Fleebaggers now leave Indiana

Empty seats reside where the Democrats normally sit as Republicans filled their seats inside the House chambers at the Indiana Statehouse on Tuesday. / MATT DETRICH / The Star

First it was Wisconsin….Now the Democrat fleebaggers have left Indiana.

Seats on one side of the Indiana House were nearly empty today as House Democrats departed the the state rather than vote on anti-union legislation.

A source tells the Indianapolis Star that Democrats are headed to Illinois, though it was possible some also might go to Kentucky. They need to go to a state with a Democratic governor to avoid being taken into police custody and returned to Indiana.

The House was came into session twice this morning, with only three of the 40 Democrats present. Those were needed to make a motion, and a seconding motion, for any procedural steps Democrats would want to take to ensure Republicans don’t do anything official without quorum.

 With only 58 legislators present, there was no quorum present to do business. The House needs 67 of its members to be present.

 House Speaker Brian Bosma said he did not know yet whether he would ask the Indiana State Police to compel the lawmakers to attend, if they can be found.

Speaker Bosma…. I say we take them and those who fled Wisconsin to a tiny island and leave them there ….so the adults can continue the Democratic process.

Geez…Democrats shove all kinds of crap sandwiches down our throats against our will, but when the going gets tough for the Dems and their union campaign cash flow…they flee.  Grow up.


Thoughts on Wisconsin, collective bargaining, and “rights”

Source: TownHall.com

Ever since Governor Walker has made his stand in addressing the public worker benefits in Wisconsin, the Left has been apoplectic resulting in spin, lies, and an inability to see the writing on the wall.

I’ve had some online debates with those who view the happenings in Wisconsin as bad and somehow as a “power grab”.  What?

I’ve also heard the argument that collective bargaining is “right” and that the representation of union management to its members is akin to our representative Republic.  Again, what?

Anyway, I’ve spent much time putting thoughts down in those debates, so I decided to copy them over here on my blog.  I welcome debate on the thoughts and, hopefully, you can use the same thoughts in your debates with those who support the existence of public sector unions and their, often, exorbitant demands on the taxpayer, not to mention their corruption and huge money flow to Democratic coffers.

 Here goes:

I have not figured out yet why if this is just about “representing the rights of the workers” and not about union power….well then make the dues voluntary and let “the workers” be represented if they feel the need. As Gov. Walker has proposed, let the unions collect dues (not the govt) on a voluntary (not forced) basis. Aren’t unions supposed to be in line with the needs and wants of those they represent?

We all know the answer to that….this is not about the so-called “rights” of workers, but about money, power, and the Democrat party coffers.

The detractors of Governor Walker try to compare union dues to union management with taxes to the government.  Forcing union members to pay dues is a far cry from taxpayers paying taxes. We have something called a representative government. Unions are not the government, no matter how much control they currently have over politicians and how much more they’d like to have. Where is that representative framework between a union and its members?
In unions there is one “Party”–the union bosses— and you must give to it. They decide where the cash goes….oh…and they pay themselves exorbitantly. If I am a teacher’s union member, I can’t get out and I can’t stop that union boss from donating to Democrats nor stop the boss from paying himself upwards of $500K to $750K in annual compensation. No recourse.
I should have the choice to be a part of that…or not..and if you are a teacher in Wisconsin….YOU DO NOT have a choice.
I am happy to say it is not the same in our Constitutional Representative Republic.

Besides, there is a large percentage of teachers who would not choose to be in a union if they were not forced to join. In Wisconsin, teachers pay in the range of $700 to $1100 per year to unions–by force. Wouldn’t that money go a long way towards the Gov’s meager request to fund their healthcare at a fraction of its cost and part of their pension?

In addition…. many union members do not support having their hard-earned dollars shoved into Democratic campaigns each election season. That is exactly what is happening. For instance: Between 1990 and 2004, 94 percent of donations made by National Education Association political action committees and individual officers went to Democrats, according to OpenSecrets.org. According to the NEA’s own “Status of the American Public School Teacher 2000-2001,” only 45 percent of public school teachers are Democrats. 

And even more informative, the #1 source of “donor cash” in the state of Wisconsin in 2007-2008 was the NEA…3rd was the NFT.

