Obama admin setting the stage for hacking away at military benefits

Obama has spent billions propping up public sector unions in the states and now wants to hack away at military retirement plans for savings.   Panetta is just Obama’s little puppet for accomplishing further erosion of our defense structure.

Defense Secretary Leon  Panetta said Tuesday that overhauling the military’s retirement benefits system is “the kind of thing you have  to consider.”

Consider for what?  Take slices out of military benefits so Obama can continue to spend us into oblivion?

Why, at this point, must the military be considered?

Why not cut out future stimulus, like the last Obama stimulus that propped state public sector unions and their plush benefit packages?

Why not reform Social Security, Medicare…and all of the other accounts that have been robbed by our politicians over the years?

No, it’s crucial that we hack away at the very people who put their lives on the line to defend this country.

I agree with Scales:

Retired Gen. Bob Scales called the proposal “a bad deal.”

“That’s why the military retirement system was structured the way it was  structured because war is a young man’s game,” he told Fox news. “We reward  those who sacrifice when they’re young. And the reward is when they retire, they  are given a decent retirement pay to carry them over the time they leave the  service, and this of course would just remove that.”

This administration disgusts me in almost every way.

For Obama, the military is not worthy of every dime they receive, they are better served to be used as tools when Obama needs them.

Before we cut into the benefits of the military, why doesn’t Obama lead on the “shared sacrifice” instead of creating armored campaign buses for the Magical Misery Tour, visiting wealthy vacation destinations during crucial economic times, or sending propaganda payout incentives to major internet companies — all on the taxpayer dime?


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  1. The military is always easy pickings… It did difficult for yes men/women to speak out out of turn.
    Generals and admirals, for some reason, will give their lives for their Country but not their careers…
    As much as I dislike Senator Jim Webb, D-VA, he resigned as SECNAV when SECDEF Carlucci told him the Navy would go from a goal of 600 ships to 350… and the commensurate reductions in sailors…

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