Background on Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama, Jr. – Part I

This is a very interesting video done by Bill Whittle.  As stated over at, he sticks to the facts, but makes clear where it is that Obama came from and what shaped him.  Video is called The Enigma – Strange Bedfellows Part I.

It is 12 minutes long, but worth the watch.  You come away completely understanding why Obama appears to hate this country, capitalism, and “the rich”.  It is clear, watching the video, from where his Marxist ideology was developed.

Now as you watch, just imagine if a similar video was put together on any Republican candidate or President.  And just, for grins, assume for the Republican, you can exchange the words in the video:  evangelical Christian for atheist, the words student of big business and capitalism with “student of Marx or Marxist”, and a “father who believed in taking land from blacks and giving it to whites” with the reference of Obama’s father writing a paper on “communism and the taking of land from citizens and giving them to blacks.”

If the tables were turned, that Republican would be ousted from the Presidential race (by the media) faster than you can say “fellow traveller” or “Karl Marx”.

Obama has a dangerous anti-American, anti-Constitutional, Marxist ideology, just like his parents and his grandparents.  But you wouldn’t know it from the mainstream press…..and many of his supporters still shudder when he’s called a Marxist.  Amazing.

The video:


3 Responses

  1. Obama got Osama!!! What? No posts since he presented the birth certificate and killed bin Laden all in one weeks time? Can you say 2nd term president?

  2. Hey Jeb,
    FYI — This blog is one of my hobbies. I don’t sit here hour after hour blogging….Life does get in the way sometimes. But, at least, I am happy to hear you read the blog.

    As far as Obama “getting” bin Laden…I hate to tell you but Obama didn’t do it. The military and intelligence communities did. I do give Obama credit for going ahead with the mission, for sure. It was totally uncharacteristic of Obama’s decision-making abiltieis, so I will give credit where it is certainly due. But his credit ends there.

    And to make clear….Obama was able to make this decision to kill bin Laden because of the policies that were put into place after 9-11 (CIA Director Panetta has verified this) ….you know those policies like enhanced interrogation, Gitmo, secret prisons…all of those policies that Obama impugned and, in some cases, ended. So let’s also give much credit where it is due…George W. Bush and his team.

    As far as the birth certificate, Obama simply did what he should have done during the campaign…just as McCain did. So what is so election-enhancing about revealing his BC?

    I don’t adhere to the thought that either of these events make Obama a shoo-in for a 2nd term. Something called record deficits (that Obama has tripled), debt (somewhere around $5 Trillion ADDED since Democrats took over in 2007 and Obama in 2009), and almost 9% unemployment (that Obama said would never go above 8% with his 2009 stimulus boondoggle).

    Those are the real facts that will get in the way for an Obama second term.

  3. who is barry soetoro? he doesn’t exist

    it’s apparent that you can explain away anything obama puts forth to quell your accusations about birth/college/philosophy, so im not even sure why you bother asking for a birth certificate/college transcript/why he hates america. no answer short of obama leaving office (which isn’t an answer) will satisfy you.

    you and i both know full well if a republican president had been in office when osama was killed, you’d be singing praises for both the men and women of our military, and the president with the courage to do everything in his/her power to track down osama. no where to be seen would be the phrase “___’s credit ends there”.

    hooray groupthink

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