Talk about big money…In the top 11 of campaign donors NATIONALLY in 2007/08 were 3 unions with the NEA at the top of the list. Out of those 11, NOT ONE, is a large corporation.
Who is using the most money to influence Washington and the states? (hint: it’s not the evil capitalists)
Worse, much of that cash that a Republican teacher is forced to pay goes to a Democratic politician 99% of the time!

Opponents of Governor Walker and proponents of public sector collective bargaining maintain it as “right”.  They don’t see the connection between the budget and the collective bargaining arrangements.  As far as the budget, getting public sector benefits in line with private ones is a very smart way to fill the budget hole. As far as collective bargaining….Walker is only halting the bargaining on benefits. Salaries may still be bargained but must be in line with the Consumer Price Index. The benefits side is where the rising costs are…limiting that rise is prudent and in the best interest of ALL taxpayers, especially when those benefits already far surpass the private sector.

There is no “right” to collective bargaining. And in the public sector, one could argue it is not even smart.
Even FDR realized that. Today’s unions give outrageously to politicians to get them elected. Then, in “bargaining”, those same politicians that are beholden to the unions for getting them elected are supposed to represent the taxpayers on the other side of the table.
This is exactly how the public sector benefits have risen above the private sector in Wisconsin ( and many other places)….the public sector unions have a pseudo-monopoly on the bargaining process.

As far as comparing the “right” to collective bargaining with Constitutional rights (which some have done)….There is a difference between a Constitutional right and a so-called union “contract”. Our Constitution mentions nothing of a “right” to collective bargaining as it does for free speech, free assembly and our other Constitutional rights.
And in our Constitutional rights, the government specifically can not intervene with those rights and, in most instances, if not all, no other parties have diminished rights by others exerting these rights.

This is simply not the case with Collective Bargaining and the unions as a whole. In most union arrangements, an employer is FORCED to deal with the union and is overseen by a government agency (ie government intervention). In the case of bargaining, the employer MUST listen to the demands of the union even if the demands are not good for the health of the business or state. In addition, if the union is arguing terms for employees, but the business/state could easily hire another person who IS happy with the terms, the unions and the government oversight prevent it. And should I even mention, that in most cases, the employers are powerless to keep the unions away. If the union agitates (and that is what it is…I’ve seen it) a specific set of employees long enough, they can vote the union in and the company is powerless to stop it.

Again the right of the business to conduct as it sees fit within the law and market pressures, is stymied by the “rights” of the unions.

So when did we decide that the “rights” of the union and its members trumps the rights of business and taxpayers?

The so-called “rights” touted to collective bargaining amount to suppression of rights of the business, and in the case of Wisconsin, the taxpayers. Our Constitutional rights do not suppress the Constitutional rights of others.

In addition, it has been argued that if a union member (specifically a teacher, in the case of Wisconsin) can’t make change within thee union they are FORCED to join, well then, they can just move elsewhere.  Gosh, isn’t that called “choice”?  Well, if that is the case, and choice is good, then why can’t we do away with public sector unions, allow teachers to work where they wish and move elsewhere if a particular locality/school doesn’t meet their career needs. It’s called free market and it cuts out the middle man – unions.

I am not saying that members don’t have a say in the unions. They do have a say at some level. What I am saying is that forced unionization is the antithesis to real choice and freedom. So is the push for card check and the elimination of the secret ballot. It is beyond me how that is in the best interest of the employee. I am also saying that the union management is corrupt and, in many cases, spend far fewer of the member dollars on the needs of members and far more on the political donations, management salaries, and other questionable practices (ie 5-star resorts). As much as 70% of union dues go to political donations, exorbitant management salaries and the like with the remainder being spent on the needs of union members.

Is that what you call representative and a portrait of what a stellar union should be? 

Others have argued that Governor Walker is executing a “power grab.”  When the residents of Washington voted in this governor and state body, they gave them the power to govern as they said when they campaigned. That is exactly what they are doing and it is not a power grab.
If anything the power grab is represented in the Democrats leaving their jobs because they don’t want to vote on something where they will lose. The Democrats are trying to rule by minority and outside the bounds of democracy.Too bad, so sad….that is how it is when officials are elected and the majority party has the votes.

