It’s National Empty Chair Day…. #EmptyChairDay #ClintEastwood #Eastwooding #Obama

I’m sure you have all seen or heard about Clint Eastwood’s speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC) last week.

(Source: NY Daily News)

His schtick of talking to an empty chair (Obama) has sparked a new fad called “Eastwooding”.   Eastwooding is photographing an empty chair.

And impromptu movement then decided that today — September 3, 2012 — would be National Empty Chair Day.  They have asked everyone to put an empty chair on their lawn and add signs/props/etc.  that fit the image of Obama as an empty chair.

I put my chair out today:

Beer Summit for the “Most Invisible Man in the World

And many, many other Americans did the same.  Some great ones:

Rare photo of a very young Barack Obama.

Obama takes his rightful place on Mt Rushmore!

Obama chair made from Obama supporters!

Only known photo of Karl Marx with Obama

Truth or Consequences!

More here, here, here, and here.

Let’s get rid of the empty chair on November 6!  Romney/Ryan 2012!


16 Responses

  1. How damn unfortunate that Republicans would run with what has to be one of the worst moments in their convention’s history! I can’t wait until November 6 when America hands you your collective asses and you all can HAVE A SEAT for another four years! Check this link by the way and see, again, how your party is sooo tardy again to the actual party: (This was last year’s news. Maybe Clint got the idea from this.)

  2. Mitt Romney’s Plan Versus Barack Obama’s Plan

    Mitt Romney

    1. Energy independence
    2. Improve education/School choice
    3. Make trade work for America
    4. Cut the deficit / Balance the budget
    5. Champion small businesses and reduce regulations

    Barack Obama

    1. Hope
    2. Change

  3. Return2 – the chair schtick is called humor. And there’s a bit of truth in humor.

    You sound like someone afraid that Obama just might lose.

    I can tell you that much of America is sick of “hoping” to “change” America into a third world country with diluted power and influence in the world. We are sick of an economic breakdown that seems, if not really is, intentional on the part of Obama and his anti-capitalist efforts.

    Why does anyone really want Obama to win? Why? If you really listen and understand what he wants and where all of this leads– high taxation, neutered defenses, exploding debt, and a social structure turned upside down—you have to be un-American, anti-freedom, and anti-capitalist to want what he wants.

    And if you are OK with those things, you are against everything that Americans have always and continue to stand for… Obama presidency be damned.

  4. Right, and the response to humor is usually “funny” or lol. But that’s not even been the reaction of some of Romney’s aides. Eastwooding is cringe-worthy, not funny. It was a sharp wrong turn for a career that’s done things more right (and better) than that.

    Here’s the difference between those rooting for the President and you. I don’t think anything you’re saying is unAmerican. Just wrong. How you think you and those like you can exclusively define what is American, rather than what is opinion, is exactly what’s wrong with this country. And you have no proof, none, that President Obama is anti-captalist. He’s just not YOUR kind of capitalist, which sounds more like vulture capitalist rather venture capitalist.

    And let’s be real here. Are you really behind Mitt Romney? You sound really conservative, and he sounds really convenient. Be real with yourself. You might now want the President, and that is your right as an American, but I am pretty sure you don’t want Mitt Romney.

    The other things you’ve said are either differences of perspective or lies. The President hasn’t neutered our defenses…at all. I actually think he’s been more treacherous than previous Presidents and dangerously “more effective.” I condemn the broadscale powers of NDAA and the Patriot Act. I also hate the President’s use of drones. Yet he’s taken out more of America’s putative enemies in three than the last two Presidents and their 16 terms combined. Al-Qaeda is essentially finished. Can you say that happened under Bush or Clinton? Hell, it was just getting going under Reagan and Bush I. So there’s been no neutered defense. Just a smarter one. And I don’t like it. Yet you think just the opposite. Now that’s irony…and funny.

    And yeah, he wants higher taxes for the rich. You rich, sharpie? No, I didn’t think so. So, no, you’re good. Worry more about taxes from Mitt Romney as his plan could raise your taxes even higher. Do the research. The debt hasn’t been exploding under Obama. The WSJ called him perhaps one of the most fiscally responsible Presidents ever. (Look it up.) There is an exploding debt, but that’s not his fault. It’s been building for a long time. He’s actually contained more of it than most other Presidents. I’m sure you won’t see it that way. And, again, that’s your right…and that’s not unAmerican.

