Deep Thoughts by SharpRightTurn

Have you ever noticed that the types of people who want Christ removed from the Christmas season or those who argue that “the rich” should pay more taxes ….are the very same types, respectively, who take advantage of their pay without working on CHRISTmas and don’t freely offer up to pay more taxes themselves?

They like to think they are “inclusive” and “non-judgmental” but they wish to control the freedoms of Christians and “the rich”.


The meaning of Independence and Freedom from the mind of a young pioneer girl

The beloved Laura Ingalls Wilder gives a great perception of freedom and independence from earthly kings with her thoughts on Independence Day .

For Laura Ingalls Wilder, the combined reading of the Declaration of Independence and the singing of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” sparked new thoughts about freedom as she contemplated words which were old and familiar.

(From the book “Little Town on the Prairie” by Laura Ingalls Wilder):

The crowd was scattering away then, but Laura stood stock still.  Suddenly she had a completely new thought. The Declaration and the song came together in her mind, and she thought:  God is America’s king.  She thought:  Americans won’t obey any king on earth.  Americans are free. That means they have to obey their own consciences. No king bosses Pa; he has to boss himself.      Why (she thought), when I am a little older, Pa and Ma will stop telling me what to do, and there isn’t anyone else who has a right to give me orders.  I will have to make myself be good.  Her whole mind seemed to be lighted up by that thought.  This is what it means to be free.  It means, you have to be good. ‘Our father’s God, author of liberty–‘The laws of Nature and of Nature’s God endow you with a right to life and liberty.  Then you have to keep the laws of God, for God’s law is the only thing that gives you a right to be free.

From Jennifer Courtney at Classical Conversations:

This transition for Laura is a perfect illustration of a child moving from the grammar stage (memorizing and reciting the songs and the Declaration) to the logic stage.  Her solid foundation in American history gave her a firm basis for later thinking big thoughts about the idea of freedom.  She reasons out the source of freedom and rightly draws conclusions about the both the liberties and the restrictions of handling freedom properly.

This is why it is so important for our kids to memorize and recite many of the documents, quotes, and songs of our founding.  The knowledge and memory usually leads to that inquisitive state of mind where logic takes hold.  Unfortunately, we have a generation or more who have been taught that our country is just one of many and not so exceptional.  Nothing is further from the truth.

Take time to remember with your family and friends the meaning of the Declaration made 235 years ago and what it has meant for you, your country, and the world.  Think about the logic and intelligence of our founders.  And take time to understand who is King of our country and that no man is king on earth.

–‘The laws of Nature and of Nature’s God endow you with a right to life and liberty.”

Take a lesson from a young pioneer girl who understood what it means to be American.

(H/T: Batesline)

Thoughts on Gay Marriage

I’m sickened by the new law in NY for gay marriage.  Five other states and DC have gay marriage but with gay marriage in New York it feels as if we are firmly on the downhill slide of that slippery slope of redefining marriage for the few.

What I do know is that this has been coming for a very long time while Christians of all stripes have chosen not to fight.  I think the gays have won.  They are not right, they are legislating immoral behavior.  But it appears they have won….through deception and the power of the state.

Marriage is God-ordained and between a man and woman.  The state sanction of “gay marriage” is not about civil rights, but about creating new rights.  Eventually, I have no doubt, that it will mean the disintegration of religious rights….particularly of those individuals who perform the marriages…but really the rights of all Christians who understand that homosexuality is a sin.  Christians understand the struggle of homosexuals and are taught to be kind….but it is not biblical and it is un-Christian to embrace the behavior.  I fear that through the courts and the long-term view of the homosexual lobby (the view of crushing a moral society) we will see courts forcing Christians to accept this behavior and require pastors, business people of conscience, and more to teach, perform and embrace what they personally deem as an abomination.  Sad.

Ultimately, this passage in New York will lead to lawsuits that are focused on FORCING gay marriage in all states through the courts….mark my words.

And, I might add, this is not just about the religious aspects of marriage, but about the breaking down of Western civilization.  Marriage is a bedrock institution of the continuity and success of Western culture.

Yes, marriage has taken a beating in our culture lately, but the decline of morality in marital issues in this country should not lead to the complete obliteration of marriage…..which will happen with so-called gay marriage.

Further, a free society (one out from under the thumb of state) only sustains itself under a moral society.  It is my belief and the belief of others that the so-called gay marriage agenda is an intentional direct hit to our moral society in an effort to make the state bigger and freedom smaller….at least this is the goal of some in power.

Ace of Spades has a great review and thoughts on the subject.  I highly encourage you to read at the link.

“The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men.” (Ps. 12:8)

Obama and the Left’s absurdity on abortion, Gosnell, baby murder, and “family matters”

Last week, the ghastly murders of babies born alive was unveiled in the office of abortionist Kermit Gosnell.  Of course, unlike the evil nutcase in Tuscon, for whom right-wing thought and Sarah Palin were blamed by the left for his actions, the case with Gosnell in Philadelphia has been largely watered down if not outright censored by the media.  Or worse yet, you evil taxpayers are to blame for it!!!