Union supporters and activists will many times, when placed in a corner during debate, will tout how corporations can’t be trusted and that they throw big money into the political arena, too.  Granted, there are some bad apples in the corporate/business world.  But through free markets and consumer choice, those bad apples eventually lose in the market.  Even if a corporation has broken the law to get ahead, they are usually tried and punished by law.  But union supporters only see bad in corporations, of which the vast majority are respectable, but have blinders that block the corruption and greed present in the very union structure. 

Most unions today do not operate in the best interest of their members, but in the best interest of power and money.  
Wisconsin is a great example…..if this bill is defeated in Wisconsin, the Governor faces laying off thousands of workers. The union leaders and their bussed-in astroturf forces would rather have the power that comes with collective bargaining and forced union membership than to save the jobs of thousands of employees who would still have jobs and have benefits closer to public sector numbers.
How is that in the best interest of the employees those unions represent?

Ronald Reagan: “A Time For Choosing”

Change the numbers to trillions and the names of those mentioned and Reagan’s speech in the Fall of 1964 could be given today.  His remarks about liberalism are as true today as they were then.

Unfortunately, I believe America is at a crossroads…”a time for choosing”.

It is time to choose whether we wish for a bleak future for ourselves and families through crushing debt and massive spending or whether we want a massively reduced government that lives within its means.

It is time to choose whether we will respect our traditional allies or continue to undermine them while enabling and propping up totalitarian regimes across the globe.

It is time to choose whether we will continue to allow the scourge of “multiculturalism” to eliminate our borders and to allow mini-cultures and laws outside of our own system or will be seal our borders, abide by the framework of our Constitutional law, and call out radical Islam and illegal immigration for what it is.

It is time to choose whether we embrace the notions of individual freedom and liberty, as our Founders did, or will we continue to allow the decay of liberty in exchange for a collectivist society that is led by elites who never reap the “rewards” of such a welfare state.

It is time to choose whether we will continue to embrace those who ignore the Constitution in favor of their own set of standards or will we continue to respect the wisdom and intent of our Founders.

Reagan says it all so much better than I can…. (UPDATE:  Sarah Palin says it well, too!!)

It is a long speech, but so well worth listening to and understanding that the principles that Reagan espoused are the same ones we should be talking about today.

Happy 100th Birthday, Ronald Reagan.  America needs another like you!

Constitution Alienation Syndrome (CAS)

Recently I was reviewing some information on a phenomenon called Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS).  I am close to someone who has been the parent-victim of PAS so I was interested in reviewing it again for a refresher.

As I was reading the information anew, it occurred to me that just as some parents alienate their children from the other parent for no valid reasons in divorce situations; we have an analogous situation in this country where a “ruling-class” is working overtime to alienate the American people from their country’s founding principles and the Constitution.

Therefore, I have created a new phenomenon dubbed Constitution Alienation Syndrome or CAS.

I wish to compare CAS to PAS since the two comprise a striking analogy in many ways.  After all, the father is a solid foundation in a child’s life, just as the Constitution is the foundation of our country.

To begin the comparison and to outline what I dub as CAS, perhaps it is first beneficial to describe Parental Alienation Syndrome or PAS.

From Women’s Divorce.com, PAS is summarized as:

Parental alienation syndrome (or PAS for short) occurs when one parent isolates and turns their child against the other parent.  Through verbal and mental manipulation, the child is molded into believing that the other parent is the cause of all their problems, and that the parent never really loved them.

Unfortunately, the child begins to believe what is being said about the other parent and starts to pull away, often to the bewilderment of the alienated parent.

If we take the analogy of PAS and apply it to today’s ruling-class elites , the American People and the Constitution, a summary of CAS would look something like this.

Constitution Alienation Syndrome (CAS) occurs when the ruling-class elitists, usually, but not always, of the Democratic Party persuasion, work to isolate, or separate, the American people from the founding principles and Constitution of this great country, all in an effort to change the Constitutional Republic into something unrecognizable by our principled Founding Fathers.

