (coming) war is about. The country has been in the hands of people we disagreed with, but never in the hands of people whose views are as diametrically opposed to ours as anything in the Third Reich or the Kremlin. In their hands Federal power becomes enemy power.

As I mentioned before, I don’t believe in waxing all politically correct in an effort to pretend that something wrong is right.  I believe that black (and white) Americans should be proud that we have apparently come so far since the days when blacks were grossly mistreated in this country.  We have now, unfortunately, achieved history with a black man whose character, ideals, history, morality, and associations are dangerously and sadly un-American.   Americans should be ashamed of themselves today…..but those of us who love America and its traditions and Constitution are alive to fight another day….and fight for Her we will!

UPDATE 11/5/08:  Similar sentiments to mine:  On nobility at Protein Wisdom.