“That Lady Stands for Liberty!”

To honor the spirit of Rand Paul today:

“Just get up off the ground, that’s all I ask. Get up there with that lady that’s up on top of this Capitol dome, that lady that stands for liberty. Take a look at this country through her eyes if you really want to see something. And you won’t just see scenery; you’ll see the whole parade of what Man’s carved out for himself, after centuries of fighting. Fighting for something better than just jungle law, fighting so’s he can stand on his own two feet, free and decent, like he was created, no matter what his race, color, or creed. That’s what you’d see. There’s no place out there for graft, or greed, or lies, or compromise with human liberties. And, uh, if that’s what the grownups have done with this world that was given to them, then we’d better get those boys’ camps started fast and see what the kids can do. And it’s not too late, because this country is bigger than the Taylors, or you, or me, or anything else. Great principles don’t get lost once they come to light. They’re right here; you just have to see them again!”
—Jefferson Smith, played by Jimmy Stewart, in “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington”

““I will speak as long as it takes, until the alarm is sounded from coast to coast that our Constitution is important, that your rights to trial by jury are precious, that no American should be killed by a drone on American soil without first being charged with a crime, without first being found to be guilty by a court.”
– Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky), March 6, 2013, launching filibuster on the Senate floor in order to address the issue of the Obama administration’s belief that they have the power to kill non-combatant Americans in the US with drone strikes


Classic: Herman Cain circa 1994 puts the hurt on Bill Clinton’s arrogance and health plan

Herman Cain - GOP 2012 Presidential hopeful (Pic: Harold Daniels, The Atlantic)

On the heels of Herman Cain’s good performance in Thursday’s debate and his landslide victory in the Florida straw poll on Saturday, much attention is being focused on him.

That focus includes this 1990’s era video depicting Cain, the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, asking a question about healthcare costs at a Bill Clinton townhall when Clinton was President. This exchange took place in 1994 during Clinton’s big push for the disaster government health plan that was “Hillarycare”.

Herman Cain certainly puts the hurt on Bill Clinton’s health plan in this video.  Not only that, watch the entire video and you see the arrogance of Clinton and his viewpoint ( and most big government liberals)

Basically Herman Cain discusses how Clinton’s healthcare initiative for business was not doable and, without going into it, how it can not be sustained without job losses and some businesses leaving the market entirely.

(If the video doesn’t play, you can go to the video here.)

What is interesting is how Clinton professes to tell Cain that if all businesses have to endure the extra cost of Hillarycare, then they’ll essentially all be in the same boat.  Cain quite clearly and respectfully states how that thinking is inaccurate and, for his business alone, would require 3 times the “top line sales” to meet the costs and maintain their meager profit.

The Atlantic article on Cain from March, 2011 actually goes further basically calling Cain the saboteur of Clinton’s ill-informed healthcare aims:

 In 1994, Cain, then still CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, participated in a town-hall meeting that Bill Clinton held to drum up support for his flagging health-care plan. He challenged the president’s claim that restaurateurs would bear only a marginal new cost. Clinton objected, but Cain wouldn’t relent. “I’d had my financial people run the numbers,” he told me. The Wall Street Journal published them, and after Clinton’s plan collapsed, Newsweek identified Cain as one of its “saboteurs”—a badge of honor, especially among conservatives today.

This video is good for many reasons:

1) It shows the business understanding and knowledge of Herman Cain.

2) It shows the arrogance of Bill Clinton and, thus, his wife who tried and failed at a healthcare takeover.

3) It gives a good reminder why we don’t need either Clinton, Bill or Hillary, ever running this country again.

4) It gives a clear view of the liberal mindset on big government.  i.e. Force the business to provide healthcare they can’t afford and just ask the business to raise their prices “like everyone” else in order to cover the mandated government cost.  No thought to job loss, market dynamics, profit margin, nor the choices of the company….government should have the say.  That’s how these people think.

Frankly, it occurred to me while watching the video…Clinton dares to tell a CEO that they can simply charge more for their services (in so many words) which inevitably leads to more money out of the pockets of consumers.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a pizza company or a semiconductor business….the price of products have a great chance of increasing when government makes mandates on that company.

