PayPal: Clients’ religious freedoms trump homosexual activists’ preferences

 We keep being told that so-called same sex marriage and the forced acceptance of homosexuality doesn’t change anything.  It harms no one.

But for some reason, every few weeks, we hear another story about gays trying to shut down the behavior or speech of Christians….

In this case, however, they did not succeed….kudos to PayPal:

In an era of growing intolerance to Christian beliefs and corporate skittishness to pressure from gay activists, the world’s largest global electronic payments service provider says its clients’ religious freedoms trump homosexual activists’ preferences. — a gay activist petition site — recently targeted PayPal, taking umbrage at the fact that nearly a dozen ministries and charities that don’t endorse homosexuality use PayPal in their fundraising efforts.  “We won’t stop speaking up until they drop [the] 10 sites and ban all anti-LGBT extremist groups,” writes in its petition. The accounts in question are predominately U.S.-based nonprofits.

The petition states that it’s “PayPal’s responsibility to make sure this technology doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.”

A PayPal spokeswoman said the company prohibits the use of its services to promote acts of hate and violence. “However, we also take into account the rights of free speech and freedom of religion,” she said. “Balancing these conflicting rights is often difficult, and so we assess possible infringements objectively against our Acceptable Use Policy.”

Get that?  Christians and their ministries are “extremist groups”, in the eyes of these gay activists.

Just to be clear…this is what happened here.  A gay activist group targets a corporation that deals with a wide-array of companies, clients and groups.  The gay activists try to force the company to sever ties with any groups who don’t condone their lifestyle or their view of what theses customers should be.

We, as individuals (and Christians), need to stand up as PayPal did and declare our right to believe as we choose.

From a commenter at the link….it appears the gay lobby has become what it says it abhors:

Definition of Bigot: “A person obstinately or intolerably devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices, especially one exhibiting intolerance, and animosity toward those of differing beliefs.”


One Response

  1. This is emblematic of the tactics of supposed libertarians…

    These tactics are the same as those used by the communist left in the early part of last century.

    Unfortunately, Christian denominations are not helping their cause by continuing to be inward oriented instead of in the public square defending out Judeo-Christian heritage and beliefs.

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