Greg Gutfeld responds to F. Chuck Todd on media bias

Greg Gutfeld of Fox’s “The Five” responded to Chuck Todd’s hilarious assertion that the media doesn’t have a left-leaning bias….

I really love the Palmolive quip…..LOL

“But I guess if you believe in an objective media, you’ll believe in anything:  like a whistle is better than a gun; redistribution beats opportunity; black  conservatives are Uncle Toms and female conservatives are scolds; that being  born white is racist; that tolerance requires calling terror ‘workplace  violence’; that our country’s energy can be found in griffin lint; that the tea  party is more harmful than drug lords; that Occupy Wall Streeters were cuddly  Muppets; that choice matters before birth, not after; that a border is selfish;  that every tenet of the left hasn’t saddled most young Americans with a toxic  notion of entitlement without achievement, drowning in disposable culture as  China rifles our wallets and our hard drives. But it’s easy to miss media bias.  To quote Madge from Palmolive [commercials], ‘You don’t see it my dear, because  you’re soaking in it.’”

Video here.


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