Through political and media-based manipulation, some Americans are molded into believing that corporations, static morality and tradition, and rigid Constitutional principles are the causes of all of their problems, and that their country has never established anything of value for them.  They are lied to, brainwashed, showered with governmental dependency, and even become part of the effort to “change” America.

Unfortunately, some Americans begin to believe the lies about their country.  They start to pull away from America’s principles and traditions with increased ignorance as to the basis for their freedoms, the uniqueness and decency of our country, and the exceptionalism that has been produced over the last 200-plus years.   This occurs at the expense of our freedoms, as a danger to our Constitutional Republic, and often to the bewilderment of other America-loving citizens.

Broadly in CAS, the ruling-class elitists, Socialists, and corrupt politicians are the equivalent of the parent in PAS who actively and deceptively alienates the child from the other parent.    The PAS parent creates a situation where the child becomes harmfully dependent upon the alienating parent and even creates a scenario where the child becomes an alienator himself.

In CAS, the American people are being taught to despise this country and become dangerously dependent upon the ruling class for their needs.   The principles of CAS are analogous to the brain-washed child that is taught to hate his other parent while completely depending upon the other.

The Constitution, American traditions, free markets and the American Way of Life is being dragged through the proverbial mud, very much like the alienated parent.  In other words, the upstanding, decent entity is abused and eventually hated through a series of lies, brainwashing and outright selfish behavior.

For this purpose it is important to emphasize that, just as there is no abuse or alienation actually occurring with the alienated parent victim in PAS, in CAS the Constitution, nor American values, can be accurately designated as the cause of problems for many Americans.  While the innocent alienated parent and the Constitution are not perfect, they are both upstanding and PROVEN models for the family and the country, respectively.

Put another way….the alienated parent in PAS and the Constitution/American values in CAS are being unjustifiably attacked for the selfish purposes of those in control.

But why do they do it?  What drives their behavior?  Similar to asking why a mother would choose to alienate a child from his father (for example*), what actually drives the behavior of the leaders, political groups, and general “ruling-class” as they work to separate American Citizens from their Constitution and values?

The answer may partially lie in what one PAS website cites as the basis for why the alienating mother wishes to separate her son from his father.  As you read these traits, see if you think that this diagnosis  might also describe the traits of our current ruling-class elites – those currently in power, especially.

The parent may be diagnosed as narcissistic (self-centered), where they presume that they have a special entitlement to whatever they want. They think that there are rules in life, but only for other people, not for them.

Also, they may be called a sociopath, which means a person who has no moral conscience. These are people who are unable to have empathy or compassion for others. They are unable to see a situation from another person’s point of view, especially their child’s point of view. They don’t distinguish between telling the truth and lying in the way that others do.

So we have a case where the alienators believe there are rules in life, but they don’t have to follow them.

Sound familiar?

Alienators have no moral conscience, empathy, or true compassion for others.  It’s all theater.   They don’t see nor care about another’s views….but they will PRETEND that they do.

They have trouble telling the truth, and more importantly distinguishing lies from the truth.

In PAS, the mindset described is dangerous for the healthy development of the child and his relationships, including his mental growth.  In addition, the probability of these traits passing through generations is high, according to experts.

Parental alienation is a perpetual beast.

But more important to this post, it is quite arguable that these exact same traits of narcissism and socio-pathological behavior are rampant in the current leadership of our country.  It is a dangerous mindset, particularly when those who possess it have full political power.      The borderline sociopaths running/ruling this country are extremely detrimental to the ongoing relationship that Americans have with their government and their Constitution.  And, unfortunately, just as in PAS, this CAS mindset has been passed down for generations — through our schools, state and local governments, media, TV, laws, and more.

And, unless this alienation is neutered, that generational effect of a dumbed-down citizenry, anti-American values, Socialism, and a shredded Constitution will continue in a death spiral for our country.

Constitutional Alienation is a perpetual beast if regularly fed.  Why do we keep feeding the beast?

In PAS, years of alienation result in the boy’s behavior toward the alienated father as one of denigration, anger, hate, and arrogant sureness.  It can include exaggerated stories that are untrue and spreading of animosity toward the father’s family.  All of this occurs while the child feels guiltless and possesses an unhealthy need to protect the alienating parent.  In most cases after years of alienation abuse, the now older child, will have nothing to do with the alienated parent.

