New Terms of the Day: Fleebaggers and Electile Dysfunction

While Twittering today, I ran across two new terms that have been generated because of the hypocritical fleeing teachers from their classrooms and the fleeing Democrats from the voting chamber in Wisconsin…..

FLEEbaggers – those who flee their jobs in the name of “rights” and Democracy to fight against those who pay for their jobs.

Electile Dysfunction – the newfound disease of cowardly Democrats who flee their jobs when the voting gets tough. 

( I don’t remember who first used these terms on Twitter so I apologize for no reference, but something tells me these terms may be used regularly in the future!)

Oh, and PS…remember the calls for civility from Obama and the left?  Where’s the love now?  I don’t know about the love, but here’s the hypocrisy.  But, then again, the climate of hate is sometimes useful for those on the left….so it is OK?


2 Responses

  1. […] it was Wisconsin….Now the Democrat fleebaggers have left Indiana. Seats on one side of the Indiana House were nearly empty today as House […]

  2. Draiman for Mayor of Los Angeles

    “Back to BASICS”

    Fiscal responsibility

    Family values


    I am not a politician; I am a family man who is fiscally responsible with strong morals

    The reason I am not a politician is: because the term politician as defined today stands for – corruption, special interests and pro-government instead of pro-people.

    I challenge you today; to do what is good for the people of Los Angeles and than the city.

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