#Obama in 2008 slanders half the country by calling them “bitter clingers” #romneyencore

Of course the Obama-media will pounce on the truth-teller Romney’s comments in the “gotcha” video….

But don’t we all remember when Obama slandered half of the country back in 2008 with his “bitter clingers” remark — a remark that was secretly taped?  Where was the heavy breathing by the media on that one saying “Obama’s lost the race”?

Such hypocrisy….and Obama’s comment wasn’t even factual or remotely true.  Romney’s was.

Here’s Obama trashing half of the country (or more) while being taped back in 2008:

Text of comments:

You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them….And they fell through the Clinton Administration, and the Bush Administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Just throw this back in the faces of the Obama-lovers in the media and elsewhere when they try to trash Romney for stating the obvious.
The double-standards and dishonesty are breathtaking in the media (and on the Left).


More stealth attacks on guns – disarming pilots

The Obama administration has quietly put an end to the gun policy for pilots that was put into place shortly after 9-11.  That program allowed pilots to carry guns on the plane as a defense against terrorists and others who mean harm to the pilots.

From Washington Times:

After the September 11 attacks, commercial airline pilots were allowed to carry guns if they completed a federal-safety program. No longer would unarmed pilots be defenseless as remorseless hijackers seized control of aircraft and rammed them into buildings.

Now President Obama is quietly ending the federal firearms program, risking public safety on airlines in the name of an anti-gun ideology.

So where will the funding for the firearms training of pilots be diverted? To a program that will fund staff who will perform field inspections of pilots!

The Obama administration this past week diverted some $2 million from the pilot training program to hire more supervisory staff, who will engage in field inspections of pilots.

The fact that pilots have the best performance record of any law enforcement groups doesn’t seem to matter….let’s harass and inspect them, says the Obama administration.

This looks like completely unnecessary harassment of the pilots. The 12,000 Federal Flight Deck Officers, the pilots who have been approved to carry guns, are reported to have the best behavior of any federal law enforcement agency. There are no cases where any of them has improperly brandished or used a gun. There are just a few cases where officers have improperly used their IDs.

Fewer than one percent of the officers have any administrative actions brought against them and, we are told, virtually all of those cases “are trumped up.”

Here is what has transpired with this program since January 20 …you know the date Barack Hussein “I won’t take your guns” Obama was inaugurated:

Pilots cannot openly speak about the changing policies for fear of retaliation from the Transportation Security Administration. Pilots who act in any way that causes a “loss of confidence” in the armed pilot program risk criminal prosecution as well as their removal from the program. Despite these threats, pilots in the Federal Flight Deck Officers program have raised real concerns in multiple interviews.

Of course, like everything else on Obama’s wish list, it is puzzling as to why this is happening.   It seems to be more of the same Obama MO…say one thing, while quietly working through his far left wish list and dismantling  American freedoms and protection while he is at it.

Frankly, as a matter of pure politics, we cannot understand what the administration is thinking. Nearly 40 House Democrats are in districts were the NRA is more popular than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. We can’t find any independent poll in which the public is demanding that pilots disarm. Why does this move make sense?

Only anti-gun extremists and terrorist recruits are worried about armed pilots.

UPDATE: The Obama Administration is now denying that removing guns from the cockpits is in the works.  Yu can see the article here at FoxNews.    I’ll let you be the judge as to whether the Obama Admin just backtracked or not exactly like they did with Veteran’s Health Insurance after a little heat  was felt.

Bill Maher: The authority on Rush Limbaugh, Racism, and Oklahoma

Bill Maher is a classless, hateful, liberal idiot…and those are his good points.

With guest Andrew Breitbart on Friday, Bill Maher claimed that Rush Limbaugh is racist….and that Oklahomans are buying guns and ammo because “they’re afraid that Obama and his Negro army are going to come and get you.”

Watch this crock of crap for yourself:

Bill Maher I have a message for you:

Rush Limbaugh has more class in his formerly nicotine-stained pinky than you could muster in your entire body over the course of a million years.

Rush has respect for ALL Americans unlike yourself, who has to demean and lie about those who disagree with your point of view.   It’s true what my mom always said…those who have to attack to boost themselves above another are insecure and immature.  Mr. Maher, grow up  for God’s sake.

Your hypocrisy is shining brightly for all to see, but your hatred, and I do mean hatred, is so immense you can’t see that your errant judgments and condemnations are the very essence of what you attribute falsely to others.

Bill, have you ever listened to Rush Limbaugh for more than a soundbite you received through e-mail from MoveOn.org?  Actually Rush stands for each and EVERY American being all that he or she can be and striving for the American dream.   