Similarly, in CAS, many years of separating the Constitution, the founding principles, and American values from the American people has resulted in some astounding and disturbing trends in our country:

You get the picture.  Our Constitution-trashing ruling class has worked for decades to force a leftist agenda on this country.  It is inarguable that our Founding Fathers were at the opposite belief and political spectrum as our current leaders.  A shift from the rule of law, from the principles of our Constitution and traditional values/morality is alienating our country day-by-day from its intended destiny.

Our current leadership behaves just as that alienating parent—-isolation through misinformation, alienation through division, and putting to use deceptive tactics toward a selfish end.

The result of this alienation onslaught, however is where I see a difference, between PAS and CAS.

In PAS, if it continues, professionals believe that, in most instances, the son alienated from his father may never reconcile.  The hope of reconciliation is always there and at least a small chance still exists of that occurring.  However, apart from the alienator removing the mask or the occurrence of some sort of intervention, the alienation will likely be permanent.

In CAS, if alienation continues, the country will slowly be changed forever away from its Constitution.  We have witnessed a steady assault on our freedoms, rule of law, and Constitution for the better part of the last century.

However, in the last two years with our current leaders, the “compassion and caring” mask of our alienators has come off…and the true anti-American agenda has been revealed for all Americans to see.

Unlike the alienating mother in PAS who has held all of the cards for years but has never had to show her true hand, in CAS, the “alienating” leaders of our country have more than shown their true hand over the last two years.

We have had the distinct opportunity to witness a major overreach in our leaders’ efforts to separate this country and its people from their Constitution and their values.

A funny thing happened on the way to 2010, the sleeping giant has been awakened by this leftist onslaught and, God-willing, the “alienators” are about to be introduced to JAS – Job Alienation Syndrome.

The election next week is our chance to put these America-loathing Congressional members out of a job.  Hopefully, in 2012, we remove the America-Loather-In-Chief from office.  But first things first.

We can no longer allow for the American people to be secretly (and sometimes openly) further separated from their country’s founding and its Constitution.

The task is overwhelming, no doubt – solving the debt problem, grossly cutting spending, grappling with growing terrorism threat, producing a business-friendly regulatory environment, gutting Obama’s socialist policies, repealing Obamacare, getting the federal government out of Education, rebuilding our defenses, rebuilding the Obama-tarnished relationships with our allies, closing the borders, enforcing our immigration laws, overhauling our voting system to reduce the rampant fraud and more.

Boot out the alienators…..its time they received their just rewards.

November 2 is just a start, but it is the day that we begin to make Constitution Alienation Syndrome a thing of the past.

* For purposes of this post and for less clinical descriptions, I will often refer to the alienating parent as the mother and the alienated parent-victim as father.  Sometimes the child is also referred to as son.

Arrogance wins, America loses 219-212 – Thoughts on the bill

Well, our nightmare continues tonight in a big way.  Obama’s “change” has come in the form of takeover of 1/6th more of our economy, increased deficits, rationed healthcare, exponentially more bureaucracy, mandates, exorbitant taxes, and taxpayer-funded abortion, to name a few.

Obamacare, or better referred to as “the destruction of the American healthcare system”, passed the House 219-212 today.  Stupak and the faux pro-lifers in the House caved and voted for the bill which includes taxpayer-funded abortion.  THERE are NO PRO-LIFE CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS and they all lie.

The vote was over two hours ago and I still have a pain deep in the pit of my stomach and my adrenalin is racing….Can’t go to bed.  Why can’t I shake this feeling that something monumental has happened?   Because it has.  

Some claim this is just about getting healthcare for everyone…many Americans believe that….but this bill fundamentally changes the way Americans interact and, yes, are controlled by their government:  government access to medical records, government dictates for testing and care you receive, government insurance payment mandates just because you are alive, government is inserted between you and your doctor and insurance provider.  

In addition, this bill will press insurance companies to lower premiums and inject sky-rocketing costs due to elimination of pre-existing conditions.    This drastic pressure on revenue coupled with great new costs, placed on top of a measly 3-4% profit, will force insurance companies into bankruptcy or government takeover.   The bill is designed for that – Obama wants the government to BE the provider of “insurance”. 

