The Left up in arms about Romney’s truth talk: He says #Obama voters feel “entitled” and are dependent on government #SecretRomneyTapeRevelations

The Left is all apoplectic about Romney and his blunt assessment of the welfare state on steroids under Obama.

Mitt Romney described almost half of Americans as “dependent upon government” during a private reception with donors this year and said those voters were likely to support President Obama because they believe they are “entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.”

The blunt political and cultural assessment by the Republican presidential candidate offers a rare glimpse into Mr. Romney’s personal views as the campaign enters its final 50 days. Liberals quickly condemned the remarks as insensitive, and Mr. Obama’s campaign accused him of having “disdainfully written off half the nation.”

HA!  Obama talks of disdain for half of the country?  Tell it to the “bitter clingers”, the “white folks”, the “rich”, and Christians, Mr. Obama!

Romney is right.  Dependency is a cancer on this country and Obama has hastened it along.

With 50% not paying income tax and within that 30% of earners receive money from the government (without paying taxes) AND with Obama wanting the top 1% of earners who already pay 71% of taxes to pay more  — Romney has a point as to who will vote for Obama….those who pay nothing.

With a record 47 million Americans— roughly 1 in 5 adults–receiving food stamps now…. AND Obama being responsible for the addition of 15 million of those recipients (about a 50% increase in his 4 years in office) — Romney has a point as to who will vote for Obama….those who have their food paid for by others courtesy of Obama.

When the Obama admin stops deportation and grants work permits allowing some 800,000 illegals (mostly Latino) to “stop fearing deportation” and stay in this country illegally – all done without any Congressional bill/approval – Romney has a point as to who will vote for Obama….those who are allowed to break the law and step ahead of others for work …courtesy of Obama.

When the Obama administration DEMANDS that we all pay for birth control and abortion meds for those who say they want government out of the bedroom, but want government dependency in the form of birth control – well, Romney has a point as to who will vote for Obama…..those who get FREE birth control so someone else pays for their lack of self-control.

Dependent upon government is what Romney said…where is he wrong?  50% pay no income taxes, 30% take others’ tax dollars while paying none, 47 million people (20% of adults) depend on government for food stamps, 800,000 who break the law depend on government in order to stay here and take our jobs; and millions of women now will be dependent on the government to get free birth control and abortions on someone else’s dime.

Those who are the Obama bandwagon — despite the facts – are just appalled that Romney would call out those who suck off the government; but where was all of this disdain when Obama said that a large majority of the country are “bitter” and “cling to their guns and religion” or when he said he believes there is a “point where you’ve made enough money” as if Obama is the arbiter of what we all should have and need.

Romney was spot-on….the truth hurts…dependency is NOT an American value, but is a policy of the Obama administration.


9 Responses

  1. You’d be dangerous if you actually could read. The problem, regardless of whether we want to argue about a culture of dependency or not, is the fact that Romney’s facts are wrong…again. 47% of this country isn’t voting for Obama regardless because they’re on the dole. Romney both offends people who legitimately or illegitimately are on the dole AND people who voted for Obama and who pay even more taxes than Mitt Romney. He trivializes principle and poverty in one fell swoop. He also fails to recognize that among that 30% are people who have paid taxes (like the retired!) or who are out of work (who also paid taxes.)

    What I can’t get is how people like you, who obviously can’t be rich, stand behind this as if you don’t fall in one of these categories yourself, at one point or another. I tend to think you’re wannabees who will never be. But maybe you’ll tell me otherwise. I doubt it though.

  2. I think you need to read…..he said that 47% are LIKELY to vote for Obama.
    He didn’t say every single one would vote for Obama.

    And he’s right. Obama’s government hand that feeds the moochers and the permanent needy does not exactly incent people to vote for the pro-America, pro-individualism, pro-capitalist, get-off-your-butt and work candidate now does it?

    Obama is buying his voters instead of teaching them to do for themselves and be responsbile….whether its food stamps or birth control and anything in between.

    But the facts are that almost 50% pay no income taxes in this country, a very large percentage actually RECEIVE money from the government while paying no taxes (redistribution), welfare/food stamp recipients have skyrocketed under Obama, and Obama now will have millions of women dependent on government in order to pay for their $9/month birth control…and that is the tip of the iceberg.

    What part of Obama’s policies actually ENCOURAGE self-reliance rather than dependency?
    What part of Obama’s policies actually ENCOURAGE individual success and/or climbing OUT of poverty instead a steady dependence on government?

    …..I’m listening.

    Obama is a big government guy who is hell bent on draining wealth out of the hands of the wealthy and redistribute it to others here and abroad.

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  4. 47% isn’t even likely. But c’est la vie.

  5. Silence. Can’t defend the indefensible (Obama’s economic policies).

  6. 47% + 4% = Tyranny of the Majority… until other people’s money runs out… then you get a revolution…

  7. The corollary to dependency is the fact that life is tough and the thought that govt can grow/raise generations of people on the dole and prepare them for a tough life is the biggest lie of socialism and the Democrat Party.
    Bottom line: Poverty breeds poverty…
    The best guarantee of success is:
    1. Graduate high school
    2. do not have children out of wedlock (man or woman)
    3. Do not commit any crimes
    4. Take ANY job

  8. Boria—you are so right. Choices and actions are a large part of our circumstances.

    Much of what amounts to poverty and/or tough times in life are a result of our own individual actions and choices made.

    And then “sometimes” life deals a hand that is not a result of individual action….but that is called life. And it certainly is not the overarching reason that millions are in poverty or on welfare.
    Many come into poverty because of choices made and they stay there because the government (ie other citizens by force of law) props them up without allowing them to do for themselves.

    Charity is a great thing. But government taking the means of one by force and giving to another in order to keep them in poverty is not charity.

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