Unlike yourself, of course, who seemingly agrees with liberal black intelligentsia that 95% of black people have their place and that place mustn’t include self-sufficiency, morality, hard work, and sense of accomplishment.  Rather it includes decades-long existence of black suppression under the guise of a grandiose government “saviour”…..

Rush’s ideology doesn’t include seeing race and hatred at every turn, as does yours Mr. Maher.  You accuse Rush (and others I’m sure) of racism for simply rejecting  a Marxist/Socialist President who is anathema to all that Rush holds dear.    Excuse Rush and the rest of us if we don’t see the need to bow at the alter of  liberal ideology — nor to a pompous, windbag preacher of it like yourself.

As for Oklahomans and guns….did you ever stop to think that Obama’s stances and policies on guns, and not his race, are what is fueling gun and ammo sales?

Of course not–poor  excuses for men don’t often think past their big, stuck-up, liberal noses.

I’d like to ask you to share your vast knowledge of race and guns before a large crowd in Oklahoma …..and I’d like you to try out that line again about “Obama and his Negro army”…..

….psst…a little secret, Mr. Maher, you’ll find out why we really buy those guns and ammo….

……..to keep a^&holes like you out of Oklahoma…..

(NOTE: Please excuse my French, but it is tough to mention Bill Maher without expletives in the same sentence.)

More from Newsbusters.org:

ANDREW BREITBART: Right now if you look online you’ll see that “Atlas Shrugged” and Ayn Rand’s books are, are, you know, flying off of the bookshelves, of the virtual bookshelves…

BILL MAHER: Well, so’s ammo in Oklahoma.

BREITBART: Right, well okay…

MAHER: Oklahoma’s out of ammo because they’re afraid that Obama and his Negro army are going to come and get you. 

BREITBART: Who’s afraid of, who’s, where’s this racism coming from? I haven’t seen this online.

MAHER: Well, the racism is coming from Rush Limbaugh. It’s taking root in Oklahoma. 

Unfortunately, Maher is so filled with hatred towards conservatives — and, of course, black conservatives — that he missed this obvious hypocrisy.

Imagine that. But there’s more, for when Breitbart took offense Maher laughed.

Even better, after Maher’s other guest, Georgetown professor and liberal talk radio host Michael Eric Dyson, elaborated on why Limbaugh is a racist, Breitbart pointed out that nobody was a bigger defender of Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas than Limbaugh.

This elicited uproarious laughter from Maher and his audience. 

Breitbart then deliciously acknowledged the crowd’s response: “Thank you MoveOn.org, I appreciate that.” 

Maher disgustingly replied: “Clarence Thomas, a, a black man who does not represent 95 percent of black people.”

Once again, Breitbart correctly took offense:

That’s bulls**t…You’re allowed to have independent thought in this country. And this kind of intimidation by the black studies intelligentsia crowd that, that intimidates black people who are conservatives…

Maher then asked an amazingly stupid question: “You think black people are intimidated from being conservative?”

Ummm, Bill, you just intimidated black people from being conservative by laughing when Clarence Thomas’s name was brought up and insulting him with your claim that he doesn’t represent 95 percent of black people.

(H/T: Tullycast)

UPDATE: Oklahoma Shooters, thanks for the link!

Inhofe cracks ACORN nuts the Oklahoma Way!

Jim Inhofe, former mayor of Tulsa and current US Senator, gives a clear and concise lesson on how to keep ACORN Nuts (pun intended) away from your home.  He speaks from personal experience.

From an AP story:

Recalling a run-in 25 years ago with a group accused of voter registration irregularities, U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe says protesters scattered when he warned them to leave his home in one minute or “I’ll kill all of you.”

The Tulsa Republican made the comment in an interview published Thursday by the Alva Review-Courier.

Inhofe says he was mayor of Tulsa at the time and the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now, known as ACORN, was mad at him over a housing issue involving Cuban refugees.

When his wife called frantically to say a group of Cuban protestors were at his house, Inhofe says he confronted them and threatened to kill them if they didn’t get off his property.

Inhofe confirmed the incident Friday in a statement issued through his campaign headquarters in Oklahoma City.

He says the protesters were threatening his wife, his children and his home, and that he thinks Oklahomans can understand his willingness to go to any length to protect his family.

This may be a very common reaction, indeed, when the government gets closer to coming for OUR guns, OUR 401K’s, OUR property, and OUR free speech!…….The Oklahoma Way!

(H/T: Ace of Spades)

Presidential Election Issues Voter Guide

I received this voter guide from the American Family Association (AFA)…thought it would be a good thing to pass along….