    I don’t know what you mean by a social structure that’s upside down, so I can’t touch that. It seems, and this may not be your position, that some people are just upset that a Black man is in charge. For people like that, this is a social structure that’s upside down. To hell with them. You probably mean something else. Maybe you’re talking about a woman’s right to choose. Or gay marriage. If so, tough. Your religiously informed perspective is not part of a secular discourse. It’s true for my religion true, Islam. When we both have our versions of Paradise, we can worry about those things then. Until then…welcome to the United States of America. And may the best set of ideas win on Nov. 6. (And yes, I’m doing everything in my power to make sure it’s not yours. I expect you to do the same. That’s what America is about.)

  5. return2thesource sure has his undies in a knot. Looks like Clint hit a homer for this OFA drone to kill so much time here. Ain’t workin’, Bud. Maybe try whacking us with that belt Bawney Fwank was wearing around his neck when he checked into the Marriot. He’s been a verwee bad boy!

  6. Wow, Pete, you sound really kinky. I don’t do dudes, fyi.

  7. Return2 –
    No, what is wrong with this country are people who twist the facts to support their views. There is nothing in Obama’s past, his present, nor his beliefs that are “American”.

    What is American? Freedom, liberty, free enterprise, small government, right to life—in summary.

    How many times will you hear the words freedom and liberty at the DNC? Few, if any.

    Besides, didn’t Obama say he wanted to “fundamentally change” America? What is American about that?

    An advocate for class warfare, for steep taxes (money that belongs to Americans first, not government), for government-run healthcare, for snuffing the life of babies born alive in abortion, massive debt and spending, weakened defenses—-
    What part of that constitutes being pro-America or pro-American values?

    And Obama is, at best, a crony capitalist. He gives goodies to his donors and union buddies. And he bemoans the wealth and the efforts of those who’ve built their own businesses.

    Obama has surrounded himself with Marxists most of his life. His father, his mother, Frank Marshall Davis, his friends in college (those he sought out), Jeremiah Wright. Do you think he has discussed the successes and advantages of capitalism with these people?

    Obama has overlooked basic bankruptcy law in order to take over GM and hand that company over to the unions — his cronies.
    Obama has pushed through a healthcare plan that TAKES OVER 1/6 of our economy.
    Obama has given our tax dollars to MANY “green” companies…many of them his crony donors, and a large fraction of them who have failed.

    Our defenses are not just about what happens in Afghanistan or Iraq– even as important as those two areas may be. And being the CIC in charge when the Navy SEALS took out Osama does not a defense strategy make.
    (And don’t get me started on all of the wiretapping, surge, and other issues that Obama opposed, but uses quite extensively now. AND don’t forget that many of the policies/efforts that led to the location and killing of bin Laden were opposed by Senator and candidate Obama.)

    As far as drones—I’m for them. But, your party— Obama and Dems–over the last decade or two have screamed mightily against “collateral damage” and holding terrorists at Gitmo without trial. But you defend the same people who now kill with drones and produce collateral damage. Obama has acted as judge, jury, and executioner….but decried holding terrorists at Gitmo without trial.
    Can you say hypocrite?

    Obama has vowed to reduce our nuclear arsenal to 1500 warheads, and has suggested lowering it to 300. All while other powers of the world are greatly increasing their warheads.
    Further, Obama has allowed our ally in Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, to be overthrown and replaced with the Muslim Brotherhood. Tyrant? Yes. But an ally of the US who was upholding the Camp David Accords in support of Israel.
    Obama offered nothing for supporters of the uprising in Iran. He has done nothing effective to slow the nuclear capabilities of Iran.
    Under the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt has voiced support for Hamas and rolled tanks to Israel’s borders.
    In Syria, with Assad gone, the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood are already talking of a Sharia Islamic state for Syria.
    While we’ve dealt with tyrants in that area of the world forever, many of our efforts in influencing many of them (Ie Egypt, Syria, etc.) for stabilization in the region have been successful in the past. But that stabilization is gone under Obama. In the place of our allies and those who’ve worked with us, Obama has helped along and (apparently) supported the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East. The Muslim Brotherhood has the objective to create Islamic states governed by authoritarian Islamic law, the reestablishment of a global Islamic caliphate, and pushing Western interests out of the region entirely.
    Seems Obama is on board with that! And our defensive posture in the region and the world is weakened because of his policies.

    As far as economics under Obama. I laughed when I read your words.
    You see, it isn’t about what I believe, but what is fact.

    Obama promised to half the deficit. He has almost tripled it annually versus the 2008 deficit.
    He has increased our country’s debt over 1/3 – from $10 Trillion to $16 Trillion.
    Bush didn’t do that…sorry. He’s been gone for 4 years.

    The Democratic Senate have not passed a budget in over 3 years. Obama’s attempt at a budget was so laughable it did not muster ANY votes from GOP or Dem’s in either house of Congress!
    Obama’s 2013 budget included deficits of $6.4 TRILLION from 2013-2022, an increase of $3.5 Trillion over the current budget law.

