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UPDATE: Quote of the day from Michelle Malkin on Obama’s Culture of Corruption

From Michelle Malkin’s piece today comes the quote of the day:

Obama sold America a Chicago-tainted bill of goods. A nation of slow learners is finally figuring it out.

Source: Rasmussen Reports

At least I hope they are figuring it out.  Obama’s approval numbers have continued to sink since taking office and incompetence is breathtakingly obvious on his handling (or lack thereof) on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

(UPDATE On Obama’s incompetence:  The Obama administration has called in James Cameron of Hollywood (and “Titanic” fame) to “brainstorm” ideas—LOL.   Our friends at Fuzislippers asks, “Is SpongeBob next?“)

Of course, to the point of Michelle Malkin’s piece today, Obama’s corruption is beginning to be more obvious to the casual “slower learner”.  The illegal job offers made by the Obama administration and the tangled web of Blagojevich/Obama/Rahm Emanuel/Chicago politics is about to become a most obvious fact even to a casual observer.

Malkin writes:

There’s always been an ageless, interdependent relationship between Windy City politicos and “goo-goos” (the cynical Chicago term for good government reformers). Chicago-style “reform” has always entailed the redistribution of wealth and power under the guise of public service. And it has inevitably led to more corruption.

In March 2010, this column first took note of allegations by Democrats Joe Sestak and Andrew Romanoff that the White House had offered them jobs in exchange for dropping their respective bids against Obama-favored incumbent Sens. Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania and Michael Bennet in Colorado. White House legal counsel Bob “The Fixer” Bauer’s attempt to bury questions about the Sestak affair with a Memorial Day weekend document dump failed. So has the attempt to make Rahm Emanuel-enlisted former president Bill Clinton the sole scapegoat.

Bauer’s memo mentions “efforts” (plural, not singular) to woo Sestak. But the White House refuses to divulge what offers besides Clinton’s were extended to Sestak. Moreover, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs has now denied that Team Obama was involved in the one Clinton offer that has been publicized — an unpaid appointment on an intelligence board for which Sestak was ineligible.

After months of silence, Romanoff finally stepped forward this week to acknowledge that the White House had dangled several positions before him, too. He released e-mails detailing not one, not two, but three different paid positions offered by White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina — whose boss, Emanuel, was subpoenaed this week by impeached former Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich of Illinois to testify in his Senate pay-for-play corruption trial.

So, can I say “I told you so” now?

Read her whole piece for a good view of what Malkin has been covering for quite some time….Obama’s corruption.