Barack Obama supports this….. #OWS

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests are everything (and worse) that the Tea Party gatherings were ACCUSED of being.

While a unified and coherent message is yet to be found among these lazy Leftists, there are a variety of complaints made by the “Flea Party” against their country, their fellow citizens, and their lives, in general.

And, worst of all, our President, Barack Obama, among others, supports the filthy display of these anti-Capitalist Leftists — from plain ‘ol lazy ones to radical ones — and their 1960’s-like communal camp-outs.

It’s the kind of display that hard-working, proud Americans do not engage in.  They don’t have “weeks” to sit in filth with their topless brethren and bitch about something….anything….especially things they know nothing about.

Barack Obama supports this bunch of anti-capitalist useful idiots along with Marxist Van Jones, Al Gore, Joe Biden, Nancy PelosiJohn Larson, Louise Slaughter, Muslim Keith Ellison, Jeff Merkley, Russ Feingold, and more.

And let’s not even talk about who is financing and organizing this astroturfed conglomeration of idiots.  I’ll list SOME of them because the astroturf financiers and “organizers” are another story unto themselves:

Here is your Democrat-supported (from the President on down) “protest” in action— and just imagine if the Tea Party protesters had ACTUALLY engaged in only 1% of this behavior (which they never did):

USCG warns staff after Occupy Boston protesters spit on Coast Guard officer

Disgusting behavior exhibited by the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters are on full display in New York as trash and debris pile-up on public streets. The disgusting conditions coupled with the group’s anti-authority attitude resulted in one unidentified protester defecating on an NYPD patrol car.

Hackers threaten Wall Street

– According to this speaker in LA, violence and bloodshed will be necessary:

“So, ultimately, the bourgeoisie won’t go without violent means. Revolution! Yes, revolution that is led by the working class.  Long live revolution! Long live socialism!”

– Creepy, funky chants like “I can have sex with animals or whatever“…. (Frankly, I’m ashamed these robots in this video call themselves Americans!)

Millions and millions of tax-payer dollars are being spent to clean up after these animals.

Protestors claim the “Jews” control Wall Street in anti-semetic rant

Protesters march on Wall St. after park cleanup postponed, get into scuffle with  cops

Police Clash With “Occupy Denver” Protesters, Dozens Arrested

 – More creepy Left Wing chanting led by community organizer who travels the globe to provoke violence for destabilizing governments

There is so much more going on daily with these Leftists…..but that last bullet point should unnerve the majority America-loving citizens of this country.

Ed Morrissey at summed up the hypocritical media and politicians on the issue of the Flea Party vs. the Tea Party:

Had even one Tea Party rally resulted in 140 arrests, defecation on police cars, speakers calling for a violent French Revolution-style change in society, or members of the military getting attacked with spit and epithets, would the national media have offered such a balanced report — or would the media have used any of these incidents to warn America about the latent hate and violence in the movement?

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“Compromise that’s not a solution is a waste of time.”

“Compromise that’s not a solution is a waste of time.” — Marco Rubio on the Senate Floor.

In the debt limit discussions, I keep hearing about “compromise” from Democrats and supporters of those same Democrats talk about how bad Washington is because there’s no “compromise”.

Well, Marco Rubio is right.  Compromise for its own sake is worthless. 

Besides, compromise to Democrats is “roll over and give us what we want, GOP.”  To so-called moderates, compromise means telling Republicans to get rid of their principles and make a deal.

Watch all of Rubio’s speech…it’s a good one!  And done without a teleprompter!

Make sure to watch around 6 minute mark where Rubio completely destroys the arguments of Obama, Biden and Reid on the debt ceiling.  Rubio shines a spotlight on the hypocrisy of the Socialist Three Musketeers.

And….Rubio obliterates the validity of calling smart tea party Americans “extremists” on raising the debt ceiling.  There is not a principle one that resides within Obama, Biden, Reid, Kerry and a large contingent of other Democrats on this issue and most others.

The other great quotable quote is this one:

To the Senator from Massachusetts I would say that it is impossible to negotiate with someone who doesn’t have a plan” — Marco Rubio (FL)

This response was a direct hit to the dry and ignorant protests of John Kerry….who once served in Vietnam.

Quote of the day: A Tale of Two Boobs

Quote of the day courtesy of Russ at Ace of Spades:

” The left is focused on the two boobs under Sarah Palin’s blouse, while the right is focused on the two boobs sitting in the Oval Office and in whatever broom closet they’ve converted to an office for Sheriff Joe Biden. Which strategy do you think will pay dividends in November?”

