Update: Now it’s law SB48: California mandates gays be added to history books while shutting out Christian group “activities” in education

UPDATE 7/15/11:  Jerry Brown has signed the bill into law.


As California goes, so goes the nation?

Well, California is far down the path of legalizing special status to gays in education curriculum based on their contributions to “contemporary society”.  Translated it means that a group that exists only because of their sexual behavior will now be included in textbooks and education in California solely because of their sexual preference.

From SB48:

Instruction in social sciences shall include the early history of California and a study of the role and contributions of….lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans…with particular emphasis on portraying the role of these groups in contemporary society.

But that’s not all.  Not only does the bill require the above special treatment in textbooks, but Christians also will receive “special treatment” with this law.

From the text of SB 48 in California:

A teacher shall not give instruction and  a school district shall not sponsor any activity that promotes a discriminatory bias on the basis of race or ethnicity, gender, religion, disability,  nationality, sexual orientation,  or because of a characteristic listed in Section 220.

The “special” treatment for Christians amounts to a suppression of their religious expression and discrimination against them for their beliefs.

California law will now mandate that education include persons of “society” and “history” based on what they do in the bedroom.

That same law, by its requirement that no “adverse” views of homosexuality be included, makes no place for Christians (and other groups and religions) that reject homosexuality as the norm.

By extension, doesn’t this law require that education ignore the roles and contributions of Christians to California and US society if they have an alternate view than does the minority LGBT lobby?

And doesn’t this bill prohibit Christian-based groups from leading or holding a school-sponsored “activity”?  If so, doesn’t that fact completely negate the bill’s requirement that there should be no bias based on religion?

In California schools we now MUST teach our kids about obscure people because they prefer homosexual sex, but that same school must reject the Bible, punish Christian groups, and discriminate against individuals who don’t embrace what they, and many others throughout history, have viewed as sexual perversion.

From Michael Reagan via ConservativeByte:

Singling out a segment of the population for specific inclusion in school studies programs on the basis of their sexual preferences elevates what — rightly or wrongly — many see as a form of sexual perversion, to a civil right.

The bill, SB 48, passed on a party-line vote, adds lesbian, gay, bisexual and so-called transgendered people as well as those with physical or mental disabilities to the list of groups that schools must include in the lessons. It also would prohibit material that reflects adversely on gays.

Currently, or at least traditionally, history studies have been about the events and people who have changed the world, not their sexual preferences.   Reagan again:

The matter of the content of school textbooks has long been a controversial subject, but until now it has never reached the point where specific parts of the population are singled out for preferential treatment, especially when the segment of the population is distinguished solely by their sexual preferences.

School textbooks should never be used to promote anybody’s political positions. They should instruct, not propagandize the publisher’s personal politics.

But, in a nutshell, that is what you get with SB48:

  • All schools in California must use materials, including textbooks, that include “the role and contributions” of homosexuals and transgenders “to the economic, political, and social development of California and the United States of America, with particular emphasis on portraying the role of these groups in contemporary society.”
  • No school in California may sponsor any activity that “promotes a discriminatory bias” against homosexuality. (This essentially bans the Boy   Scouts, traditional religious clubs, etc.)
  • No textbooks or instructional materials in California schools may “reflect adversely” on homosexuality.
  • All “alternative or charter schools” in California are hereby warned that they’d better adopt similar rules.

Here is what Geoff Kors, Equality California Executive Director, has to say about this bill:

LGBT people should not be pushed into the closet when it comes to what students learn about history. Educating youth about the contributions of LGBT Californians and our state’s rich diversity will help foster true acceptance of LGBT students and will ultimately create a safe school environment for all students.”

I don’t ever want to hear again that this isn’t about creating a special status (where there is none) to those who practice homosexuality (among other things.).

For years now, the Bible has been banned in school libraries, Christians have been discriminated against in the public square including government schools, and the history of Christianity and its followers (including the founders of our country) has been politically altered to eliminate their distinct belief in the values of the Bible.   Where is the respect for Christianity?

Christians, in the public square and government schools, have been pushed into a the closet of which Kors speaks.

Are their contributions worthy of being included solely because they are Christians?   Will well-known historic figures be labeled as Christians if they professed to be?

Or is it just important to name whether a nondescript person was homosexual or not?  Must our kids now read that the founders were white, heterosexual men but not about their belief in the values of the Bible?

If we take contemporary society (which the bill references), would Christian evangelist Billy Graham be portrayed negatively because he believes in the Bible that condemns homosexuality?  Or, if included at all, would he be fairly touted as the positive influence and leader  he has been in a “contemporary society” even though he preaches against homosexuality?

The answers are yes and no, respectively because  the intent of this bill is not “fairness” for all but about forced acceptance and indoctrination of the homosexual lifestyle.