So, why have the government involved at all?  Clinton believes that consumers can bear those extra costs for products and services.  So why doesn’t he just ask the consumer to pay for their own healthcare?  Of course, Clinton is not taking into account any market dynamics that will change when costs are raised….but if he really thinks the consumer has that much “extra cash” couldn’t they just buy their own healthcare, if they wish, in the free market and forget all of the regulations on the business?

We all know the answer.  Hillarycare, just like Obamacare, was all about government controls, not about affordable healthcare.  Funneling that “extra cash” through the business via government mandates is THE solution in the mind of a liberal.  Better yet, funneling that extra cash to the government is ideal in the liberal’s world.

It never occurs to the liberal that the consumer pays either way….and what a cost it is!

Herman Cain puts Obamacare in its place

Last night’s Fox News/Google Republican debate had a great highlight when Herman Cain was asked about his comments on Obamacare and his own recovery and survival from Stage 4 cancer.

I love Herman Cain…what a great man.  And we are so blessed that he was healed from his cancer.  What a survivor.

As great as Cain is…his answer about Obamacare was even greater!

(the first 2 minutes or so includes the Herman Cain highlight!)

From HotAir.com:

This is the best argument against ObamaCare and government encroachment in health care.  The more government becomes part of the process, the more control bureaucrats gain and patients lose.  If anyone doubts that, just look across the border to Canada and see how much personal choice patients have in treatments and access.  More than that, Cain’s answer applies to overregulation in general, and it serves as a pretty good explanation for the economic stagnation we are currently enduring.  The more capital and control we assign to government rather than letting stakeholders use their own capital, the less economic innovation and flexibility we have, which means less growth and fewer jobs.

“Compromise that’s not a solution is a waste of time.”

“Compromise that’s not a solution is a waste of time.” — Marco Rubio on the Senate Floor.

In the debt limit discussions, I keep hearing about “compromise” from Democrats and supporters of those same Democrats talk about how bad Washington is because there’s no “compromise”.

Well, Marco Rubio is right.  Compromise for its own sake is worthless. 

Besides, compromise to Democrats is “roll over and give us what we want, GOP.”  To so-called moderates, compromise means telling Republicans to get rid of their principles and make a deal.

Watch all of Rubio’s speech…it’s a good one!  And done without a teleprompter!

Make sure to watch around 6 minute mark where Rubio completely destroys the arguments of Obama, Biden and Reid on the debt ceiling.  Rubio shines a spotlight on the hypocrisy of the Socialist Three Musketeers.

And….Rubio obliterates the validity of calling smart tea party Americans “extremists” on raising the debt ceiling.  There is not a principle one that resides within Obama, Biden, Reid, Kerry and a large contingent of other Democrats on this issue and most others.

The other great quotable quote is this one:

To the Senator from Massachusetts I would say that it is impossible to negotiate with someone who doesn’t have a plan” — Marco Rubio (FL)

This response was a direct hit to the dry and ignorant protests of John Kerry….who once served in Vietnam.

The meaning of Independence and Freedom from the mind of a young pioneer girl

The beloved Laura Ingalls Wilder gives a great perception of freedom and independence from earthly kings with her thoughts on Independence Day .

For Laura Ingalls Wilder, the combined reading of the Declaration of Independence and the singing of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” sparked new thoughts about freedom as she contemplated words which were old and familiar.

(From the book “Little Town on the Prairie” by Laura Ingalls Wilder):

The crowd was scattering away then, but Laura stood stock still.  Suddenly she had a completely new thought. The Declaration and the song came together in her mind, and she thought:  God is America’s king.  She thought:  Americans won’t obey any king on earth.  Americans are free. That means they have to obey their own consciences. No king bosses Pa; he has to boss himself.      Why (she thought), when I am a little older, Pa and Ma will stop telling me what to do, and there isn’t anyone else who has a right to give me orders.  I will have to make myself be good.  Her whole mind seemed to be lighted up by that thought.  This is what it means to be free.  It means, you have to be good. ‘Our father’s God, author of liberty–‘The laws of Nature and of Nature’s God endow you with a right to life and liberty.  Then you have to keep the laws of God, for God’s law is the only thing that gives you a right to be free.

