Quote of the Day: Vote on Tuesday with a passion….

“Vote on Tuesday with a passion as if you have never voted before.”
– Victor Davis Hanson

Be the wave!!!!

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Federal spending graph with “undefined slope” clearly “defines” our impending fiscal danger

From Powerline blog today:

Federal spending has gone insane, bursting all historical bounds, since the Democrats took control of Congress in January 2007. Our friend and technical adviser Joe Malchow forwarded a link to the site Political Calculations, which posed this question:

If you were asked to produce a single chart illustrating the biggest single political issue in America today, what would it look like?

And produced this chart, which plots total federal spending against median household income from 1967 to the present. Note how the essentially linear relationship that prevailed throughout almost all of that period started to change around 2000 and has gone completely haywire since 2007.

Here’s the graph:

(Graph copyright: Political Calculations 2010)

Democrats took over Congress in 2007.  Income went down and spending has soared.  Thus you see an almost vertical line on the graph that even tilts to the left with the 2009 endpoint.

In math, the type of vertical line slope you see from 2007 through 2009 is called “undefined”.   In this case I beg to differ….It defines quite a bit.   Ace of Spades defines it for us in a nutshell:

You can see that from the late 60’s up until 2000 federal spending was pretty much a straight line relative to the median household income. Then jumps to a new higher growth rate around 2002 (most likely due to 9/11). But look at what happened in 2007 when the Democrats took over the House.

Ho-ly crap!

Not only did federal spending shoot up but median income actually fell. This isn’t just new unsustainable growth – this is an effin death spiral where spending has become completely decoupled from people’s incomes. This is the kind of graph you see in engineering when a system is heading into failure. A few more years of this and we will be in Greek bankruptcy territory.

So if you’re looking for a single chart that crystallizes the current greatest danger to the US and why the Tea Party has appeared, this is it.

Powerline points out:

The obviously unsustainable explosion in federal spending that the Democratic Congress has embarked upon since 2007 is the central issue of our time. Among other things, it is the genesis of the Tea Party movement. That which can’t continue, won’t; the only question is whether sane hands will take over the tiller and restore some sort of balance, or the federal government will crash in a fiscal disaster.

Make sure you share this graph with your blinded friends who believe that the Democrats in power are “changing” things for the better.  THEY MOST CERTAINLY ARE NOT.  They are continuing to lead us into fiscal ruin. 

And for you Republican leaders….we had better see some action on cutting spending from you if the party is successful in winning one or both houses of Congress!

Obama administration is seriously looking at confiscation of your 401K

Is the Obama administration seriously reviewing the takeover of your 401(K)?  All indications are YES!

From Gateway Pundit: Obama Administration Makes Plans to Gobble up 401(K)s

Apparently, Obama believes that at some point “we make enough money” (his $5.5 million earnings notwithstanding) so why would it surprise us to think he believes we have “saved enough money”.

There are several interesting developments that certainly point in the direction of a 401(K) takeover.  From Human Events:

In February, the White House released its “Annual Report on the Middle Class” containing new regulations favored by Big Labor including a bailout of critically underfunded union pension plans through “retirement security” options.

The radical solution most favored by Big Labor is the seizure of private 401(k) plans for government disbursement — which lets them off the hook for their collapsing retirement scheme.  And, of course, the Obama administration is eager to accommodate their buddies.

Vice President Joe Biden floated the idea, called “Guaranteed Retirement Accounts” (GRAs), in the February “Middle Class” report. 

In conjunction with the report’s release, the Obama administration jointly issued through the Departments of Labor and Treasury a “Request for Information” regarding the “annuitization” of 401(k) plans through “Lifetime Income Options” in the form of a notice to the public of proposed issuance of rules and regulations. (pdf)

That ROI was released for comment in February, 2010.

Clearly this thinking of confiscating your 401(K) in exchange for a government program is fresh on the minds of this administration.  It is nothing more than  a money and power grab that ultimately steals your hard-earned savings for the PROMISE of a return later.   But all you have to do is think “Social Security” to understand how well that PROMISE will be kept.

