Fox’s Mike Tobin assaulted and threatened by union thug protesters

Gee, you know, Mike Tobin has reported from dangerous zones all over the world and I’ll bet he has never been as abused as he has been reporting from the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Disgusting, greedy, hateful, ignorant people these protesters have among them.

Another thug protester threatened Tobin saying he would “break his neck“.

This is what you get when the country is led by a union sympathizing community organizer whose campaign trough is filled to the brim with union cash.

Will Obama denounce these thugs?  Don’t hold your breath.


4 Responses

  1. Democrats, progressives socialists, liberals, and communists only believe in freedom for their own ideas. We should have learned this from the French Revolution and all the other left wing “liberation” movements which end in horrible tyrannies.

  2. one has to remember these people are out of work they have nothing else to do if you listen to graig tone of voice he didn’t care if Tobin was assaulted shame on him letting being thrown under the bus

  3. […] Obama would be denouncing the violence, the Capitol squatters, the union-funded AWOL Wisconsin Democrats, the vile language, and the […]

  4. Perception and reality aren’t completely aligned here, it seems:

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