    Just since 2010, Obama has increased annual spending by $340 billion annually.

    Obama’s policies have produced:
    42 straight months of unemployment above 8% (even with a $1 Trillion stimulus his admin said would keep unemployment below 8%!)
    23 million who can’t find work or are underemployed.
    45 million Americans on food stamps
    Record 46 million in poverty
    AAA debt rating downgraded for first time in history

    Bush didn’t do any of that!

    Social structure turned upside down…..well, let’s see.
    Maybe the fact that just tonight the DNC was touting abortion as healthcare…..They used to hide their true beliefs in ‘we are for abortion, but want it limited’. Now they tout it as “healthcare” and openly push for abortion now, abortion tomorrow, abortion for everyone! (At taxpayer expense of course.)

    Or perhaps, gay marriage….yes, redefining marriage does turn the centuries, if not longer, of marriage upside down. It’s wrong any way you slice it. Be gay, do what you want, go get your wills written up, whatever…but don’t redefine the building block of society, an AMERICAN institution, a sacrament of Catholicism, sacred part of Christianity, and stability for children.

    As for bringing race into that….I think that makes you the racist…not me or anyone else who doesn’t give a damn about Obama’s skin color, but rather his anti-American policies and world view.

    The Democrat party is no longer a rational option to the Republican party. Those who lead the party, including our President, are far leftists with a vision for America that is the antithesis to those who cherish the Constitution, freedom, and America’s positive light for freedom in the world.

  8. Return2 –
    Perhaps I could have skipped my last reply and explained in simpler terms why Obama and the Dem party are anti-American….a simple quote straight from the party.

    “The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To”
    —Democratic National Convention September 4, 2012.

  9. Dude, we’re not going to have a dialogue about this, so I don’t see the point. Other than wasting my morning. I am glad, though, you have a lot to say. That’s what this country is about. Most of it wrong. But I’m glad you have it. You spew forth a bunch of things that are not factual. You know nothing about the Muslim Brotherhood. (Remember I’m the Muslim here.) You don’t know anything about Sharia. You only know what others like you know.

    So we have a fundamental disagreement. Note that I can look at all your saying, as far right as it is, and still call it American. Yet you can’t do the same. That speaks volumes. You believe either in division or tyranny for having a mindset like that.

    By the way, bringing up race doesn’t make me a racist. The fact that you think that probably means you have a child-like understanding of race. Bringing up race is bringing up my feelings, minimally, and bringing up a provable issue about Obama’s presidency, maximally. Real racism is when I can perform an action that limits your ability to act based on your race. I haven’t done that, especially on your own blog page. But it’s cool.

    I didn’t get to see any of the speeches last night. But I’ve heard about the gov’t is the only thing… remark. I would stand by it. The only thing that connects you and me are two things that relate to the government, directly and indirectly. First, the internet was developed by the US Gov’t. Did you know that? The gov’t is the basis for securing boundaries and commerce that fuels business. It may not dispense the money to all businesses. But it makes it possible. It’s the taxes on income from those businesses that keep gov’ts afloat. American businesses and CEOs have been sucking about that part for over a decade. Thank Allah, the God of the Christians, Obama has been challenging that.

    Secondly, if we didn’t have a government that was called the US of A, I wouldn’t know you existed. I would have no reason. You live in a completely different part of the country, even if you lived around the block. I don’t have any friends like you. I don’t have any colleagues like you. I don’t believe if I met you in person I would even like you. However, we’re talking rather passionately about the fate of this country because we belong to it. You can say you own it and that’s true. I both belong to my family and I own much of what belongs to it. See how that works? So, it’s correct for my family to say that family is the only thing that we all belong to. It does not negate my own sense of agency to say that I also own what I share with the family.

    You can write back if you want. It’s your blog. But I probably won’t. Too much work. But I’m glad I have heard your voice as an American. I don’t want your vision of America. Nor do many people I know and love. It is your right as an American to voice it. I hope you continue to voice it, even after Barack HUSSEIN Obama is elected as your President in November. Again.

  10. So since I’m not a Muslim I can’t understand it? And you wouldn’t like me? And I’m just wrong? And I can’t call true anti-American beliefs exactly what they are —anti-American?

    Gee—I don’t stand up for my country so that a Muslim, America-loathing, Obama worshiping fool will like me.

    Your arrogance and your complete misunderstanding of America and its principles are astounding.
    (and your inability to argue the facts speaks volumes!)

    Good riddance.

  11. Sigh. No. Since you’re not muslim, you most likely will misunderstand what happens in the Islamic world. There’s what the Muslim Brotherhood says about itself, what muslims say about it and what the Western media says about it, for example. I may be wrong, but I doubt you talk to a lot of practicing muslims or do research on Muslim sites about Islamic organizations. But I could be wrong. Maybe you were a muslim. I was a Christian, fundamentalist minister, so anything can happen.