Ace of Spades notes the liberal gymnastics rationale you must believe in order to defend their cause of abortion and claim that Gosnell’s atrocities are NOT about abortion, but blame everything else on Sarah Palin and the right:

 …A shooting isn’t a shooting, it’s about right-wing rhetoric, but a story about a gonzo abortion murderer aided and abetted by pro-abortion state officials turns out to not be a story about either abortion or murder or the high government officials the grand jury says aided and abetted the crimes, but about… access to quality health care for the poor.

Read the Grand Jury report here  if you can stomach reading the evil that was administered at the hands of Gosnell.   From Michelle Malkin, the briefest description of murder covered up by abortion-approving officials:

But the grand jury itself pointed out that loosened oversight of abortion clinics enacted under pro-choice former GOP governor Tom Ridge enabled Gosnell’s criminal enterprise – and led to the heartless execution of hundreds of babies. Mass murder got a pass in the name of expanding “access” and appeasing abortion lobbyists. As the report made clear: “With the change of administration from [pro-life Democrat] Governor Casey to Governor Ridge,” government health officials “concluded that inspections would be ‘putting a barrier up to women’ seeking abortions. Better to leave clinics to do as they pleased, even though, as Gosnell proved, that meant both women and babies would pay.”

Of course, the media doesn’t see fit to link the actual depravity of “live-birth” abortion and those who perform them with the left-wing– upon whose shoulders this atrocity was enabled.  If not for the numbing politically correct influences of the abortion industry and its crusaders, the atrocities of Gosnell may have been reported or never would have occurred.  

From the National Review editorial:

This procedure, sometimes called a “live-birth abortion,” is illegal. But not thanks to President Obama. As a state legislator in Illinois, he argued that the law should offer no protection to neonates if they had been delivered before viability. He said that protecting them would violate Roe v. Wade and undermine the right to abortion. What looked like infanticide to most people was for him, it must be inferred, a “private family matter.” When Gosnell applied his scissors to pre-viable children, he was, on Obama’s terms, merely exercising a cherished freedom.

And, really now, do you think Gosnell is alone in his evil deeds in this country while cowardly “officials” look the other way?  I highly doubt it.

Well, Obama had a lot to say on the anniversary of Roe V. Wade…the day that led to the late term live abortions of the kind that Gosnell frequently performed:

“I am committed to protecting this constitutional right,” Mr. Obama said in a statement.

I want to know where in the Constitution it states that the lives of the unborn may be sacrificed on the altar of a “woman’s choice” and political correctness?  Where is that found?

Obama sickeningly continues:

“I also remain committed to policies, initiatives, and programs that help prevent unintended pregnancies, support pregnant women and mothers, encourage healthy relationships, and promote adoption.”

Mr. Obama, the father of two young daughters, called on Americans to “recommit ourselves more broadly to ensuring that our daughters have the same rights, the same freedoms, and the same opportunities as our sons to fulfill their dreams.”

I guess those same daughters when in the womb or born alive and then murdered don’t count.


Mr. Obama said the 1973 Supreme Court ruling “affirms a fundamental principle: that government should not intrude on private family matters.”

And because Obama cares so much about the lives of our children and choices for women, here is what he had to say about the (sometimes) forced live-birth abortions performed by Gosnell and the tiny victims he murdered by a few snips to the spinal column after they were born ALIVE:


Yep, the Obaminable One has not at this time seen fit to speak out on behalf of the women abused and mutilated at the hands of Gosnell nor of the murder of live babies at the hands of the evil man.

The irony of the Obama’s inserting themselves into our healthcare and even our food choices, but not into the atrocities of baby murder, is lost on many who follow the left’s lack of moral compass on this issue.

One commenter at The National Review  portrayed it best:

Obviously Barack and Michelle do not consider choosing to give your child Cheetos on occasion to be a “private family matter”. What happens in your 12 year old child’s womb is private, even from the parents, but what’s included in her lunch? Not so much.

The absurdity of this belief system is abundantly clear and deeply revolting.

May God Bless those faced with unplanned pregnancies and may He speak to them about the value of the life of those little ones they carry. 

 And may God speak to the hearts of every American in an effort to end this holocaust we’ve forced upon the most innocent and tiny of Americans.

Thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the shooting in Tucson

With regard to the deplorable shooting on Saturday of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and the deaths of 5 others and injuries to many more…..

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families and victims.  What a difficult turn of events for them to be struggling and dealing with.  God Bless them all. 

And I wish a non-eventful and speedy recovery to Congresswoman Giffords and the others who are injured — whether physically or mentally or both.  God Bless.

Memorial Day Remembrance

World War II American Cemetery in Normandy, France.

