Obama IS another Carter – 32 years after Carter’s malaise speech

Malaise – definition from the World English Dictionary:

 1. a feeling of unease or depression
2. a mild sickness, not symptomatic of any disease or ailment
3. a complex of problems affecting a country, economy, etc: Bulgaria’s economic malaise

That definition would fit my feelings about Obama and the economy to a “T” — Obama makes me depressed and sick.  Obama has caused many problems for our country and made the ones we already had much, much worse.

Listening to Obama is like listening to Carter 32 years ago today!

Laura Ingraham proves it with her very clever example of the similarities between the two.  I can’t seem to get the audio embed on here so you can listen at this link.

Others have also noticed the distinct similarities on the 32nd anniversary of Carter’s tone-deaf malaise speech.  From Commentary:

Another striking point is the way Carter seems to berate Americans for showing too much individualism rather than embracing collective values and shared benefits:

Carter: “There are two paths to choose. One is a path I’ve warned about tonight, the path that leads to fragmentation and self-interest. Down that road lies a mistaken idea of freedom, the right to grasp for ourselves some advantage over others.”

Anyone looking for the roots of Obama’s invocation of shared sacrifice as well as the collectivist impulse at the root of his health care bill can see the similarities to those themes in that line from the “malaise” speech…..

……Carter’s presidency was doomed by his obliviousness to the opinions of ordinary Americans. For all of the pugnacious optimism about his own presidency apparent in Obama’s comments, he, too, must be wary of a similar miscalculation as he attempts to blame everyone but himself for a looming debt disaster.

EXACTLY!….”Jimma Carta, Part Deux” MUST be defeated in 2012.


18 Responses

  1. I noticed you didn’t state what problems Obama caused. That’s because you’re brainwashed into thinking that way with no facts to back it up.

  2. Ben,
    We’ve been over this before….besides I think you need a good mirror on the brainwashing thing…..let me refresh your memory:

    Does $14 Trillion in debt under Obama’s reign ring a bell? http://abcnews.go.com/Business/Politics/debt-ceiling-us-hits-143-trillion-limit/story?id=13599735

    or that Debt under Democrats (including Obama) has soared by $5 Trillion since Nancy Pelosi vowed not to partake in deficit spending in 2007?

    Or that Obama will add nearly as much debt on his watch as all prior President’s combined?

    How about tripled deficits?

    How about the failed stimulus of nearly $1 trillion wasted?

    Or the $1Trillion added to the budget in just 4 years of a Dem Congress and 2 1/2 year of Obama?

    Or the so-called green economy that sputtered?

  3. Ben,
    I was remiss in forgetting to add these little gems to spur you out of your “Malaise” slumber:

    Do you recall:

    -the unemployment rate Obama said would stay below 8% (was around 6% when he took over) but has hovered at 9 to 10% ever since?

    – or the sloth-like “recovery” under Obama being the worse since the 1960s?

  4. At least Jimmy Peanut Cater could manage the tennis court schedule at the White House AND proposed budgets.
    This guy (Obummer) will do anything to not put his fingerprints on anything for which he will be held responsible.
    Even the killing of Osama was sufficiently removed from him that he could have blamed the Pentagon had it gone south/sauer…
    He tried to triangulate this debt limit thing to get the credit as a centrist. The Republicans (finally) saw through his shananagans (sp?)…

  5. Brilliant analysis, Kudos sir.
    John Wilder

  6. Boria-
    Great points!

  7. Or that Obama will add nearly as much debt on his watch as all prior President’s combined?

    See, you can’t make a point without lying. It says: “Mitt Romney says Barack Obama will add more debt than 43 prior presidents.” It doesn’t say “combined.”

    At the end of Bush’s final fiscal year, the debt was about $11 trillion dollars. It is now about 14.5 trillion, which is due to reduced revenues due to high unemployment, payouts for unemployment benefits, and the Bush tax cuts. You can blame Obama for extending the Bush tax cuts, but he didn’t have much choice.

    Also, the stimulus was not a trillion dollars. It was $787 billion.

    $288 billion of the stimulus was Republican tax cuts, so that reduces it down to about $500 billion in spending

    $224 billion of the spending was payouts for unemployment benefits due to Bush’s massive loss of jobs. That would have been paid out even without the stimulus.

    So that brings us down to $275 billion in grants, loans, and contracts, which created or saved millions of jobs. It also provided upgrades to our power grid, road and bridge improvements, mass transit projects, renewable fuel development.

    So the real question is: why do you hate our country so much you lie to make it look bad?

  8. Ben,
    I guess that even when Dems have complete control of Washington, as they did for the first 2 years of Obama’s reign, it is still Bush’s fault.

    And I guess that even when Dems control Congress from 2007 to 2010, including overseeing the lending crisis of 2008, it is still the GOP’s fault.

    You really need to find a new demon for all of Obama’s and the Dems poor policies, spending, and legislative woes.

  9. Sorry if facts upset your world view.

  10. It is still Bush’s fault. Remember this, always: Democrat Bill Clinton left the WH w/ a surplus. Republican G.W. Bush left with a deficit. The Democrats have still spent far less than the Republicans have, while the tax cuts are probably noted for causing more problems!

    But what I really wanted to tell you is this: you need a Reagan to make Obama a Carter, and, um, you Republicans don’t have one. Too bad one comes only a generation. Romney(Care) can’t do it, and Bachmann can’t. So…prepare for another 4 years with Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. as your president and guide. Enjoy and all the best!

  11. Reagan was a god-awful president. He tripled the national debt, armed the Mujahideen that would become Al Qaeda and attack the U.S. on 9/11, his deregulation caused the S&L scandal and bailout, and he granted amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. He armed both Iran and Iraq and punished Israel for destroying Iraq’s nuclear facility.

  12. I think Reagan was awful too, though he was a real charmer. Hasn’t been a President as charming as he was. But Reagan is what really defines Carter as a one term President. It wasn’t just Carter’s failings as Dubya would have been a one-term President if he had gone against an Obama rather than a Kerry. Dubya had as many failings as Carter in his 1st term as Carter. Perhaps even more.

  13. Carter was ineffective, but he would probably would have been re-elected if Reagan didn’t make the deal with Iran to delay the release of the hostages. Reagan should have been tried for treason.

  14. Return2 and Ben—

    Oh great … Now two delusional GOP haters.

    I’ll let you two wallow in your make- believe world together.

  15. Perhaps Ben you do not realize that it was the dems who caused the housing crisis with the demented notion that having a house is a RIGHT and they instituted liar loans and threw out all credit reporting and income verification.
    John Wilder

  16. Oh Ben then it is your understanding that Obama will be voted back in a landslide as well as all the other libs and the conservatives are going to be voted out in the next election , right?
    John Wilder

  17. Perhaps Ben you do not realize that it was the dems who caused the housing crisis with the demented notion that having a house is a RIGHT and they instituted liar loans and threw out all credit reporting and income verification.

    How did they do that? What bills did they pass that allowed that to happen?

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