The sacrosanct idea, of the minority, that we must all “accept” homosexuality as normal will be accomplished by producing otherwise nondescript people as historic figures simply because they are homosexual or “transgendered”.

And, similarly the Christian belief that homosexuality is wrong will be deemed an illegal belief….at least as far as the schools and education are concerned.

At what point does the California legislature similarly feel the need to so vehemently protect the religious rights of kids and parents in California?

You may think this is just another “Left Coast thing”…but I can guarantee you that the information in those textbooks will make its way all over public schools in this country.  Similarly, this very idea of raising the status of sexual alternatives above Christian beliefs, with legislation, can fall over us like a domino to many areas of the country if passed in California.  It already has with gay marriage in New York.

Remember the words of Camille Paglia, self-defined lesbian and paganist from her 1994 book, Vamps and Tramps:

“For the past decade, the situation has been out of control: responsible scholarship is impossible when rational discourse is being policed by storm troopers, in this case gay activists, who have the absolutism of all fanatics in claiming sole access to the truth.”


21 Responses

  1. Liberals are so determined to change this country, conservatives better start waking up.
    The only way to stop them is with one Constitutional Amendment after the other.
    It is disgusting that when schools cannot teach the basics they believe they circumvent parents’ will and common sense in indoctrinating children with moral and cultural relativism…
    Why do not people go see what San Francisco and Amsterdam look/feel like…?

  2. Pro-homosexuals always make the case that the only arguments against homosexuality are religious based.
    I can’t wait for the bestial and pederasts and polygamists to join the fray… demanding their rights, freedoms, and proselytizing…
    We are sowing the seeds of our own destruction faster than Islam could ever. It might even slow this slide toward Gomorrah with the sword…
    The only institution able to fight this scourge is the Catholic Church… I do not know if it still has the nerve… All other Christian churches are too self centered…

  3. Boria,
    I’m not necessarily saying I disagree with you about other Christian churche—But why do you say only the Catholic church can fight it….and why do you believe that other Christian churches are too self-centered?

  4. It is up to the parents to demand approval rights of any change in study materials.A good old fashioned book burning would show the schools how they feel about the propaganda that liberal teachers call education materials.Take back the schools and make them a place of learning not a hot bed for all the deviate liberal crap they are teaching the children.

  5. SRT:
    The Catholic church has the wherewithal, the history, and the numbers.
    No Protestant Church could have achieved what John Paul II accomplished re. Poland and the break up of the Soviet Block.
    As a Methodist, I see my mainstream denomination struggle with (1) abortion, (2) homosexual marriage and rights, (3) antiwar, and (4) marriage. Example: It’s not OK to have a drink but it’s OK to have an abortion: What?
    The few protestant churches which get it (Lutheran Missouri Synod, Wisconsin Synod, many Baptists, Orthodox Presbyterian) do not amount to sufficient numbers. They are also focused on personal salvation. There is nothing wrong with that, but that is not the way we are going to defeat secularism and Islam, not necessarily in that order… I wonder whether a 21st century crusade will be necessary and won’t apologize to those who want to attack that word… Bottom line: It’s us or them and I’d rather it be them that change course instead of us.

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  7. Doesn’t section 6 of this law give the schools the right, maybe the responsiblity to teach the contributions to California and the Nation?

  8. Must repost. Doesn’t section 6 of this law give the Schools in California the right, maybe the reponsibility to teach teh contributions of Christians to California and the Nation

  9. Russell,
    No…there is no special right to teach Christianity in this law.

    Section 6, as a matter of fact, more likely threatens “alternative” and charter schools with the demand that they should “take notice” of this bill.

    And, as a matter of fact, my point from Section 2, is that no school may sponsor activities or groups that think adversely toward homosexuality or transgendered lifestyles.
    That pretty much discriminates against any religious/Christian groups which is counter to the “nondiscrimination” orders in this law.

    In addition, Section 5, leaves it up to a “governing board” (gee, I wonder how moderate that board will be???? NOT) to determine what is appropriate instructional material.

    So, in California ( and, eventually, most of the nation), we will now learn of never-before-known “famous” individuals just because they are gay….but future students may never hear of the contributions of our forefathers, Billy Graham, and others who hold religious beliefs that are counter to the homosexual agenda.
    It is that simple.

  10. What is even more disgusting is that Gov Moonbeam was on his way to the priesthood before he made a …. sharp LEFT turn…

  11. Boria…so true…so true!

  12. I can categorically say that anyone who supports the homosexual agenda in ANY way cannot be a Christian as anyone who supports abortion cannot be a Catholic (or a Christian) though the Protestant side of the house has found more wiggle room to defend the latter. Why? To ensure they do not lose more contributions to the Sunday collection plate. It has nothing to do with Biblical orthodoxy. It has everything to do with the almighty (pun intended) Dollar.