This is outright communist behavior and takeover of the funds of private citizens for the increased power and gain of bloated government control.

It is nothing less than that.

As I wrote about earlier, from Investor.com:

In plain English, the idea is for the government to take your retirement savings in return for a promise to pay you some monthly benefit in your retirement years.

And from Powerline blog, I wrote earlier:

They will tell you that you are “investing” your money in U.S. Treasury bonds. But they will use your money immediately to pay for their unprecedented trillion-dollar budget deficits, leaving nothing to back up their political promises, just as they have raided the Social Security trust funds.

This “conversion” may start out as an optional choice, though you are already free to buy Treasury bonds whenever you want. But as Karl Denninger of the Market Ticker Web site reports: “‘Choices’ have a funny way of turning into mandates…

and I added:

In other words, if you have been responsible and maxed out (or not) your 401K contributions complete with company matching, the government is moving to “control” it all for you.  Essentially this policy removes individual savings for retirement and places your retirement income largely into the hands of the government to dole out as they see fit…..and that is assuming the money will even be there when you retire (ie. think Social Security).

This plan has caught the attention of other politicians which tells me it is no small worry and is likely well on the path of moving forward.   Republican Minority Leader John Boehner and a host of others have sent a letter to the Department of Labor’s Hilda Solis and Department of Treasury’s Timothy “Tax Cheat” Geithner urging them not to make such a move:

As members of the Republican Savings Solutions Group, we write today to express our strong opposition to any proposal to eliminate or federalize private-sector defined contribution pension plans, such as 401(k)s, or impose burdensome new requirements upon the businesses, large and small, who choose to offer these plans to their employees……

…….These advocates would, essentially, dismantle the present private-sector 401(k) system, replacing it instead with a government-run investment plan, the size and scope of which remain to be seen.  This despite data showing that 90 percent of households have a favorable opinion of the existing 401(k)/IRA system.

In light of these facts, we write today to express our opposition in the strongest terms to any effort to “nationalize” the private 401(k) system, or any proposal that would dismantle or disfavor the private 401(k) system….

Read the entire letter at the Human Events link.

Read all of the links at my earlier post and the Human Events link to inform yourself of this dangerous move by this unconstitutional administration.

Then make sure all of your friends and family are aware of this catastrophe that is brewing in the minds and plans of this administration.

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Government now wants to takeover your 401K?

Well, this notion of the government taking over 401K’s was brought up in the Fall of 2008 and is rearing its ugly head again.

From BusinessWeek.com:

The Obama administration is weighing how the government can encourage workers to turn their savings into guaranteed income streams following a collapse in retiree accounts when the stock market plunged.

Yet another way to not let a “crisis” go to waste, I suppose. 

From Investors.com:

You did the responsible thing. You saved in your IRA or 401(k) to support your retirement, when you could have spent that money on another vacation, or an upscale car, or fancier clothes and jewelry. But now Washington is developing plans for your retirement savings.

BusinessWeek reports that the Treasury and Labor departments are asking for public comment on “the conversion of 401(k) savings and Individual Retirement Accounts into annuities or other steady payment streams.”

What the heck does that all mean?  Plain English you say?

In plain English, the idea is for the government to take your retirement savings in return for a promise to pay you some monthly benefit in your retirement years.

Even simpler from Powerline blog and an explanation for why it will most certainly be mandatory:

In other words, the government will allow you the “opportunity” to give Washington your savings, in return for which the government will give you unmarketable T-bills or other unreliable promises to pay some minimal rate of return. The program likely will be “voluntary” to begin with, but that makes no sense–you can buy T-bills in your retirement account any time you want. So the only possible point is to make the exchange mandatory. The government steals your savings in exchange for an IOU.

Sounds simple enough, huh?  You know kind of like the Social Security plan that many of us will never see in retirement….

They’ll try to make it sound oh so nice…but Obama and the Democrats now want to take over your 401K retirements savings, therefore eliminating tax deductions on them, and offer you an inflation-adjusted return every year of $600.    And it would be mandatory that  you put 5% of your pay into the plan annually.