    I might also be wrong about not liking you, but I don’t think so. I’ve gotten your blog posts for over a year. I not only dislike and disagree w/ most of your take on things, but I also don’t like your reasoning. I also don’t like the cutesy little things you do, like capitalize the President’s middle name. WTF is that? I know why you might do it, but only you know why you certainly do it. You shouldn’t care whether you like me, because I certainly don’t care if you like me or not. But that wasn’t even my point.

    My point is that what makes this country great is that we both have the freedom of speech to say what we feel and believe. You can call whatever you want anti-American. But that doesn’t make it anti-American. In fact, it’s the nature of “free enterprise” and a “free press” to have ideas that compete against each other, right? Again, I don’t think your views are “American,” but your right to express them certainly are.

    I don’t know how I’ve shown my misunderstanding of American principles. Likewise, I don’t know how you’ve shown a full understanding of them. You list free enterprise, freedom, God, etc as American values. However, there is separation of Church & State as an American value as well as a commitment and affirmation of government to protect its citizenry. This includes from monopolies and a free enterprise that exploits the government rather than support it. Big government is what you get when business has gotten too big. That’s what American history demonstrates, if you’ve read it.

    I’ll gladly take being called arrogant from you. You’re not humble. (You can’t be. The humble don’t announce the arrogant. They’re too humble for that.) So it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that your ideas go down in flames on November 6th and beyond. You can THINK that you can define what being American means. But let’s see what America really thinks then. In the interim, blather on. You skew facts based on your worldview. I won’t purport to be any better. But here’s the catch: I know I’m a propagandist for the left. You actually believe you are speaking the truth. It would be stupid, if it weren’t as equally sad. Allah Hafez, Sharpie.

  12. Return2 – Still lacking facts, but damn you’re right and I’m wrong.

    You’re “pro-American” view in a nutshell:
    Christians should be silenced about government matters…and Muslims are just so misunderstood.
    Churches should stay outside of the perimeter of government….but government can force its views on them by law.
    Christians should adhere to “separation of church and state” but Muslim calls to prayer should be allowed on Detroits streets and Arabic in schools.
    The GOP is engaging in a “war on women”, even though this President is responsible for aborting them by the millions, keeping them unemployed, and for placing them under government care–from birth control to welfare.
    Businesses are the real evil in this world and government is here to protect us against them…not against our real enemies (because radical Islamists are so misunderstood, you see).
    Businesses are corrupt, but our government is angelic and has proven its efficiencies and upstanding ideals over the years.
    The government invented the internet and businesses had nothing to do with commercializing it and making it a force in the economy.
    Americans just don’t understand Sharia –even if they see women stoned, men beheaded, and a real “war on women” in Sharia-enforced countries.
    AND…”the government is the only thing we all belong to” is a belief to stand by even though America was founded on completely the opposite principle–The govt is run by and belongs to the people.

    Got it. LOL

    But I’m the one who doesn’t understand American values.

  13. By the way, here are some facts that actually have been checked and verified, rather than mythologized by “Myth” Romney and people like yourself:

    Enjoy. I’m still laughing about how you compared a call to prayer THAT HAPPENS around the world w/ some kind of infringement on the separation of church and state. It’s not an act of the state. Also, teaching Arabic in schools is no different than learning Spanish or French.

    Dude, I think you need to sit in the chair that Eastwood used. You’re hysterical. Literally.

  14. Return to the Source… If people like you have an objection to church bells ringing on sundays at 0900 to call Christian to church, I’m sure you would understand 0500 Imam calls for prayer anywhere in the U.S… Is that reasonable. By the way, if they want to call people to prayer on an AM radio station, I do not have a problem as long as I’m not paying for it…

    On those prayers happening around the world… That’s why they are coming over here… They want freedom from Islamofascism… or theocracies… or mullahcracies

    On plans…

    Mitt Romney

    1. Energy independence
    2. Improve education/School choice
    3. Make trade work for America
    4. Cut the deficit / Balance the budget
    5. Champion small businesses and reduce regulations

    Barack Obama

    1. Hope
    2. Change

    Cheer up, help is on the way…

  15. You miss the whole picture. I didn’t say I had a problem w/ church bells. I said they’re the same as a muezzin’s call to prayer. I don’t know what you’re talking about in terms of who wants to pay for what.

    And are you serious? The Dems have a 5pt bullet plan like the Republicans. Get real. It’s right here:

  16. joe biden has a 5 point plan like the one he had for Iraq? or like the one he plagiarized from the Brits? Please

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