UPDATE: Quote of the day from Michelle Malkin on Obama’s Culture of Corruption

From Michelle Malkin’s piece today comes the quote of the day:

Obama sold America a Chicago-tainted bill of goods. A nation of slow learners is finally figuring it out.

Source: Rasmussen Reports

At least I hope they are figuring it out.  Obama’s approval numbers have continued to sink since taking office and incompetence is breathtakingly obvious on his handling (or lack thereof) on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

(UPDATE On Obama’s incompetence:  The Obama administration has called in James Cameron of Hollywood (and “Titanic” fame) to “brainstorm” ideas—LOL.   Our friends at Fuzislippers asks, “Is SpongeBob next?“)

Of course, to the point of Michelle Malkin’s piece today, Obama’s corruption is beginning to be more obvious to the casual “slower learner”.  The illegal job offers made by the Obama administration and the tangled web of Blagojevich/Obama/Rahm Emanuel/Chicago politics is about to become a most obvious fact even to a casual observer.

Malkin writes:

There’s always been an ageless, interdependent relationship between Windy City politicos and “goo-goos” (the cynical Chicago term for good government reformers). Chicago-style “reform” has always entailed the redistribution of wealth and power under the guise of public service. And it has inevitably led to more corruption.

In March 2010, this column first took note of allegations by Democrats Joe Sestak and Andrew Romanoff that the White House had offered them jobs in exchange for dropping their respective bids against Obama-favored incumbent Sens. Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania and Michael Bennet in Colorado. White House legal counsel Bob “The Fixer” Bauer’s attempt to bury questions about the Sestak affair with a Memorial Day weekend document dump failed. So has the attempt to make Rahm Emanuel-enlisted former president Bill Clinton the sole scapegoat.

Bauer’s memo mentions “efforts” (plural, not singular) to woo Sestak. But the White House refuses to divulge what offers besides Clinton’s were extended to Sestak. Moreover, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs has now denied that Team Obama was involved in the one Clinton offer that has been publicized — an unpaid appointment on an intelligence board for which Sestak was ineligible.

After months of silence, Romanoff finally stepped forward this week to acknowledge that the White House had dangled several positions before him, too. He released e-mails detailing not one, not two, but three different paid positions offered by White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina — whose boss, Emanuel, was subpoenaed this week by impeached former Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich of Illinois to testify in his Senate pay-for-play corruption trial.

So, can I say “I told you so” now?

Read her whole piece for a good view of what Malkin has been covering for quite some time….Obama’s corruption.


Quote of the Day – “The modern Democrat Party is little more than a slightly evolved pack of locusts…..”

This comes from Doug Ross at Journal and clearly states the truth of the Democrat’s destruction of our country:

The modern Democrat Party is little more than a slightly evolved pack of locusts, moving from one state to another, destroying everything they touch. By 2020, the U.S. debt — even without socialized medicine — will exceed $20 trillion. This means the annual interest payments will hit nearly $1 trillion, or about one-third of the entire U.S. budget.

The President and his Democrat sycophants in Congress are literally eradicating the economic fabric of the United States. All we’ve worked for. What our parents and grandparents fought to defend. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in — coal, gas, electric, insurance, finance, pharma, telecommunications, health care — it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a union or not — the Democrats are targeting your jobs. They’ve said so: they relentlessly condemn the very profits that pay your salaries. Because they despise free enterprise and individual liberty. They want control; and your business stands in the way of their bureaucrats taking the reins. Orchestrating the economy, doling out favors, punishing enemies, rewarding friends and stealing more and more of your private property in the form of extra-constitutional taxes. They want Chicago-style Democracy, only across the entire United States.

It’s happening right before our eyes.

80 years of Democrat Ponzi schemes are unraveling. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the “Great Society” Welfare State, Chain Migration of Illegal Aliens — schemes so outrageous, so catastrophic in scope, that they would make Bernard Madoff blush.

You can read all of it at The only ‘Green Jobs’ this President will save or create are in the rice fields.

Obama Corruption: Buying Obamacare votes with judgeships?

Of course we all know now that Obama and the Democrats are full steam ahead on ramming Obamacare through with an improper use of “reconciliation“. 

Using reconciliation to push a $1Trillion healthcare bill complete with multiple and onerous new laws and regulatory bodies onto the American people is simply a corrupt, cynical, and unprecedented move.

Of course, we are no longer surprised by Obama and Democrat corruption. 

First it was Mary Landrieu’s bribe called the new “Louisiana Purchase“.