They will tell you that you are “investing” your money in U.S. Treasury bonds. But they will use your money immediately to pay for their unprecedented trillion-dollar budget deficits, leaving nothing to back up their political promises, just as they have raided the Social Security trust funds.

This “conversion” may start out as an optional choice, though you are already free to buy Treasury bonds whenever you want. But as Karl Denninger of the Market Ticker Web site reports: “‘Choices’ have a funny way of turning into mandates…

In other words, if you have been responsible and maxed out (or not) your 401K contributions complete with company matching, the government is moving to “control” it all for you.  Essentially this policy removes individual savings for retirement and places your retirement income largely into the hands of the government to dole out as they see fit…..and that is assuming the money will even be there when you retire (ie. think Social Security).

From Investors.com:

This is just the latest chapter in what is developing into a war by the left on America’s seniors. All that class-war rhetoric about “the rich” ends up targeting seniors, who tend to have accumulated the most in savings and investment on average because they have been around the longest…..

…….All of this reflects a fundamental problem underlying socialist economic policies. If the government keeps punishing responsibility and rewarding failure, society ends up with a lot less responsibility and a lot more failure, destroying prosperity in the process.

I’ve believe we’ve hit on something there.  Obama and the Democrats are out to destroy prosperity and individualism.  This is just another kick in the teeth to responsible, freedom-loving Americans everywhere.

What is interesting is that government sees the trillions of dollars of money saved through these 401K’s as fresh money to supposedly pay debt and control more money in the government. 

……and this looks to me like a raw admission that Treasury knows it will not be able to sell its debt in the open market — so they will effectively tax you by forcing your ‘retirement’ money to buy them.

And NO ONE with an existing 401K will overlook the fact that what the government offers in such a “conversion” plan is woefully anemic compared to the potential returns that American realize on their 401K’s over time.

Moreover, benefits based on Treasury bond interest rates may be woefully inadequate compensation for your years of savings. As Denninger adds, “What’s even worse is that the government has intentionally suppressed Treasury yields during this crisis (and will keep doing so by various means, including manipulating the CPI inflation index) so as to guarantee that you lose over time compared to actual purchasing power.”

More from Denninger at Pajamas Media article by Will Collier:

But Karl Denninger of The Market Ticker took a deeper look and found an even scarier outcome. Denninger believes this is really a scheme to prop up the market for Treasury bonds by forcing citizens to “invest” in them.As Denninger points out, “Forcing people into Treasuries as an ‘annuity’ is exactly what Social Security allegedly is. Except that Treasury stole the money that was collected in FICA taxes and spent it!”

And he’s right. The fictitious “Social Security trust fund” is just a pile of Treasury notes. If we’re all forced to buy trillions more of them — because the government has over-borrowed so dramatically that nobody else will — all we’re going to get in return are more IOUs with nothing backing them up but the promises of politicians.

Those politicians will be retired themselves — on rich taxpayer-funded pensions that you and I aren’t eligible for — long before the IOUs come due. But they’ll have taken your money to pay for their games, and if you think you’ll be getting it back, I have some oceanfront property in Atlanta that you might be interested in.

But will it happen? From Powerline:

Will it happen? Clearly the Obama administration, inspired by Argentina, is exploring the option. Today, we have the first administration in American history that aspires to be a banana republic. But can they get away with confiscating millions of Americans’ savings? I doubt it. Because first on the list of those who have accumulated wealth in reliance on the laws governing private savings accounts are lawyers…

…..Still, others disagree. Earlier today I learned that a relative on Wall Street has stopped accumulating funds in his retirement accounts precisely because he thinks they may be confiscated by the Obama administration. Instead, he is acquiring untraceable, tangible assets–gold and silver–that the government won’t be able to steal without a physical search of his property.

That’s not good for the economy, of course. When citizens who have the ability to invest in our economy don’t dare do so, for fear that their savings will be stolen by the government, we are reverting to an earlier and far poorer economic era. But that, apparently, is what the Obama administration wants. Here, as in so many other ways, we are sailing in uncharted waters.

