Obama Motors’ newest release: The Dodge Despot

(H/T: Doug Ross)


4 Responses

  1. Funny:
    This part is not funny:
    Automotive Industry Financing Program
    General Motors Received $49.9B Paid back $.361B (Less then 1%)
    Chrysler $12.8B $.28B
    GMAC $13.5B $1.5B
    Chrysler Financial $1.5B $1.5B

    Now they are making billions in profit and you and I are paying for it while the union workers make above market salaries… and they closed dealerships and manufacturing plants (Pontiac, etc…).

    Obama does it, it’s good.
    Romney does it, (without taxpayer funds) it’s bad…

    Crony capitalism is in bed with the government and I’m not sure the Republican Party is not bought and paid for as well…

  2. The worst part is that much of their manufacturing and support is done outside the country. When I do buy an “american” car I buy Ford. If you want a good car assembled in the US, Toyota is a safe bet. Neither if these companies recieved “bailout” money.
    Welcome to the USSA, conversion to the new order is in progress. Only 27 years late.

    The republican party has conceded defeat, how else do you explain their potential candidates. I don’t know that much about him but. Mr. Allen, the gentleman from Florida, would be my candidate.

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  4. Our future depends on new and improved technology, to save our natural resources, and conserve the environment from becoming corrupted with the wastes of industries, and negligence with how we use, and dispose of products. Transportation will always be an essential need, and all countries should adopt a plan towards the
    ban of certain types of automobiles, and replace them, with energy
    saving automobiles, which will help conserve the oil preserves, and
    allow citizens to drive with better automobiles, and motors. America can become a leading nation for other ocuntries to look up to!

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