DRUDGE: The EGO has landed

I’m still laughing at that one! 

Although all is not so funny…. 

While Obama dawdles around about what to do in Afghanistan (at least 43 soldiers killed since McChrystal recommended more troops to his CIC), he felt an intense need, perhaps nudged on by the Daley Chicago machine, to be in Denmark for the big win loss!

(Source: Michelle Malkin reader Ben)

(Source: Michelle Malkin reader Ben)

Obama couldn’t bring the Olympics home….Obama couldn’t “deliver” (us).

The Obama “magic”, Michelle Obama’s “sacrifice” , along with “The Oprah” ‘s presence was just not enough to convince the IOC that Chicago and its cronies should have the Olympics.

I guess the hundred or so countries represented at the IOC just didn’t feel the love or need to give Obama cronies Valerie Jarrett and Richard Daley, along with his wife Michelle Obama, the opportunity to make millions on their land slums in Chicago.

It is heartwarming to see the Obama’s and the Chicago corruption machine (one and the same) be rejected by some of their own tactics.

Congratulations Rio….