Worse yet, it seems, behind all of this unconstitutional and socialist change,  much of America is still worried about American Idol, manicures, golfing, tattoos, and their next trip to the casino…  It’s not that we can’t continue to live our lives, but we all need to be aware of what is happening to our country.  Read Kitty Werthmann’s story for a great example of what happens when tyrannical change creeps upon a country!

Anyway, to the point of my post….a few notable quotes I’ve found after the healthcare vote tonight:

From RiehlWorldView:

Most importantly, the Democrats are exposed. Obama flushed them out of their hole to save himself. That’s not a hero, it’s a selfish traitor to his party. On top of that, we now have what matters most on the heels of this fiasco – something to fight for. And fight we will.

And we will win in the end. Too many solid citizens were already up in arms, taking to the streets before this. Those numbers will not shrink. They will grow exponentially. As the saying goes, this is not the beginning of the end. It is the end of the beginning.

Let them have their self-congratulatory night and day or two. They’ve been drunk on power and ideology throughout this debate. Kicking the snot out of them when their hangover sets in – and it will –  may be the political highlight of many of our lives.

I am on board for ‘Kicking the snot out ’em” — metaphorically speaking, of course.  Let’s roll.

From Barack Obama himself, the anointed one,via Michelle Malkin:

It’s “another stone laid in the foundation of the American dream.”

And as I wrote in the comments at Malkin’s blog

This coming from the guy who didn’t set foot in the contiguous states until the age of 18, went to school on affirmative action while admitting he befriended Marxists and anti-Americans in college, worked at “community organizing”, and lied his way into the Presidency. 

 He wouldn’t know or understand the American dream if it bit him in #$S.”

AND Paul Ryan handed it to them tonight on the House floor, by simply espousing truth:

America is not just a nationality. It’s not just a massive land from Hawaii to Maine from Wisconsin to Florida. America is an idea. It’s the most pro-human idea ever designed by mankind. Our Founders got it right when they wrote in the Declaration of Independence that our rights come from nature and nature’s God, not from government.

Should we now subscribe to an ideology where government creates rights and is solely responsible for delivering these artificial rights and then rations these rights? Do we believe that the goal of government is to promote equal opportunity for all Americans to make the most of their lives or do we now believe that government’s role is to equalize the results of people’s lives?

The philosophy advanced on this floor by this majority today is so paternalistic and so arrogant, it’s condescending and it tramples upon the principles that have made America so exceptional.

My friends, we are fast approaching a tipping point where more Americans depend upon the Federal Government than upon themselves for their livelihood, a point where we, the American People, trade in our commitment and our concern for our individual liberties in exchange for government benefits and dependencies.

Fight on my fellow lovers of free America.  This isn’t over!

If Obamacare passes, our American experiment may be at Code Blue

The dance of Socialism

That headline sounds dreary, and it should.  If Obamacare passes, it is the climax of the coup that the left has been perpetuating on America for the last 50 years.

Our Democratic government leaders and President know this is the culmination of years of “changing” America from a free republic to a dependent Socialist state.  That is exactly why they are lying, bribing, and shredding the Constitution to pass Obamacare. 

The true power-hungry, leftist colors of our President and Democratic leaders is now exposed for all to see….if we all just pay attention.

Some thoughts from Protein Wisdom:

And if it passes — and then somehow withstands the legal challenges — it’s game over for this American experiment.

And that’s not hyperbole. What we’ve been witnessing is a kind of ideological coup — decades in the making — that will culminate in a takeover of a vast portion of the US economy. This takeover will lead to a proliferation of government unionized labor, which in turn will lead to a perpetual progressive majority wherein Democrats will be able to redistribute wealth in exchange for votes, essentially trading money for power in the form of legalized theft and bribery.

When the Congress passes and the President signs a bill that takes over 1/6th of our economy against the wishes of the “governed”, we are on the downhill slide through revoking of freedoms, to fascism and further down to socialism.

