Ronald Reagan: “A Time For Choosing”

Change the numbers to trillions and the names of those mentioned and Reagan’s speech in the Fall of 1964 could be given today.  His remarks about liberalism are as true today as they were then.

Unfortunately, I believe America is at a crossroads…”a time for choosing”.

It is time to choose whether we wish for a bleak future for ourselves and families through crushing debt and massive spending or whether we want a massively reduced government that lives within its means.

It is time to choose whether we will respect our traditional allies or continue to undermine them while enabling and propping up totalitarian regimes across the globe.

It is time to choose whether we will continue to allow the scourge of “multiculturalism” to eliminate our borders and to allow mini-cultures and laws outside of our own system or will be seal our borders, abide by the framework of our Constitutional law, and call out radical Islam and illegal immigration for what it is.

It is time to choose whether we embrace the notions of individual freedom and liberty, as our Founders did, or will we continue to allow the decay of liberty in exchange for a collectivist society that is led by elites who never reap the “rewards” of such a welfare state.

It is time to choose whether we will continue to embrace those who ignore the Constitution in favor of their own set of standards or will we continue to respect the wisdom and intent of our Founders.

Reagan says it all so much better than I can…. (UPDATE:  Sarah Palin says it well, too!!)

It is a long speech, but so well worth listening to and understanding that the principles that Reagan espoused are the same ones we should be talking about today.

Happy 100th Birthday, Ronald Reagan.  America needs another like you!


2 Responses

  1. The only in RWR’s mould is Sarah Palin and she is unelectable unfortunately.
    Anyone has better ideas?

  2. Boria,
    I agree that Sarah Palin is the only one at this time that I would consider for President. The only reason some believe she is unelectable is because of the unprecedented and unfair portrayal of her in the leftist media and the Alinsky-ite Left.

    Although, the criticizing of Palin is unprecedented, remember that Reagan was similiarly lambasted by the press but won the Presidency twice in landslides.

    Palin is not the same as Reagan in some ways, but in the areas that matter, she is. She is an uncompromising, unapologetic conservative who believes in the static nature of the Constitution and original intent of our Founders. She believes in hard work and the spirit and capability of the individual, just as Reagan did.

    Further, she has a value system that is sorely lacking in American politics and many parts of our society…a value system that is crucial to the existence of a free America in the future.

    Palin follows her value system regardless of those who criticize (ie giving up the governorship so that she was not the focus, but the work of Alaska was) and she uses her values to steer through mistakes (ie pregnant teen daughter encouraged and supported in her choice to keep her son), dilemmas (ie choosing to have her Down Syndrome son instead of listening to the liberal “value” that her son had no worth and should have been aborted) and in her professional decisions (ie. going after her own party in fighting the corruption in “big oil” in her own state).

    She is a keeper. If those who hold conservative values and wish for the America that our Founders intended (but I repeat myself :)) would listen to Palin instead of her nasty, hateful critics, they would find a woman worth supporting for the Presidency or any other path she takes to help this nation crawl out of the socialistic, immoral hole it has dug for itself. That includes Republican politicians who, so far, seem unwilling to support the most viable candidate in their party….all because they don’t possess the same courage she does in standing up for what is right….those politicians don’t want to risk the onslaught of a liberal media for themselves. Sad to say that, but true.

    She has my vote.

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