Good lord that is depressing…..look how far down these arrogant SOB’s have taken us.  Fear of the government taking your retirement?  Did you ever believe in your lifetime that you would have such a REAL fear as that in this country?

Kim Priestap at Wizbang blog has this to say about this arrogant encroachment upon individual property:

Ever since Barack Obama was elected, we’ve seen larger and larger chunks of American life being gobbled up by government. Today’s Democrats are nothing more than thug socialists who can’t stand that there are still large swaths of the American people still living independently from government largesse and control. Now they are using what remaining power they have in Congress to change that. If the government takes over health care, college student loans, and retirement savings then no one, no matter how wealthy, can escape the thumb of big government.

And the nanny state worldview as best described at Protein Wisdom:

If a person is no longer an independent individual, how can one muster the courage to fight* back? Indeed, the “narrative” promoted on the Left in support of Nannystatism is that there really is no such thing as “individual success” — individuals are “taking advantage” of the State’s gifts (education, economy, laws) so all success is really the State’s success. Individuals “owe” the State. Meritocracy is a myth, they cry. It is all a matter of redistribution of wealth and privilege, so SHUT UP and FEED ME! For all the eight years of blather that GW and admin was “shredding the Constitution”, it pales to what the Left has been trying to get done this first year of The Won’s presidency.

Amen to that one….projection at its finest from Democrats and their whiney supporters.

From Investors:

As former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said, “The trouble with socialism is you run out of other people’s money to spend.” And now they want to spend our retirement savings.

So if Obama and the Statists in power takeover our 401K’s we will be indebted to a government whose incoming gravy train will become less and less as we all wallow in a socialist cesspool of government control created by such policies.  Everyone loses. 

Pitchforks may be in order if this monstrosity ever sees the light of day.

(H/T: Protein Wisdom)

Words to describe Obama’s SOTU speech: Intolerant, intimidation, propaganda, childish, not true, distasteful…

(Source: FOXNews.com)

While I was able to manage keeping my dinner down throughout Obama’s State of the Union (SOTU) speech last night, I was not able to watch it all.  I simply didn’t want to purchase another television set after our remote control or a lamp was heaved through the screen.  So I know my limits…and turned it off a few times just to keep my sanity and TV screen intact.

But I saw enough.  Obama behaved as someone lecturing Americans, berating his Republican counterparts, attempting to intimidate the justices of the Supreme Court…and he said nothing new.  Above all his speech showed that he intends to continue his anti-Constitution, anti-Capitalist, anti-freedom assault on this country AND he lied at almost every turn of his speech. I heard Mitch McConnell say on Fox News this morning that he was wrong to expect Obama to “pivot” or to move to the center in his speech.   He went on to say (paraphrased) that Obama has doubled down on his far Left agenda…quite the opposite of a sensible man’s “pivot”. 

Another takeaway for me was now Obama’s speech portrayed his ideas will now have focus as if the last year never occurred.  Where was the focus last year on jobs? on deficits? on spending?  His words came out as if he were just beginning his first year in office….as if the last year never happened.  Astounding how Obama overlooks his unprecedented deficits and spending while saying he will “focus” on those issues.  It’s as if we lost a year…and Obama gets a restart.

And it wasn’t just what Obama did say and do, but the areas of the “state of the union” that he left out—-No mention of victory in Iraq.  No recognition to the brave men and women who have fought and, yes, won that war!  Ace of Spades addressed this best:

What words didn’t he use? Victory. Freedom. Or anything that recognized the fruits of the incredible sacrifices millions of men and women in our military and their families made to make it possible.You see, the war is just “ending”. …….Oh and this ‘ending’? Yeah, he inherited that from Bush too but you don’t hear him mention that do you?

I doubt W. cares much about what this CHILDISH little man says or thinks about him. Bush signed up for the big leagues and if Obama can’t do anything but bitch about him, well, that’s part of the deal. Besides, Bush only looks better by comparison.

But for a serving Commander in Chief to fail to acknowledge the victory of American troops is beyond shameful, it’s unpardonable and even un-American.