McCain is first column Obama is second column…..Stark differences between the two on the issues.  And don’t forget Obama’s Tax Plan, which will take a big step in moving America into being a Socialist nation!

HOMOSEXUALITY   Click on candidate positions for source information. McCAIN OBAMA
Federal Protection of Traditional Marriage
Limiting marriage to the union of one man
to one woman under federal law
Supports Opposes
State Constitutional Amendments that Protect Traditional Marriage
Limiting marriage to the union of one man
to one woman under state law
Supports Opposes
Teaching of Homosexuality in Public Schools
Use of materials that encourage or support
homosexuality as a positive lifestyle
Opposes Supports
Hate Crime Laws
Legislation that criminalizes certain actions or
statements on the basis of sexual orientation
Opposes Supports
Homosexual Adoption
Expanding laws to permit adoption by homosexual couples
Opposes Supports
Constitutional Right to Abortion
Roe v. Wade was correctly decided
Opposes Supports
Protecting Infants Born Alive
Laws requiring protection for infants born alive
born alive as a result of a botched abortion
Supports Opposes
Prohibiting Partial-Birth Abortion
Laws banning the procedure known
as partial-birth abortion
Supports Opposes
Making it a Crime to Cross State Lines
To Obtain Abortions for Minors

Transporting a minor across state lines for an abortion
without the minor´s parents´ consent should be criminalized.
Supports Opposes
Nomination of Pro-Life Supreme Court Justices
Will nominate judges who will interpret
the Constitution as written
Supports Opposes
Private Handgun Ownership
Interprets Second Amendment as guaranteeing
the right to own and use handguns for self-defense
Supports Opposes
Allowing Parents to Exercise School Choice
Government vouchers allowing parents to place
children in school of their choice
Supports Opposes
Immigration Reform and Border Security
Secure U.S. borders before granting some form
of amnesty to illegal immigrants living in U.S.
Supports Supports
Government Control of Health Care
Government funded or regulated health care
Opposes Supports
Reducing U.S. Dependence on Foreign Oil
By lifting ban on off-shore drilling for oil and gas
Supports Opposes

The Palin Minefield: Playing Twister with Vaseline

Playing Twister with Vaseline….now that’s funny.

From Culture 11, we have a great view of just how hard it will be for the Obama/Biden ticket to navigate certain issues.  Culture 11 calls it the minefield….Read it below.  (Hat Tip:  CDR Salamander)

Let’s review the minefield that Team Obama/Biden must navigate with Palin on board.

  • Palin has more executive experience than Obama himself (having run a company, a PTO, a town and then Alaska).
    • WARNING: Bring up the experience issue at your own peril. 
    • SAMPLE: “When Senator Obama started his first run for local office I was already a two-term mayor.  If you simply count the years of experience, I win, frankly.”
  • Palin has more direct military experience than Obama and Biden combined having served as Commander of the Alaskan National Guard:
    • WARNING: Don’t fuss with military issues.  Be cautious around foreign affairs.
    • SAMPLE: “Alaska has a shared border with Canada and shared Islands with Russia.  Illinois and Deleware…mmm… not so much.  I’ve actually commanded hundreds of military volunteers in person not just from a DC hearing room.”
  • Palin is pro-life in ways that other just aren’t.  Namely, the pro-life decision she made was real.
    • WARNING: Don’t even bring up the word “abortion” around her
    • SAMPLE: “Since everybody’s worried about my experience I’d like to know how Senator Biden might react if he were in my shoes.  Abortion isn’t just some idealogical issue for me… I’ve had the face the very real decision.  So I ask you, Senator Biden, what would you do if your family faced a similar choice?”
  • Palin solidifies the so-con vote by demonstrating unquestionable social conservative values (it doesn’t hurt that she has 5 kids)
    • WARNING: Don’t come even close to using motherhood as a leverage against her qualificaitons
    • SAMPLE: “I believe I’ve given birth to 5-times as many children as Sentaors Obama and Biden combined.”
  • Palin taps into the Hillary vote giving a voice to mothers and women across the country when Obama wouldn’t even vet her.
    • WARNING: Don’t imply that the Palin pick was just a play to women or even remotely hint at chauvinistic overtones
    • SAMPLE: “Are you saying that women shouldn’t be excited about this opportunity?  Are you saying that there isn’t a glass ceiling.
  • Palin was a former sportscaster and journalist
    • WARNING TO THE PRESS: She’s one of your own.
    • SAMPLE: “Hey George, like you, I’ve had a foot in politics and a foot in journalism.  My timing was just opposite of yours.  I realized that journalism is great and all but real change comes through sacrifice and service.”
  • Palin was a beauty pageant contestant so she could pay for school with the scholarship
    • WARNING TO NOW: Don’t diss her pagaent story until you actually hear it
    • SAMPLE: “I entered the beauty pagaent because sports scholarships for women in the 1980s were almost unheard of. So sue me.”
  • Palin is a lifetime member of the NRA and use to hunt elk
    • WARNING: Biden, avoid your terrible history on the 2nd right amendment .
    • SAMPLE: “Like Senator Obama, I agree with and I’m proud of the recent Supreme Court decision.  I’ve been a hunter all my life.  In fact when my parents found out about Senator McCain’s decision they were on a caribou hunting trip.  I think my dad is like many people in this country as he follows this heated debate: he said: ‘I’d rather go moose hunting than be involved with politics.’  Sometimes, so would I.”  