Then it was Ben Nelson and the Cornhusker Kickback bribe.

Then it was Joe Sestak being offered a federal job not to run against Arlen Specter.

Now it’s Jim Matheson in Utah.  Matheson is being “persuaded”, perhaps Chicago-style, by Obama to vote yes on healthcare on the same day he announces that Matheson’s brother, Scott, is being nominated for a judgeship on the US Circuit Court of Appeals.

As Dan Riehl put it…..question the timing.

From The Weekly Standard:

Tonight, Barack Obama will host ten House Democrats who voted against the health care bill in November at the White House; he’s obviously trying to persuade them to switch their votes to yes. One of the ten is Jim Matheson of Utah. The White House just sent out a press release announcing that today President Obama nominated Matheson’s brother Scott M. Matheson, Jr. to the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit.

Co-ink-ee-dink?  I highly doubt it.  Michelle Malkin says NO way:

Let us consider the possibility, for a brief moment, that it is merely coincidence.

Is the White House so fantastically blind and tone-deaf that it failed to detect the blood-red flags and blaring alarm bells that Scott Matheson’s judicial nomination would raise coming on the very day President Obama is wooing his brother, Jim?

Incorrigibly corrupt or incorrigibly stupid. Take your pick.


Consider Congressman Matheson’s record on the health care bill. He voted against the bill in the Energy and Commerce Committee back in July and again when it passed the House in November. But now he’s “undecided” on ramming the bill through Congress. “The Congressman is looking for development of bipartisan consensus,” Matheson’s press secretary Alyson Heyrend wrote to THE WEEKLY STANDARD on February 22. “It’s too early to know if that will occur.” Asked if one could infer that if no Republican votes in favor of the bill (i.e. if a bipartisan consensus is not reached) then Rep. Matheson would vote no, Heyrend replied: “I would not infer anything.  I’d wait to see what develops, starting with the health care summit on Thursday.”

How is it possible that a Congressman who voted NO twice against this bill now says he is “undecided” and looking for bipartisanship?  Hello? 

There is no bipartisanship and never has been on this bill.   NOTHING has changed in a positive way to make a two-time “No” vote go “undecided”.  If nothing else, it is clear, by judging the contempt the American people have for this bill and the clear Democratic partisanship that “no” has been the correct vote all along.

But then again….when Obama bribes….corrupt Demcrats listen.

Disgusting….Call your Senators and Reps NOW….Tell them “no” is the only vote.

(H/T: RedState.com)

“Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother.”

"Don't think we're not keeping score, brother"

"Don't think we're not keeping score, brother"

That’s Obama talking and he’s not referring to March Madness.

He’s talking to Democratic Rep. Peter DeFazio in a closed-door meeting…..you see, Mr. DeFazio had the gall to vote against Obama’s “Porkulus and Payback Bill”.

Chicago Politics lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Saul Alinksy’s “Rules for Radicals” is the coffee table book-of-choice in the living quarters.

From the Wall Street Journal:

“Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother.”That’s what President Barack Obama said to Rep. Peter DeFazio in a closed-door meeting of the House Democratic Caucus last week, according to the Associated Press.

A few weeks ago, Mr. DeFazio voted against the administration’s stimulus bill. The comment from Mr. Obama was a presidential rebuke and part of a new, hard-nosed push by the White House to pressure Congress to adopt the president’s budget. He has mobilized outside groups and enlisted forces still in place from the Obama campaign.

Everything is about “organizing” with these people…sheez…

Its targets were initially Republicans, as team Obama ran ads depicting the GOP as the “party of no.” But now the fire is being trained on Democrats worried about runaway spending.

Americans United is going after Democrats who are skeptical of Mr. Obama’s plans to double the national debt in five years and nearly triple it in 10. The White House is taking aim at lawmakers in 12 states, including Democratic Sens. Kent Conrad, Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor. MoveOn.Org is running ads aimed at 10 moderate Senate and House Democrats. And robocalls are urging voters in key districts to pressure their congressman to get in line.

Apparently no one is safe from the over-expanded ego and arrogance of a man with 2 months executive experience …..he is wielding mightily the power that comes with it:

Every White House is faced with finding ways to nudge Congress without antagonizing it. But this overt campaign could infuriate members who won’t appreciate being targeted by a president of their own party. They could react by becoming recalcitrant.

God we can only hope they begin to turn on Dear Leader…..

Should that happen, team Obama will have to recalculate its efforts, especially as the public sours on big spending plans.