I am remembering today those who have fallen so that we may have freedom.  We owe a debt we can never fully repay.  We must make sure that their lives were not lost in vain.  It is up to us keep Freedom’s Light burning.

God Bless those who gave it all and those who are willing everyday to make the ultimate sacrifice.

America loves you all.

Something to consider: A snapshot-in-time of YOUR country

As I’ve read and listened to the new just over the last several days, I just keep wondering what our country is and has been transforming to. 

As I’ve stated before, I no longer believe the fight in this country is between Republicans and Democrats or liberals vs. conservatives, per se. I believe our fight is clearly one on many fronts: good vs. evil, anti-Capitalists vs. Capitalists, immoral vs. moral, and haters-of-Americans vs. America lovers, and freedom suppressors vs. freedom lovers. This includes clear assaults on our markets, upon Christians, upon patriots, our military, and our system of laws. 

Much of the most recent news gives a great glimpse into the country we are becoming and have become. As you read these examples, think to yourself if this is the country you want now and one you wish to leave to your kids and grandkids. 

We’ve sat on the sidelines for far too long while we’ve allowed these assaults on our institutions to fester and grow. It is a sad state of affairs.  And the current administration and Congress has done virtually nothing to make it better and almost everything to make it worse. 

I give you, my fellow citizens, a snapshot of your country in the Spring, 2010: 

Patriotism no longer accepted:  Students sent home for wearing American flag to school on Cinco de Mayo 

Students from Live Oak School in California


A group of California students who dared to wear the American flag on Cinco de Mayo learned a hard lesson about the corruption of citizenship and sovereignty this week. 

They were sent home for their show of U.S. patriotism. 


No bounds to immorality and perversion:  It’s official: Cher’s gender-swap son Chaz Bono is legally a man   The disgusting details: 

Chaz Bono as man....formerly Chastity Bono


Bono started undergoing gender-reassignment surgery in March 2009 – soon after turning 40. 

In an interview last year, he said undergoing the surgery was ‘the best decision I’ve ever made’. 

He said: ‘I feel so much more comfortable than I’ve ever been. 

‘I’ve felt male as far back as I can remember. Life is short and life is precious. This is who I am. I need to finally be who I am.’ 

He explained that the entire  transition from female to male will take about four to five years. 

So far, his breasts have been removed and he has received hormone treatments to deepen his voice. And to his delight, he now has to shave his face. 

As one commenter in the news article stated clearly: 

What should be discussed as a psychiatric disorder is instead being celebrated, at least by this nutty girl and a few like-minded gawkers. 

And another: 

“Anyone can be confused and uncomfortable, have pieces removed and foreign pieces sewn on, and take hormones to change all sorts of things. It does not change what you were created to be. It only creates an illusion.” 

Intolerance of Christianity and free speech:  National Day of Prayer ruled unconstitutional  & Franklin Graham disinvited to speak at Prayer event because of his views on Islam

Evangelist Franklin Graham prayed on a sidewalk outside the Pentagon Thursday after his invitation to a prayer service inside was withdrawn because of comments that insulted Muslims. 

“It looks like Islam has gotten a pass,” he told reporters. “They are able to have their services, but just because I disagree … I’m excluded.” 

Franklin Graham


Kudos to Graham for defending his beliefs and Jesus Christ and hanging tough amidst his Biblically prophetic outright persecution.  Since when is it not OK to profess the Christian faith and belief? Maybe since Obama said, “We are no longer a Christian Nation“. More Graham: 

He (Graham) said he doesn’t believe “all religions are equal” and that there is only “one way to God” — and that is through Jesus. 

Asked if he still believes Islam is evil, he said: “I believe the way they treat women is evil, yes I do.” And, can he understand how some of his comments would be offensive to Muslims? “Oh, I’m sure,” he said. “But I find what they teach and what they preach and what’s on the Internet — I find that to be offensive, too.” 

Another moment in the press conference, he said people shouldn’t be offended because it’s simply a disagreement in what people believe. 

Last time I checked, Franklin Graham runs an organization for helping the poor, downtrodden, and abused.  They are active in Haiti, Chile, Nashville and more currently helping with disasters.   He comes from perhaps the most ethical of families but is persecuted for calling evil what it is.  Islam is not a religion of love and helping fellow man, but is an authoritative one of suppression, threats, and violence and one that condemns those who disagree with its tenets.  

Franklin Graham prays for Muslims with whom he disagrees.  But in Islam, Graham is an infidel and worthy of death.  Can the contrast be any more stark? 

More snapshots  of your country in the news including High Unemployment, Immorality, boycotts for border laws, Presidential power grabs, entitlements run amok and sports star and Hollywood depravity: 

Of course, not all is lost in America.  I hold out great hope that the uprising of American patriots will turn back the tide of this assault on America. 

But reality is reality and these headlines are but a snapshot in time of our country right now.  Would the founders even recognize us anymore?  Just ponder the thought and think/pray about what it is that you might be able to offer to our country to change it back to what it was meant to be.