The piece at Protein Wisdom continues:

That’s why a short-term defeat in mid-term elections doesn’t much bother the leftwing ideologues driving this “reform” debacle (to the point where we are all of us now daily counting votes for what we all know to be a cowardly and unconstitutional procedural gambit); because in the long term, the left has set itself up for a checkmate: as the economy moves more and more toward government-run jobs, competition will die out, and the left will have a stranglehold on the means of production. They will control you — in exchange for the promises of cradle-to-grave “protections.”

For those who have read Edward Bellamy’s socialist “utopia” Looking Backward (and its sequel, Equality), the maneuvering is familiar: ultimately, “the nation is the sole employer and capitalist,” having taken over industry on the way to becoming the economy. Or in other words, liberal fascism on the way to socialism.

For the last 8-years or so, I’ve been writing here about how the takeover of language has provided the epistemological cover for the strategies of the left; and now that they are so close to winning the culture wars — the end game being a fatal blow to the horrid notion that all men are created equal and so deserve equality of opportunity, and the freedom to make their own way in the world — they are no longer much concerned with keeping up appearances: this is, we all now know, a bald attempt to overthrow the US government as it was initially envisioned in favor of a soft socialist state, run by an “elite” political class, using nothing more, ultimately, than the weapons a perversion of language and meaning provide. By infiltrating and re-forming our institutions — itself made possible by institutionalizing certain ideas about language that (by way of epistemology) led inevitably to the reinforcement of progressive ideals — the left has been able to invert core classical liberals ideas, to the point where “tolerance” is now synonymous with “giving no offense;” individual identity is only “authentic” once approved by an identity group and its official narrative; and “freedom” is only possible by way of government provision, with Natural Rights shucked off as a quaint byproduct of Enlightenment thinking — the kind of thinking that has been replaced by the postmodern lie that, because we are created and prescribed by language, and because language is man made, truth itself is an invention of mankind, and so has no permanence other than mere consensus.

I hope our grandchildren enjoy potatoes, and don’t mind standing in line for toilet paper.

Because let’s face it: this has been done before. And unless we stand up and so no right now, it’s going to be tried again.

For those of you who are paying attention and approve of this bill even with its clear trampling of our freedom, free markets, and economy, we have to assume you that you are a proponent of the nanny state and against the principles of our founding.   I have a few words for you.

I no longer believe that there is room for compromise with the left in power in America.  There is no room for benefit of the doubt for Obama.    It is clear that the Democratic leaders in Congress and President Obama are proponents of a new America that lives in a Socialist state with few individual freedoms.  They strive for power over the people as their “protectors”.  Equal opportunity is to be banished so that “social justice” and the elite choosing “haves and have nots” is the rule of the day.

There is no longer a left vs right in America, at least as far as Washington’s leaders and their special interests (Unions, ACORN, etc.) are concerned.  We have now clearly moved to a fight of  anti-American change agents versus pro-American patriots.   

You simply can not stand for American values and freedom and approve of this Obamacare bill or its process….it is impossible.

These are serious, serious times.   My patience for those Americans approving of this bill is zero.  I’m in the fight to win.  My side is fighting for American freedom and values.  My ideological enemy wishes for “hope” and a “change” in America that is anathema to our founding and values.

For those of you who don’t pay much attention or you just don’t understand this bill or care about it, but “it seems OK”, I beg of you to read about the details of the bill: the revocation of our freedoms, the tax increases, that it won’t reduce deficits, and that the process of “passing” this bill has included bribery, favors, and potentially anti-Constitutional “rules”.  Is this the kind of government you want?  Do you want to be a servant  or slave to your government? 

For those of you who are against this bill and standing up for freedom and our founding, please try to keep up the faith.  All is not lost yet!   We can stand up to this attack on our country from within….and it STARTS NOW.    

We can no longer “tolerate” anything that doesn’t represent freedom, tradition, and American values….NOTHING.   Keep up the fight.  Speak out.  Teach others about our Constitution.  Inform your friends and family of the seriousness of our time.    DO NOT be ashamed of your conservative and pro-American views.

Our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren are worth it.