In a nutshell, what we saw was the tone of an arrogant, Bush-blaming, tin-eared, far Left ideologue who believes he is all-powerful.

All-powerful you say?  There are three EQUAL branches of government.  Obama managed to “lord it over” the other two last night in a very DISTASTEFUL way.   While Obama lectured Congressional Republicans (EQUALS) about holding “41 votes” makes them responsible (or something condescending like that), Obama purposefully tried to intimidate the Supreme Court justices who sat neutrally by throughout the speech.  With one exception— when Obama decided it was time for demagoguery and idiotic, Constitution-despising Democrats, like Chuck Schumer, applauded over the heads of the sitting justices, Samuel Alito reacted.    Obama’s words and behavior toward the Supreme Court justices was truly revolting (and nearly unprecedented).  Obama said:

“With all due deference to separation of powers, last week the Supreme Court reversed a century of law that I believe will open the flood gates for special interests — including foreign corporations — to spend without limit in our elections.”

Justice Samuel Alito mouthed the words “NOT TRUE” (video here) while Schumer and company grandly rubbed it into the faces of the justices (you know, the EQUAL branch).

To that, Ann Althouse (via SISU) had this to say:

Isn’t it fascinating that the lengthy, amplified, magnified speech of the most powerful man in the world with his big captive audience — in the magnificent room and in smaller rooms all over the country — are outweighed by one man’s headshake and silent mouthing of 2 or 3 words?……

It’s not how much or how loud you speak that counts, is it?

But perhaps, William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection best narrows down the soul of Obama:

The attack on the Supreme Court exposes the INTOLERANCE of this President. The politician who campaigned and allegedly champions the rule of law actually has very little use for the rule of law when it does not advance his political agenda.

Last night was an attempt at INTIMIDATION, a chance to work the referees on the sideline during a home game with the guarantee of crowd approval.

Ironically, Justice Alito was correct in saying “not true”.  Obama’s statement about foreign money was wrong.  From Brad Smith at National Review:

The president’s statement is false.

The Court held that 2 U.S.C. Section 441a, which prohibits all corporate political spending, is unconstitutional. Foreign nationals, specifically defined to include foreign corporations, are prohibiting from making “a contribution or donation of money or ather thing of value, or to make an express or implied promise to make a contribution or donation, in connection with a Federal, State or local election” under 2 U.S.C. Section 441e, which was not at issue in the case. ……….

This is either blithering ignorance of the law, or demogoguery of the worst kind. 

Aside from the condescension, Obama was masterful with his lies and Bush-blaming last night.  Sister Toldjah says this is what Obama tried to convey:

– I will lie and misrepresent my record on taxes and spending to the American people, while at the same time praising their courage and determination to make it on the lean budgets they have had to deal with since Bush’s recession started.

For anyone who hasn’t drank the “Hopey Changey” Koolaid, it is clear now that Obama’s words do not match his actions.  In other words, he lies, he covers up, and simply changes (and invents) “facts” to suit his purpose.       —(My ADD moment:  I can see an advertisement/tagline for this Koolaid going something like this:   “Oba-Kool-aid: The brand for hope and change–low on freedom.  Caution: may cause blindness)”

For those of you who drink the Koolaid and for those who just like to have  the truth handy in order to educate their liberal friends, many have fact-checked Obama’s speech last night.  Obama’s PROPAGANDA is called out below:

On Obama’s Stimulus claims.  From Gateway Pundit:

OBAMA: “But you don’t have to take their word for it. Talk to the small business in Phoenix that will triple its work force because of the Recovery Act.”

THE FACTS: The democrats gave $100 million to a company owned by prominent democratic donors who have created only 15 jobs so far with the stimulus money.

Even if you look past the Democrat’s crony capitalism…that comes to $6.67 million of our money to create one job.  Does that sound like a logical way to “avert disaster” and sustain long term job growth?  If you think so, you have larger problems than just the Koolaid you are drinking.

On the tiny little spending freeze.  From Fox News Fact Check:

OBAMA: “Starting in 2011, we are prepared to freeze government spending for three years. Spending related to our national security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security will not be affected. But all other discretionary government programs will. Like any cash-strapped family, we will work within a budget to invest in what we need and sacrifice what we don’t.”

