Extreme, Mr. President? Why that would be you and your statist cohorts on the left!

Great video from the NRSC outlining who the real extremists are — based on the view of the American people.

Spread it around…make it viral!

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)


Jon Voight: Let’s help bring an end to (the power of) this false prophet, Obama

At the NRSC-NRCC fund raiser last night, Jon Voight spoke truth in 10 minutes about Israel, Obama and his partners in crime tearing America down, the Left’s lies about Bush, and more.

Priceless to see one from Hollywood who understands Obama’s power grabs, his history, his associations and then have to the guts to speak truth to it.  Thanks for Jon Voight!

(H/T: Michelle Malkin; Video: Earth2Obama.org)