Herman Cain: “”You can demonstrate all you want to on Wall Street, the problem is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!!!”

Via HotAirPundit blog, Herman Cain spoke at the Values Voter Summit tonight…..and he received a standing ovation during his fiery speech!

He told the Occupiers of Wall Street to “move it to the White House”!

Herman Cain is spot on accurate…..a reminder of what the White House has done here or here….Wall Street didn’t do it!


9 Responses

  1. Anyone who compares these nihilists to tea party protests, as the liberal media does, needs his/her head examined.

    These savages are one step away from being weather underground terrorists… of the kind who associated with the current occupant of the White House… Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers ring a bell?

    See this: Stinking up Wall Street: Protesters accused of living in filth as shocking pictures show one demonstrator defecating on a POLICE CAR at Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2046586/Occupy-Wall-Street-Shocking-photos-protester-defecating-POLICE-CAR.html#ixzz1aCbw4SEl

  2. Herman Cain is the best and he’s right!

  3. boria: read through this article about the occupy wall street folks and let me know what you think, or if it’s just more “liberal propaganda” http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/10/12/1025555/-Open-Letter-to-that-53-Guy

  4. lol –
    The letter at Kos is impressive to the Leftists, much like Elizabeth Warren’s class warfare rant a couple of weeks ago. You know why? Because it is easy to impress when someone on the left can put two sentences and a couple of thoughts together.
    But…..sentence structure and documented thoughts does not make the letter or speech any more truthful nor correct.

    In reading the Kos letter, at least five things occurred to me without even having to study it too hard…
    1) The American Dream to the Leftists incudes a steady stream of entitlements, including smaller work week and more pay, that are not commiserate with the effort or value of the work performed. (Gosh that sounds alot like the basis for many public pensions, union rules, or even the crowded welfare roles we’ve accumulated under Obama)

    2) The American Dream to a Leftist must be achieved with less freedom and more government.

    3) When someone on the right wishes for free markets to rule (ie healthcare or social security investments, for examples) as opposed to government control, the Leftists accuse the Right of “dreaming small” or not wanting those things for everyone. Leftists completely negate the fact that these systems/solutions do not have to be controlled by government and those on the right wish to achieve those things outside of government control.

    4) Leftists believe that handouts and efforts to squash “hard work” in America don’t come with human behavior consequences. But they do. More handouts and less work begets the need for more handouts and less motivation to work. Conversely, hard work, effort, and results beget more hard work, even better effort, and better results.

    5) Leftists believe that long hours and hard labor should always equal a “share of the wealth”, regardless of skill or risk. They forget that the CEO who got their because of skill and hard work also took risks, made good choices, and likely made huge sacrifices for the job he/she is paid for. The Leftist believes that long hours (regardless of job) is equivalent to dedication, risk, sacrifice, good decision-making, intelligence, consistent effort, and continued education.

    Perhaps if those of the Leftist/Daily Kos persuasion didn’t believe that the government must run our lives, they might consider the fact that individuals can and will do most (every) thing more efficiently, more broadly, and much better than government.

    In addition, the Leftist/Kos kids should stop and consider the small amount of faith that they put in their fellow man versus the enormous amount of trust they put in the hands of government.

  5. WSJ 13 Oct 2011 Front Page…
    A garbage collector makes $90K per year with benefits in Chicago for working 5.5 hours per day…
    And who wants to change this unsustainable govt craziness: Rahm Emmanuel! He accepts what WI, MA, IN, and OH have already begun to realize!
    The ignoramuses on Occupy Wall Street, etc… do not have a clue, don’t know why they are there, don’t know what they want, and would not be there were it not for Obama’s awful economic policies…
    Rest assured, [hopefully] a [Conservative] Republican will usher a filibuster-proof senate, a renewed majority in the House, and a White House which does not cater to socialists, radicals, racists, dividers, and communists, not necessarily in that order…

  6. lol:
    I spent 32 years in the Marine Corps… 18 of those in the Reserves with 3 tours in combat zones… I know whereof he speaks.
    I also worked as a federal agent for 20 years before retiring.
    I know what 60-70-80 hour work weeks are…
    I do not apologize for being on the govt payroll. National security is an inherent govt function!
    Do you think these people demonstrating could use a 2 year tour in any of our services to teach them a work ethic? [I don’t expect everyone to be a Marine.]
    The reason why this young man is not smiling is because the Marine Corps taught him to “wipe that smile off his face.” He is as serious as a heart attack! To him, life is not a joke!
    Here is another [true] story which will break your heart:
    Neither will ever “occupy” anything except a grave marker at a National Cemetery!
    To quote him, God bless America!

  7. “The letter at Kos is impressive to the Leftists, much like Elizabeth Warren’s class warfare rant a couple of weeks ago. You know why? Because it is easy to impress when someone on the left can put two sentences and a couple of thoughts together.”

    ho ho, an ad hominem right out of the gate! wasn’t talking to anyway, so i got the gist of the rest of your comment “without even having to study it too hard”.

    boria: no one is questioning the validity of your service, or the inspiring dedication you and so many others show on a daily basis (including the guy in the article), and i also agree that if everyone did a 2-year tour of any of the services i think this country as a whole would be a lot better off.

    what i am questioning is how you justify calling these wall st protestors nihilists and underground terrorists for exercising their right to assemble and protest against the companies whose bad business decisions brought about the recession. i am also questioning how you can hope for a white house that does not cater to dividers when the attitude of “we can do it my way or not at all”–aka the house republican tea party line–is not exactly unifying.

    tl;dr how do you justify only one right way of doing things and denoting anyone who agrees with you not as a possible alternative to consider, but a nihilist or even a terrorist of all things? why not call people hitler just for disagreeing with you?

  8. lulz –
    It’s funny that you are offended by my statement but you carefully consider the Kos kid who states that he/she dreams bigger than those who disagree….and insinuates that those who disagree with government run healthcare just don’t want the benevolent things that he/she does.

    BTW – Boria is great at answering questions directed there…but it is my blog and I’ll respond to your Lefist links and your comments on my blog if I so choose.

    Besides, it seems you can’t refute the BIG difference between a Leftist and those who believe in individualism, freedom and capitalism….so you simply right off my comments as “ad hominem”.

  9. lulz:
    Compromising with liberals is what the Republicans have done for decades. What has it got the Country and us?
    A path to socialist hell, only more slowly. It’s not for me.
    Nihilism among other things means: Most commonly, nihilism is presented in the form of existential nihilism which argues that life is without objective meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value.

    If a protestor protests against people who are successful without regard to the fact they provide jobs, goods, and wealth to their investors, that’s nihilistic…

    What are they for in a positive sense? They know not…

    What do they propose? A return to a pastoral existence and the return of America to Native Americans/Indians while they wear synthetic clothing, eat food made by conglomerates they bash, and communicate [narcistically sometimes] with their iTools…

    The leaders among them will end up as junior Ayers and Dohrns who will bomb the Pentagon, Congress, and One Police Plaza in NY City, and then will host a future candidate for the presidency’s political coming out party…

    By the way, they have already shown more intolerance toward Jews than the whole Republican Party has shown in its entire existence toward any minority… Or the Tea Part has shown towards blacks… It has a way to go before it matches the work of Democrats, especially in the South…


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