Obama hails the results of good works of Islam in America….

“Islam has contributed to the character of our country….As the Koran teaches, whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see its results…..Muslim Americans and their good works have helped to build our nation, and we’ve seen the results.”
Barack Obama tonight at White House Iftar Dinner for Ramadan

While normal, everyday Americans are now prohibited from touring the White House, the President celebrates Ramadan with Muslims in the White House.  

Who, after 9-11, Fort Hood shooting, and the Boston Bombing, would believe an American President would hail the “results” of Islam’s contribution to America?

7 Responses

  1. After the Boston bombing the MSM (Mainstream Media) could not bring themselves to acknowledge the 2 brothers were moslems. They kept on referring to them as Russian. Obama, aided and abetted by the MSM, is trying to re-make Islam into a religion of peace.

    Mohammed pillaged, killed, and raped and Islam was born. Jesus died on the Cross and Christianity was born. A more contrasting beginning cannot be imagined.

    By the way, I’m also tired of people referring negatively to the Crusades. They were a noble undertaken to free peoples from the yoke of invading moslem hordes, and rightfully so.

    In the history of the World, Only one religious philosophy has done more good for the human race than the one founded on the Bible: Judeo-Christianity (as flawed as its implementation has been by sinful men and women).

    I use the word moslem vice muslim by design…

  2. Your assertions of Christianity and Islam at opposite ends of the good/evil spectrum provide all the necessary proof that you neither understand nor have read the Koran, nor do you have any interest in learning more about the faith.

    Islam is a religion of peace, as is Christianity. Any distortions therein are due to the evil within people, not the religions themselves. As if Christianity’s history was so devoid of similar examples, not the least of which were the Crusades you appallingly try to cast in a good light.

    The Crusades were an abomination and a blight upon the history of our race. Any good faith Pope Urban II may have had in the initial impetus died when the boots hit the ground and the crusaders began the raping, pillaging, and killing that you condemn Mohammad for. The Fourth Crusade never even made it to the Holy Land, its entire army excommunicated for sacking not one, but two cities, one of which was Constantinople. Eight official Crusades, only the first of which being temporarily successful, all entirely devoid of meaning beyond pointless suffering and waste of life with the crusaders as evil-hearted as those they sought to overthrow. The only bright side to the Crusades–and this was wholly unintentional–is that they spurred the trade of goods and ideas across country borders, jumpstarting the Renaissance.

    Mohammad was no saint. Neither was he evil.

    If you want to know what Islam really is about, and how misrepresented it is by the “mainstream media” you claim to abhor but apparently take your talking points from, take a cue from someone who actually cared enough to read it carefully: http://www.ted.com/talks/lesley_hazelton_on_reading_the_koran.html

    Your service, Boria, is worthy of respect. But your insistence to denigrate an entire people you clearly know nothing about is decidedly unChristian. As is yours, SRT.

  3. Those who support the extremists with their acquiescent silence are deserving of no less… Example: Nazi-Germany – Emperor-Japan…

  4. srs,
    When you see today’s professed Christians flying airplanes into buildings in order to incinerate thousands –in the name of God….and then when you nearly all other Christians silent and without condemnation of those acts….well….then we will talk about which religions exhibit peace and love and those that accept and embrace evil.

  5. The silence from this administration and many liberal circles after the genocide of Copts and other Christians in Egypt and Syria by supposed freedom fighters is deafening.

  6. The silence from the mainstream Christian churches is also deafening. I conjecture that they are so involved in navel gazing (self-absorbed) that they have forgotten/failing in their mission of spreading the Gospel. When its witnesses (those being murdered) are forgotten by their brethren, we face a great crisis!

  7. Good point on the Copts and other Christians….there is a deafening silence….

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