THE FACTS: The anticipated savings from this proposal would amount to less than one percent of the deficit — and that’s if the president can persuade Congress to go along.

Some pundits also noted last night that Obama proposed this “spending freeze” and it does virtually nothing to cut the deficit as he claims.  And then Obama turned around and proposed and pushed for additional massive spending on healthcare, student loans, “jobs” bill and more.  ALL Of that spending will ADD to the deficit.  So Obama’s drop-in-the-bucket proposal is for appearances only….not a serious call for reducing the deficit.

On transparency.  Again from Fox News:

OBAMA: He called for action by the White House and Congress “to do our work openly, and to give our people the government they deserve.”

THE FACTS: Obama skipped past a broken promise from his campaign — to have the negotiations for health care legislation broadcast on C-SPAN “so that people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents, and who are making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the insurance companies.” Instead, Democrats in the White House and Congress have conducted the usual private negotiations, making multibillion-dollar deals with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders behind closed doors. Nor has Obama lived up consistently to his pledge to ensure that legislation is posted online for five days before it’s acted upon.

Perhaps one of the most infuriating claims by Obama is “what he inherited”.   

Obama’s lie about who created our whopping deficit.  From Gateway Pundit:

OBAMA: “By the time I took office, we had a one year deficit of over $1 trillion and projected deficits of $8 trillion over the next decade. Most of this was the result of not paying for two wars, two tax cuts, and an expensive prescription drug program. On top of that, the effects of the recession put a $3 trillion hole in our budget. All this was before I walked in the door.”

THE FACTS: For the record the federal deficit was $459 billion in 2008 when Bush left office not $1 trillion.

(source: Gateway Pundit)

The STATISTS in our Union are in a revolution against the citizens of American, attempting to overturn our Constitution and usher in an era of Socialist economics and shove their far Left ideology and programs down our throats.

But, despite our America-loathing President and power-hungry Congressional leaders, the STATE of our Union will remain strong if the American people continue their defense in this revolution

I am convinced that, unlike the historical debates of left versus right in the past, we are no longer in a debate of the best ideas for moving forward under our Constitution.  We are instead in an unprecedented part of our history where the Left is in Revolutionary mode…they don’t want civil debate and good ideas…they want control, they want to overturn the Constitution, and they are working overtime to destroy the cultural, religious, and societal traditions of our country.

Literally I will let that happen over my dead body.

The “Scott heard round the world” was only the beginning.  We must continue to fight those who wish to change America for their own gain.

May GOD BLESS AMERICA, in spite of our President and the Leftist Revolutionaries in this country.

Other reaction to Obama’s SOTU:

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Every generation entertains a liar…for a time

Found this piece today that clearly outlines the last year with Obama and how it has opened the eyes of those who would not see.

…….Every generation needs a liar: a lost soul who will lead us down the wrong path. This is a good thing in an ironic way. President Obama is reminding us all that freedom requires struggle against those who would enslave us. Whether by skilled tongue or by deceitful wit, the man shows mighty oratory skills that belie a poverty of wisdom. He knows where this leads. The programs that have been enacted and are on the way all culminate in a totalitarian regime that would make Che Guevara proud and compel a nod from Josef Stalin.

The entire pieced is lengthy–says a lot of what I think but just never seem to be able to organize into words–but worth a read.

Some excerpts (my emphasis):

…..No one with a mind for politics really believes in a world where people share unconditionally or where a ‘Politburo’ will mete out justice on an even basis and a ‘Central Committee’ will order up the exact amount of bicycle chains to keep Johnny pedaling away until dinnertime. The advocates of the new social paradigm really want to have control all to themselves and are using the dim-witted Liberal pacifist ‘perfect worlders’ as useful idiots in their quest for national domination….