(H/T on Captain Kick-A$$ and photo: Nice Deb

Of course the Left wants to make a big deal out of one picture of Palin and her ample right-wing chest so that they don’t have to think about her success at endorsing conservative candidates….as was shown on Tuesday.

I’d take a beautiful, accomplished 36D female conservative who loves America…over “Captain Kick-A$$” anyday.

UPDATE: Were you a “conservationist” and preserver of earth before it was cool?

For decades, many people, including my parents and other family members, have been true “conservationists” and preservers of the earth that God gave us.  They did it LONG before it was “cool” and they do it everyday, not just one day a year when everyone is watching!!
I don’t need a politicized day every year to realize what true conservationists know and do.

And politicized it is:  Schools force “green” propaganda on our children, politicians tout the need for reducing carbon while they are escorted in LARGE SUVs and fly private jets, and the President and VP talk about “green energy” while wasting lots of the old-fashioned, carbon emitting kind on Earth Day!  Via with tip from Drudge Report today:

On a day when many Americans will be reflecting upon how they can reduce their impact on the environment, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will board separate jets in Washington on Earth Day morning to fly 250 miles up the east coast to New York, where they will land at separate airports to attend separate events within a few miles of each other.

The parallel visits of Air Force One (a 747/VC-25 aircraft) and Air Force Two (a 757/C-32A aircraft) will delay dozens, if not hundreds of commercial flights at Kennedy and LaGuardia and other nearby airports as no-fly zones are implemented. Jets will be forced to circle and burn more fuel as they wait for the VIPs to come and go. Their security contingents consisting of dozens of cars, SUVs and helicopters will burn even more. Throw in thousands of commuters’ cars and delivery trucks sitting idle in traffic as law enforcement closes large swaths of the city and you have yourself a very Earth-unfriendly day.

But amidst it all I like this reminder from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association on what our role OVER the earth consists of:

While God takes pleasure in our stewardship of His creation, He wants us to take care of one another first. We must be careful not to place more importance on plants and animals than on human life. And we must refrain from giving nature God’s rightful place in our lives – the center of our worship.

In the second part of Genesis 1:28, God tells Adam and Eve to “Rule over the fish of the sea and of the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” As humans, we are created in God’s image. No other living being – no plant or animal – has this quality. So, as we bear this divine image given to us, we are to rule over God’s created order.

While this does not give us the right to destroy earth through carelessness, this passage contradicts the school of thought by some conservationists that humans have no dominion over nature, that humans and nature have equal footing. Furthermore, we are blatantly told in Matthew 6:26 that God values us more than His own creation:

“Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?”

As believers in Christ, we are heirs and stewards of the beautiful creation God has given us. But, we also need to live in a way that is consistent with God’s heart and mind. Human beings are much more of a precious resource to God than the rest of His physical creation.

Besides, “Christ died for us while we were still sinners” (Romans 5:8). That is the ultimate indicator of our value. To God, we are worth the life of his perfect Son.

UPDATE 4/22/10:  A great read on the Lenin-link to Earth Day and the “green” propaganda of the day.  Also refers to the welfare payments in the House-approved “Cap and Tax” bill.

Photo of the day: “Skipper” Biden and “Gilligan” Obama

Too good not to post…..

Of course, in this case, the Skipper and Gilligan don’t want to “rescue” us, they want us to live permanently on the island under their rule.

And one has to wonder:

(H/T: Sultan Knish)

Psst..Biden..Gibbs..Obama–Iraq victory came through our military and Bush, not cut-and-runners like yourselves

I have to laugh to keep from throwing my keyboard at the absurdity of VP Joe Biden and Press Secretary Gibbs —both representatives of the Obama administration–claiming that Iraq could be the biggest “achievement” for the Obama administration so far.

Robert Gibbs, Obama’s press secretary, tried to take credit for Iraqi success on Thursday in a press briefing.  Paraphrased he basically said that Obama’s administration had “put what was broken back together and is bringing our troops home” and says Obama “brought about the political pressure for today’s Iraq success.”

Biden said this week while on Larry King:

I am very optimistic about — about Iraq. I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration. You’re going to see 90,000 American troops come marching home by the end of the summer.

Cheney laughed and countered this hypocritical notion this morning on ABC’s This Week:

Former Vice President Dick Cheney: Well (laugh) I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by my friend Joe Biden. I’m glad he now believes Iraq is a success. Of course, Obama and Biden campaigned from one end of the country to another for two years criticizing our Iraq policy. They opposed the surge that was absolutely crucial to our getting to the point where we’re at now with respect to Iraq. For them to try to take credit for what’s happened in Iraq strikes me as a little strange. If they had had their way, if we followed the policies of pursued from the outset or abdicated, Saddam Hussein would still be in power in Baghdad today.