    Homosexuals (those who engage in the behavior) have every right to come to the altar as I do, a repentant sinner. Advocacy of that behavior is no longer a sin, it’s heresy and that’s where some liberal Christians stand and too many liberal denominations are no longer preaching the word of God.

  13. As Christians, we need to awaken ourselves to the fact that as stated in Ephesian 6:10-18: “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world.” In other words, this is a spiritual battle waged by Satan and his demonic heirarchy against man. Satan’s objectives are to “steal, kill, and destroy, but I (Jesus) have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10 Therefore, to continue with Ephesians, we are to “be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” Waging warfare through prayer and intercession, it the first major step in averting all schemes of the enemy against the Kingdom of God. “The Kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” Matthew 11:12
    Diane, Oakhurst, CA

  14. […] for some reason, every few weeks, we hear another story about gays trying to shut down the behavior or speech of […]

  15. You know I’m sure the right wing said the same thing when the push came to include African Americans in our history books.

    That discrimination protection clause you quoted? It includes religion. I’m sorry that we keep thwarting your attempts to keep the public stupid, closed minded, and uninformed but this is a new age. The LGBT community has made historical contributions to this country – we don’t ignore history just because we don’t like the sexuality of a person.

  16. Kindra –
    First off, to compare the gay agenda to the real discrimination and hatred endured by blacks in this country is an insult to blacks.
    Sorry, but we all deserve basic human rights and blacks in this country were denied those at times in our history. Gays have never had their basic human rights denied either by law or by bigotry.

    And the part of the bill that rejects anyone on school grounds that denounces gays or their agenda is a direct swipe at Christians. For example purposes only….If I am the leaders of a group called “Live by Traditional values” and it was known that the Bible is referenced in the meeting discussions, under this law, I would be denied access to a California school room to hold my meeting.
    On the other hand, if gays/transgenders want to have a club that indoctrinates students into the gay lifestyle, they’d have free reign in any class room.

    You see, homosexuality is not a Christian value and never has been. But under this law, the gay agenda, which, by nature, has a discriminatory bias against Christians would be welcome in that school system’s classrooms. The Christian group that teaches its values (including those that homosexuality is a sin) would not.

    The only close-minded people I see in this scenario are the so-called LGBT who wish to silence anyone who believes that homosexuality is wrong….and force acceptance of the behavior.

    History should be about those who contribute to history, regardless of what they do in the bedroom….but just being “LGBT” is now a contribution to history by this law. LGBT individuals will now be famous, in CA textbooks, for nothing other than being LGBT.

  17. Kindra –
    I rest my case on why LGBT will be added to history.


    When you have to figure out what/how to present the subject as it relates to history, then you are not teaching pure history, but rather a politically-correct view of it.

  18. It is scary how far the LGBT community is influencing our society as a whole. I’ve been attacked personally for expressing my Christian views supporting Viki Knox and her fight against teaching what most Christians find as an immoral lifestyle. One man out of California went as far as sending everything I posted on Facebook to my Superintendent and School Board to try and get me fired. If men and women in the United States do not take a stand soon we will completely lose our rights to Freedom of Speech.

  19. Well this is a problem here…I think Gay and lesbians are created by anti-gay behavior in schools…since children are different in size and shape, you have a bunch of bullies picking on a child telling them they are gay all the time…You will probably make them gay or lesbian…seems when boys or girls get picked on, they become insecure to the point of wanting love and that hatrid pushes them right into a gay lifestyle…I don’t think of gay as a sin, I think of it as a sexual aboration which is caused by social sickness…We have to understand where the word sin comes from and how the bible talks about sin… Its sinful to want someone else’s property…but we all want…Lets look at gay as a social sickness, and try not to influence people to fall into that…Christ is not going to bless the gay out of someone, we have to make sure we don’t damage someone to become gay…I think Christ would blame us for letting this happen, and not save us from ourselves…what would jesus do, jesus would stop people from using hate on a child that another child think is gay to stop them from making them gay…children make other children gay…That is my opinion…

  20. your quotes are incorrect. I did a control f on them in the bill’s text. it didn’t come up.

  21. i know this wont change anything and they already got it thier way, i have nothing against them but i believeit is human behaviour not appoved by billions in the world and now our kids will have to study this pervertion in school when we teach them the bible at home, i think we will need to hire thounsands of psychologies to help our kids once it starts and I might add: why dont we include the stadies of “illegal Inmigrants), call “Wet Backs” in the social studies? they have contribued in contemporary sociaty in the last half century no also economically but socially, they have kids that are now: Politicians, Doctors, Engineers, Nurses, Social Workes, Psycholists and the list can go on and on, lets put them in the “Socila Studies Boodk:. Pardon my spelling, I was one of them!!!!!I am a US Citizen now and greatfull to this nation.

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