….But I know something the liberals in this country won’t readily admit but betray by their very avaricious political practices: people are greedy. Self-interested is a more benign phrase, but you get the point. Most people think first of themselves and their families. If a bit is left over, they will give to charities and maybe volunteer at a soup kitchen during the holidays. But by and large, they are adamantly opposed to a wholesale redistribution of wealth on the basis of giving some sort of payback to the unlucky, uneducated or worse, the lazy. And it galls them even more to hear their Government say that hard work gives the successful an unfair advantage. Only a fool or other ‘morally challenged’ person would believe in legislating fairness or rewarding sloth.

And that is exactly what it feels like to the hard-working, freedom-loving Americans who have been lambasted by the Obama administration and the Democratic leaders.  Doing for yourself, excelling in your career, making money, becoming rich….NONE of those things are bad….but Obama and the Democrats are trying to suppress success all without being truthful as to their policies and plans.

…But there is more to this than politics as usual. The Democrats are setting up a form of government under the guise of ‘health care reform’ that may be well nigh impossible to undo when it becomes law. And they know this. This seems to be a suicide mission for the Democrats. But don’t feel so bad for them: They’ll have uber-lucrative lobbyist jobs in the medical industry. At least Harry Reid and Christopher Dodd will. President Obama will be a highly paid speaker at the universities where excellence is required of their students but dismissed as greed in the marketplace. Want a lesson in hypocrisy? Go to college and listen to a professor condemn capitalism while preparing you to excel in it. But I digress.

And as for that “fairness” that brings the hypocritical Dems power:

As more Democrats come forward and explain why health care is a Constitutional right and that the successful must support everybody else I watch the zeitgeist of the country swing right. What is the guy making $45,000 a year supposed to do, make do with less take-home as an illegal gets in-state tuition on the collective workers’ tab? And all the while President Obama speaks of fairness and equality. Every generation gets a liar who tries to subvert their way of life to support the drooling masses.

And about the hypocritical and “angry” Obamas – both of them:

How can a man who sounds so scholarly be so morally empty? As a young man in college I thought the professors had a higher moral standard; something to admire and mirror. Soon enough I learned which professor threw the best parties. It wasn’t until later — that I understood that high-mindedness is not the same as compassion — when I sobered up. President Obama is a true believer, and that makes him all the more dangerous. He believes in falling on his sword to remake the world in his image; and it is a Marxian image. Obama is an angry man, with an angry wife. And though they have achieved much (and who can begrudge a President for being called successful?), they are mentally beck in the ghetto. Although I still have trouble connecting their Ivy League educations with their populist rhetoric. They are adamantly opposed to success by hard work even as they are a shining example of it. I find it ironic that so many liberals work so hard and accomplish great things only to condemn the system that allowed them to prosper when they finally have attained their idea of success.

The only thing I differ with here is the  Obama’s as examples of “hard work”.  The Obamas achieved their “success” and wealth less by hard work and more by affirmative action, being a part of the Chicago machine, and portraying a veneer of equality, fairness, and “giving back” while their true content includes anger, radical ideology, anti-American sentiments, and elitism.  In other words, they are envious opportunists schooled in Leftist doctrine with a habit of lying to get what they want.


……A president who misrepresents his intention, agenda and policy platform is like a dubious gift to a truth-starved electorate. He is easy to swallow but, oh, the indigestion he causes! And as we choke on the hubris of this over-reaching Congress and Marxist President I take hope in the violent convulsion that is to come. The public at large will reject this sociopathic, free-spending government as it becomes more evident that we are in for a double-dip recession and a zero job recovery. And with inflation knocking at our door after thirty years of benign fluctuations, voters will be inclined to throw out the dominant party. This will not end well for the Democrats.

In the long run, the Obama Presidency coupled with Democratic power may be a blessing in disguise….the electorate is now awake….we are realizing that “freedom don’t come free”.  There are those in this world who wish to squish freedom like a bug….we didn’t expect, however, to be squished from within by an anti-American/anti-Constitutional President and Congressional leadership.  But now we see what can happen when we are complacent about the greatness of this country and the freedoms we enjoy.

In the short run, we are in for some hard times in overcoming this Marxist onslaught and purposeful reduction of American freedoms and financial might.    But it can be done.  I believe in the American spirit even if our leaders do not.