FYI — Real courage, not Faux-bama courage, for the fight comes from above:

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Galatians 6:9

“Deeming” of bills, the unprecedented “Slaughter Rule”, and a potential Constitutional Crisis

The “Slaughter Solution” being seriously considered by Nancy Pelosi for “deeming” the Obamacare Senate bill passed by the House is unprecedented and unconstitutional.

From RedState.com:

The fact of the matter is that there is no precedent for the House to pass a bill without a direct vote by using a budget reconciliation measure as a trigger and a means to pass ObamaCare.  Nancy Pelosi’s potentially unconstitutional strategy to pass unconstitutional ObamaCare is without precedent nor justification.

In a nutshell, Mike Pence gives us the reality of Obamacare government takeover of our healthcare and the just-as-hideous “slaughter” process:

Pence talks of the constitutionality, or lack thereof, of this move by Pelosi.  Similarly, at  Secondhand Smoke blog, Wesley J. Smith talks about the actual Constitutional Crisis:

…..But you can’t pass an internal procedural rule that effectively revokes the Constitutional requirement of what must actually happen for a bill to pass into law!  In order to become law, the Constitution requires a bill to pass both houses in identical form, and then either be signed into law by the president, or made law over a presidential veto. 

If this law is “deemed” passed via the Slaughter Solution instead of being actually voted and passed, and then signed by Obama, what might happen?

If President Obama signs an Obamacare bill that was not actually voted on in the House of Representatives, it will unleash a bitter constitutional crisis of the kind I haven’t seen in my 60 year-+ lifetime. There will be years of intense litigation.  Tremendous uncertainty as to whether it is actually law will roil the economy and divide the country.  People will refuse to pay the taxes required in the “statute” on the basis that there is no law.  Regulators will be sued.  Vitriol of the kind not seen since the session crisis of 1861 will take over our politics, sowing even deeper societal divisions than already exist.  At the end of the day, I believe, Obamacare will be declared null and void because it never actually have passed both houses of Congress.

But if that’s the best case, what’s the worst case?:

The worst case scenario is that the maneuver is somehow approved by the Supreme Court. Then, we will have lost our constitutional republic, because Congress will no longer have to pass bills.  Just pass internal rules.  And liberals who support Obamacare fervently enough to believe this expedient is justified, should understand clearly that sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

EXACTLY — what is to stop Obama/Pelosi/Reid from “deeming” the next election null and void, or “deeming” cap and tax as law of the land?  I could cite almost any example. 

 Our Founders intended that our Republic have a representative government.  When ONE political party can “deem” takeover of 1/6 of our economy in something so personal as healthcare, we are no longer the America of our founders, but the America sought out by statists, Marxists, and tyrannical dictators.

That is exactly what a Constitutional crisis looks like.

Of course, the Democratic talking points that came out yesterday tried to convince us that “deeming” or the “Slaughter Solution” has been used before?   Well, it has, BUT never has it been used to CHANGE THE OUTCOME OF A BILL’S PASSAGE and has been used traditionally used for amendments to a bill and resolutions (not a binding bill).  From DougRossat Journal:

Hoyer attempted to deflect criticism by citing cases where Republicans used a “self-executing” rule.

Oh, the Republicans used it, right? Well, Stenky, could we please have the list of bills and laws passed using this method? There aren’t any. It’s been used to add and remove amendments, not pass entire bills without a vote. And certainly not for a giant, new and unaffordable entitlement program. And certainly not one that has zero bipartisan support.

Of course, other than just ignoring her oath to preserve the Constitution, Nancy Pelosi’s (and Louise Slaughter’s) hypocrisy is on full display in this endeavor.  Nancy Pelosi and others declared and sued long ago that the “deeming” rule (AKA Slaughter Rule) is unconstitutional

….Dial the date selector back to 2005 when the Republican majority in Congress approved a national debt limit increase. But there was a minor difference between the two chambers’ versions resulting from a clerical error.

Of course, there is one major difference between 2005 and 2010. Debt limit increases are routine in Congress and have been for decades. But to place the American private health care system under government control — effectively socializing one-sixth of the U.S. economy — that has never been done before. 

“Deeming” a bill passed is unconstitutional and should not be considered. If this Obamacare bill is passed in that manner, Obama should tear up the bill when it reaches his desk.

I’m not holding my breath.
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