  • Palin fought corruption in an AK GOP party that was (and still is) full of it
    • WARNING: Careful around the “ethical” issues
    • SAMPLE: “Like Chicago politics, Alaska politics can sometimes get dirty.  In my case I fought my own party tooth and nail for substantive change.  I’ll let voters decide what Barack Obama did in Chicago.”
  • She’s a true outsider who’s likable, young, articulate, devout, down to earth.
    • WARNING: Don’t much about trying to stick the DC inexperience on her.
    • SAMPLE: “You know, some reporters were shocked and amazed that I have never appeared on any Sunday political talk shows.  I think many Americans would accord that as a medal of honor.”

All of these items show serious head pounding variables that the Democrats and the liberal media must take into account.  But were’ not done.  Consider also:

  • Palin is a former union member, her spouse is still union member
  • She knows the energy and oil issues like the back of her hand (or her husband’s hand who actually worked on an oil rig)
  • Palin has actually BEEN to the Alaska Wildlife Reserves
  • Palin is a conservative environmentalist and outdoorsman who understands the issues well
  • Palin owns one home
  • Palin has left the MSM stammering to find information about her
  • Palin has left the Obama campaign stammering to find information about her
  • Palin can tell you what the price of milk is
  • Palin cut costs across the board in Alaska
  • Palin got rid of the “bridge to nowhere”
  • Palin has put Biden back in a box
  • The expectations game plays in her favor

Yes, she has a lot to prove on the national stage but she brings A LOT to the table that conservatives can get excited about.

Palin vs. Obama – Let’s talk about experience and background, shall we?

The comparison below is the best I’ve seen so far in debunking the “experience” (or lack thereof) rhetoric thrown out at new VP candidate Sarah Palin.

While Obama claims to want to fix Washington, beat back corruption, end unnecessary spending, and be the “bi-partisan” master as President……facts show Sarah Palin already has him beat in many of those categories…..

This is an impressive list and really points out that if you believe Obama is qualified for President, Sarah Palin, at this point anyway, may be better equipped for the role of PRESIDENT than Obama.

From RedState.com:



Sarah Palin

Barack Obama

Office being sought Vice President President of the United States and Leader
of the Free World
Full name Sarah Louise Heath Palin Barack Hussein Obama II
Nickname Sarah Barracuda Barry Obama; “The One”
Public opinion Smoking hot in a “naughty
librarian” sort of way
May be The Messiah
Age 44 48
Children 5: two sons, three daughters 2: two daughters
Evangelical Christian;attends Juneau Christian Center when in Juneau and grew up
attending Wasilla Assembly of God
Attended Trinity United Church of Christ
for 20 years, a “black liberation theology” church formerly led by
Rev. Jeremiah Wright and governed according to the Black Value System
Current Job Governor of Alaska Junior Senator from Illinois
Previous Public
Mayor of Wasilla, AK (1996-2002); President of Alaska Conference
of Mayors;City Council member (1992-1996)
State Senator (1997-2004);Community Organizer
Governor for 2 years;Mayor for 10 years None
Foreign Relations
Governor of state that borders two
foreign countries (Canada and Russia)
Chaired Senate subcommittee on Europe but never called it into
session;once gave a speech to 200,000 screaming Germans
Military Affairs
Commander in Chief of Alaska National Guard;Son is enlisted Infantryman in U.S. Army None
Private Sector
Sports reporter;Salmon fisherman Associate at civil rights law firm
Speaking ability Beautifully executed initial stump speech
in Dayton, OH hockey arena without a teleprompter
An enter…wait–did you say without
a teleprompter
Spouse’s name Todd Mitchell Palin Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama
Spouse’s occupation Salmon fisherman;Former North Slope production supervisor for BP Oil Vice President for Community and External Affairs at University
of Chicago Hospitals;former Associate Dean of Student Services at the University of
Chicago;former Executive Director for the Chicago office of Public
Allies;former Assistant to the Mayor of Chicago;former associate at Sidley Austin law firm
Reaction to spouse’s political
Quit 17-year BP oil job when BP became
involved in natural gas pipeline negotiations with wife’s
Promoted and given 160% pay raise by UofC hospitals within
months of husband’s election to U.S. Senate;Employer received $1,000,000.00 federal earmark, requested by
husband, after her promotion
Coolest thing about
Tesoro Iron Dog Snowmobile race champion (longest snowmobile
race in the world);In 2008, while defending his championship, was injured when he
was thrown 70 feet from his machine. He was sent to the hospital
but still finished in fourth place
Sister of Oregon State University head
basketball coach Craig Robinson
Most Courageous Moment in Public
Resigned in protest from position of
Ethics Commissioner of Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
in order to expose legal violations and conflicts of interest of
Alaska Republican leaders, including the former state Attorney
General and the State GOP Chairman (who was also an Oil & Gas
Commissioner), who was doing work for the party on public time and
supplying a lobbyist with a sensitive e-mail.
Gave an anti-Iraq war speech to a crowd
of anti-Iraq war demonstrators in Hyde Park in 2002
In Current Office
Upset sitting Governor in GOP primary due
to public support for her efforts to clean up corrupt government
Republican opponent, who was leading in
the polls, was forced to leave race after unsealing of divorce
records exposed a sex scandal
Theme: Change and Clean Government Hope and Change;”Bringing Change from Outside Washington”
What they’ve done to live that
Replaced entire Board of Agriculture and Conservation because of
conflict of interest;Resigned from position of Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil
and Gas Conservation Commission in order to expose corruption among
members of own party
Selected 36-year incumbent Senator as
running mate
Family Affairs May have removed State Public Safety
Commissioner as part of effort to protect sister in messy divorce
and child custody battle
Often says, “I am my brother’s keeper”;Brother lives in a hut in Nairobi on $12 per year
Union affiliation Union member, married to Union
Endorsed by a union
Iraq and Troop
Formerly (pre-surge) critical of apparent lack of long-term
strategy for Iraq;Visited wounded U.S. soldiers in Germany;visited AK National Guard soldiers deployed to Kuwait;Son deploying to Iraq on 9/11/08 as Army infantryman
Gave an anti-Iraq war speech to a crowd of anti-Iraq war demonstrators;almost visited wounded troops in Germany, but decided to go
shopping in Berlin instead
Married to a non-Republican;Exposed corruption within own party;Campaigned for Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell against corrupt GOP
congressman Don Young;Called out Sen Ted Stevens (R-AK) to “come clean” about
financial dealings that are under fed investigation
Talks about bipartisanship
Legislative Record Passed a landmark ethics reform bill;Used veto to cut budgetary spending;Prevented “bridge to nowhere” that would have cost taxpayers
$400 million dollars.
Voted “present” over 100 times as IL
state senator
How they dealt with corrupt
individuals in home city/state
Exposed legal violations and conflicts of interest of Alaska
Republican leaders;Campaigned against corrupt GOP Representative;Ran against and defeated corrupt incumbent governor in GOP
Launched political career in home of unrepentant domestic
terrorist Bill Ayers (and still refers to him as a part of
“mainstream Democratic Chicago”;Purchased home with help of convicted felon Tony Rezko
Guns Lifetime member of NRA and avid hunter;video can be found on YouTube of Palin firing an M4 at a
military firing range
Worked to pass legislation in Illinois
that would prevent all law-abiding citizens from owning
Earmarks Opposed “Bridge to Nowhere” project;Said Alaska should avoid relying on federal money for
projects;Campaigned against porker Don Young (R-AK) in 2008 primary
Secured federal earmarks for wife’s
employer and for campaign bundlers
Abortion Pro life;gave birth to 5th child knowing that he would have Down’s
Pro-choice;only IL state sen. to speak against the Born Alive Infant’s
Protection Act, which required medical care to be given to live
infants who survived abortions
Energy Believes energy independence is a matter of national
security;For drilling in ANWR, which is in her state
Says Americans should “get tune-ups” and “check tire
pressure”;Says “we can’t expect the world to be okay with” our use of
heating and air conditioning
Environment Chair of Alaska Conservation Commission (2003-4);Announced plans to create sub-cabinet group of advisors to
address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in
Talks about the environment a lot
Athletic prowess Runs marathons Has reporters tailing him to the gym