From Jennifer Courtney at Classical Conversations:

This transition for Laura is a perfect illustration of a child moving from the grammar stage (memorizing and reciting the songs and the Declaration) to the logic stage.  Her solid foundation in American history gave her a firm basis for later thinking big thoughts about the idea of freedom.  She reasons out the source of freedom and rightly draws conclusions about the both the liberties and the restrictions of handling freedom properly.

This is why it is so important for our kids to memorize and recite many of the documents, quotes, and songs of our founding.  The knowledge and memory usually leads to that inquisitive state of mind where logic takes hold.  Unfortunately, we have a generation or more who have been taught that our country is just one of many and not so exceptional.  Nothing is further from the truth.

Take time to remember with your family and friends the meaning of the Declaration made 235 years ago and what it has meant for you, your country, and the world.  Think about the logic and intelligence of our founders.  And take time to understand who is King of our country and that no man is king on earth.

–‘The laws of Nature and of Nature’s God endow you with a right to life and liberty.”

Take a lesson from a young pioneer girl who understood what it means to be American.

(H/T: Batesline)

“Don’t try to blow sunshine up my butt”

Allen West is the man!  And I do mean man with cojones…..cojones so sorely lacking in our current Presidential leadership.

A CAIR radical Islamic sympathizer confronts Rep. Allen West in a public meeting.

Allen West hammers him with the truth about the Koran and its violence…and the history of Islamic violence.

He tell’s this guy “I’ve been on the battlfield….Don’t try to blow sunshine up my butt

…..a Koran wielding Nezar Hamze, Executive Director of the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR).  Hamze confronted Congressman West and asked him to point out where in the Koran does it give marching orders to Muslims “to carry out attacks against Americans and innocent people”.  West quickly pointed out that the Koran was written long before America even existed and that it does indeed tell believers to kill infidels, and then proceeded to chronicle a lengthy list of historical Muslim acts of aggression.  Congressman West closed his retort by referencing the Fort Hood shootings and 9-11 attacks, saying that his first hand experiences on the battlefield has given him insight into the tactics that Islamists use before telling Hamze not to “try to blow sunshine up my butt” with his criticism of him. West took offense to Hamze’s amateurish criticism of his stance on radical Islam and concluded by telling Mr. Hamze to “put the microphone down and go home.”

Some of it hard to hear from the crowd cheers, but listen closely and to the end…YOU will be cheering him on by the end!

All I can say is WOW!

(HT: Ace of Spades)

Ronald Reagan: “A Time For Choosing”

Change the numbers to trillions and the names of those mentioned and Reagan’s speech in the Fall of 1964 could be given today.  His remarks about liberalism are as true today as they were then.

Unfortunately, I believe America is at a crossroads…”a time for choosing”.

It is time to choose whether we wish for a bleak future for ourselves and families through crushing debt and massive spending or whether we want a massively reduced government that lives within its means.

It is time to choose whether we will respect our traditional allies or continue to undermine them while enabling and propping up totalitarian regimes across the globe.

It is time to choose whether we will continue to allow the scourge of “multiculturalism” to eliminate our borders and to allow mini-cultures and laws outside of our own system or will be seal our borders, abide by the framework of our Constitutional law, and call out radical Islam and illegal immigration for what it is.

It is time to choose whether we embrace the notions of individual freedom and liberty, as our Founders did, or will we continue to allow the decay of liberty in exchange for a collectivist society that is led by elites who never reap the “rewards” of such a welfare state.

It is time to choose whether we will continue to embrace those who ignore the Constitution in favor of their own set of standards or will we continue to respect the wisdom and intent of our Founders.

Reagan says it all so much better than I can…. (UPDATE:  Sarah Palin says it well, too!!)

It is a long speech, but so well worth listening to and understanding that the principles that Reagan espoused are the same ones we should be talking about today.

Happy 100th Birthday, Ronald Reagan.  America needs another like you!