If it had been left up to Joe Biden and Barack Obama, Saddam Hussein would still be in power or, later, they would have “ended” the war by cutting and running.

Obama, Biden, Gibbs -- YOU LIE!

For the record, and to point out the hypocritical and pathological lying that comes from the Obama administration —

  • In 2002, Obama admitted he would have voted against the War in Iraq
  • ins 2007, Obama voted against the successful surge that Bush implemented.
  • Joe Biden was wrong on the surge he now takes credit for.
  • Obama was wrong on the surge he now takes credit for.
  • Joe Biden proposed dividing Iraq into three countries
  • Obama and Biden spoke out numerous times and clearly stated that wanted troops to leave Iraq without a win.  They did this continuously and vigorously on the campaign trail.
  • In 2007, Joe Biden co-sponsored a resolution saying it is “not in the national interest of the United States to deepen its military involvement in Iraq.”

It should be clearly noted here and by the Obama administration that Iraq is not free today because of Obama or Biden, but the victory in the Iraq War came through brute courage and capability of our military forces and through President George W. Bush who stayed the course.

In contrast to Biden’s words, (“God Love him“)….. I say, Thank you to our military for overturning a dictator, freeing millions, and for stabilizing the country in an effort to bring about a fledgling democracy that is very near to standing on its own.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Bush jogging with soldier

Victory in Iraq and our troops efforts were made possible through the determination and unwavering policy of George W. Bush and his administration.  Bush’s policies freed millions from the hands of a violent, tyrannical dictator and established what you now see in Iraq.  Bush held firm against those who spoke lies about our troops and who tried to diminish both Bush and our military in a time of war.  Bush instituted the surge and won the war in Iraq against all of the protestations of the cut-and-runner Democrats.  Thank you George W. Bush for implementing a policy that, not without risks, was implemented with the focus on winning the war instead of politics.

History will correct the lies of the Obama administration and will look highly upon the man and the military who actually did free millions from oppression and brought about a victory in the war in Iraq.

Oh how I miss THIS kind of humor from our leader

Hey Obama — listen up…..this is what humor looks like.  So shed the thin skin and narcissistic self-centeredness and try a little humor sometime.

We all know how George Bush was masterful at self-deprecating humor and great funny moments with the Press Club.

Now Sarah Palin exhibits the humor that is missing from the current administration.   She is comfortable in her skin — just as President Bush was — and is able to pull off such great humor lines.

According to reports, Palin was able to poke fun at herself, the politicians in the room, Obama, Democrats, Joe Biden, and the McCain campaign.

Try these on for size….Sarah Palin speaking at the winter dinner of the Gridiron Club, an organization of Washington-based journalists:

  • As for the president, Palin joked that she was looking at a magazine cover of Obama and Chinese president Hu Jinato during an airplane flight. A nearby passenger stated, “Hu’s the Communist,” she related.  And, Palin said, “I thought he was asking a question.”
  • “Sometimes you got to trust your instincts, and if you don’t, you end up in a place like this,” said the former GOP vice presidential candidate.
  • Sarah Palin poked fun at herself in a speech to journalists Saturday night, drawing laughter when she announced she “came down from my hotel room and I could see the Russian embassy.”
  • The 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate also joked that she had originally thought of titling her book “How To Look Like a Million Bucks, for Only $150,000” before settling on “Going Rogue.”
  • If the election had turned out differently, she said, “I could be the one overseeing the signing of bailout checks and vice president Biden could be on the road selling his book, ‘Going Rogaine.'” Biden has sparse hair.
  • As for her hosts, she said she was glad to be appearing before an elite audience of leading intellectuals, “or as I like to call it, a death panel.”
  • McCain’s campaign staff also came in for a barb from the former Alaska governor when she said she is touring the country by bus as she sells her book.  “The view is so much better from inside the bus than under it,” she said, referring to the poisonous relations between her and some of the McCain campaign staff.
  • Focusing on criticism she has received from Steve Schmidt, a senior strategist in McCain’s presidential campaign, she said, “If I need a bald campaign manager I guess I’m left with James Carville,” a Democrat.

Obama are you taking notes?

(H/T: Michelle Malkin and Politico)

UPDATE:  Thanks for the link from A Conservative Teacher!