……After all, Alinsky’s first rule of “power tactics” is “power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.”Team Obama wants to remind its adversaries it has plenty of power, and it does. The question is whether the White House will wield it responsibly. The jury is still out, but certain clues are beginning to emerge. “Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother,” even if said with a wink and a smile, isn’t quite the “new politics” we were told to expect.

Chicago politics: Where Obama “studied”

Ran across this interesting bit of Chicago politics historical information today…..

Isn’t it interesting that our current President learned his tactics from the same Chicago School of Politics and Thuggery that these people did?

Former Chicago Alderman Arenda Troutman today was sentenced four years in prison for fraud, becoming the 28th Chicago Alderman since 1972 to be measured for pinstripes.


The Chicago Tribune’s Jeff Coen reports:

Assistant U.S. Atty. Joseph Alesia called Troutman’s conduct “a five-year crime spree.” In some instances she blocked low-income housing because no one involved would pay her a bribe, he said. “Even by Chicago standards, it’s no small crime,” Alesia said.

If the number of convicted and jailed Chicago alderman since 1972 was extrapolated to the US House, it would be as if over 240 congressman had gone to jail in the same period, or about 6 to 7 every year for 37 years.

Since 1960, three of the last seven elected Illinois governors have gone to jail; the fourth, Rod Blagojevich, was impeached this year.

Every Democrat elected governor of Illinois since 1960 has either gone to jail or been impeached.

And we wonder where Obama learned the art of stealing tax dollars to give back to his “partners” and interest groups?  

(H/T: Michelle Malkin)

It takes the British to say what needs to be said….

It has taken a British publication to sum up the absolute screwed up notion that our country may well elect Barack Obama as President.

Summary paragraph from The Spectator, UK:

You have to pinch yourself – a Marxisant radical who all his life has been mentored by, sat at the feet of, worshipped with, befriended, endorsed the philosophy of, funded and been in turn funded, politically promoted and supported by a nexus comprising black power anti-white racists, Jew-haters, revolutionary Marxists, unrepentant former terrorists and Chicago mobsters, is on the verge of becoming President of the United States. And apparently it’s considered impolite to say so.

Read the rest here.

(H/T: The Obama File)

Palin vs. Obama – Let’s talk about experience and background, shall we?

The comparison below is the best I’ve seen so far in debunking the “experience” (or lack thereof) rhetoric thrown out at new VP candidate Sarah Palin.

While Obama claims to want to fix Washington, beat back corruption, end unnecessary spending, and be the “bi-partisan” master as President……facts show Sarah Palin already has him beat in many of those categories…..

This is an impressive list and really points out that if you believe Obama is qualified for President, Sarah Palin, at this point anyway, may be better equipped for the role of PRESIDENT than Obama.

From RedState.com:



Sarah Palin

Barack Obama

Office being sought Vice President President of the United States and Leader
of the Free World
Full name Sarah Louise Heath Palin Barack Hussein Obama II
Nickname Sarah Barracuda Barry Obama; “The One”
Public opinion Smoking hot in a “naughty
librarian” sort of way
May be The Messiah
Age 44 48
Children 5: two sons, three daughters 2: two daughters
Evangelical Christian;attends Juneau Christian Center when in Juneau and grew up
attending Wasilla Assembly of God
Attended Trinity United Church of Christ
for 20 years, a “black liberation theology” church formerly led by
Rev. Jeremiah Wright and governed according to the Black Value System
Current Job Governor of Alaska Junior Senator from Illinois
Previous Public
Mayor of Wasilla, AK (1996-2002); President of Alaska Conference
of Mayors;City Council member (1992-1996)
State Senator (1997-2004);Community Organizer
Governor for 2 years;Mayor for 10 years None
Foreign Relations
Governor of state that borders two
foreign countries (Canada and Russia)
Chaired Senate subcommittee on Europe but never called it into
session;once gave a speech to 200,000 screaming Germans
Military Affairs
Commander in Chief of Alaska National Guard;Son is enlisted Infantryman in U.S. Army None
Private Sector
Sports reporter;Salmon fisherman Associate at civil rights law firm
Speaking ability Beautifully executed initial stump speech
in Dayton, OH hockey arena without a teleprompter
An enter…wait–did you say without
a teleprompter
Spouse’s name Todd Mitchell Palin Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama
Spouse’s occupation Salmon fisherman;Former North Slope production supervisor for BP Oil Vice President for Community and External Affairs at University
of Chicago Hospitals;former Associate Dean of Student Services at the University of
Chicago;former Executive Director for the Chicago office of Public
Allies;former Assistant to the Mayor of Chicago;former associate at Sidley Austin law firm
Reaction to spouse’s political
Quit 17-year BP oil job when BP became
involved in natural gas pipeline negotiations with wife’s
Promoted and given 160% pay raise by UofC hospitals within
months of husband’s election to U.S. Senate;Employer received $1,000,000.00 federal earmark, requested by
husband, after her promotion
Coolest thing about
Tesoro Iron Dog Snowmobile race champion (longest snowmobile
race in the world);In 2008, while defending his championship, was injured when he
was thrown 70 feet from his machine. He was sent to the hospital
but still finished in fourth place
Sister of Oregon State University head
basketball coach Craig Robinson
Most Courageous Moment in Public
Resigned in protest from position of
Ethics Commissioner of Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
in order to expose legal violations and conflicts of interest of
Alaska Republican leaders, including the former state Attorney
General and the State GOP Chairman (who was also an Oil & Gas
Commissioner), who was doing work for the party on public time and
supplying a lobbyist with a sensitive e-mail.
Gave an anti-Iraq war speech to a crowd
of anti-Iraq war demonstrators in Hyde Park in 2002
In Current Office
Upset sitting Governor in GOP primary due
to public support for her efforts to clean up corrupt government
Republican opponent, who was leading in
the polls, was forced to leave race after unsealing of divorce
records exposed a sex scandal
Theme: Change and Clean Government Hope and Change;”Bringing Change from Outside Washington”
What they’ve done to live that
Replaced entire Board of Agriculture and Conservation because of
conflict of interest;Resigned from position of Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil
and Gas Conservation Commission in order to expose corruption among
members of own party
Selected 36-year incumbent Senator as
running mate
Family Affairs May have removed State Public Safety
Commissioner as part of effort to protect sister in messy divorce
and child custody battle
Often says, “I am my brother’s keeper”;Brother lives in a hut in Nairobi on $12 per year
Union affiliation Union member, married to Union
Endorsed by a union
Iraq and Troop
Formerly (pre-surge) critical of apparent lack of long-term
strategy for Iraq;Visited wounded U.S. soldiers in Germany;visited AK National Guard soldiers deployed to Kuwait;Son deploying to Iraq on 9/11/08 as Army infantryman
Gave an anti-Iraq war speech to a crowd of anti-Iraq war demonstrators;almost visited wounded troops in Germany, but decided to go
shopping in Berlin instead
Married to a non-Republican;Exposed corruption within own party;Campaigned for Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell against corrupt GOP
congressman Don Young;Called out Sen Ted Stevens (R-AK) to “come clean” about
financial dealings that are under fed investigation
Talks about bipartisanship
Legislative Record Passed a landmark ethics reform bill;Used veto to cut budgetary spending;Prevented “bridge to nowhere” that would have cost taxpayers
$400 million dollars.
Voted “present” over 100 times as IL
state senator
How they dealt with corrupt
individuals in home city/state
Exposed legal violations and conflicts of interest of Alaska
Republican leaders;Campaigned against corrupt GOP Representative;Ran against and defeated corrupt incumbent governor in GOP
Launched political career in home of unrepentant domestic
terrorist Bill Ayers (and still refers to him as a part of
“mainstream Democratic Chicago”;Purchased home with help of convicted felon Tony Rezko
Guns Lifetime member of NRA and avid hunter;video can be found on YouTube of Palin firing an M4 at a
military firing range
Worked to pass legislation in Illinois
that would prevent all law-abiding citizens from owning
Earmarks Opposed “Bridge to Nowhere” project;Said Alaska should avoid relying on federal money for
projects;Campaigned against porker Don Young (R-AK) in 2008 primary
Secured federal earmarks for wife’s
employer and for campaign bundlers
Abortion Pro life;gave birth to 5th child knowing that he would have Down’s
Pro-choice;only IL state sen. to speak against the Born Alive Infant’s
Protection Act, which required medical care to be given to live
infants who survived abortions
Energy Believes energy independence is a matter of national
security;For drilling in ANWR, which is in her state
Says Americans should “get tune-ups” and “check tire
pressure”;Says “we can’t expect the world to be okay with” our use of
heating and air conditioning
Environment Chair of Alaska Conservation Commission (2003-4);Announced plans to create sub-cabinet group of advisors to
address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in
Talks about the environment a lot
Athletic prowess Runs marathons Has reporters tailing him to the gym