Obama and the Left’s absurdity on abortion, Gosnell, baby murder, and “family matters”

Last week, the ghastly murders of babies born alive was unveiled in the office of abortionist Kermit Gosnell.  Of course, unlike the evil nutcase in Tuscon, for whom right-wing thought and Sarah Palin were blamed by the left for his actions, the case with Gosnell in Philadelphia has been largely watered down if not outright censored by the media.  Or worse yet, you evil taxpayers are to blame for it!!!

Ace of Spades notes the liberal gymnastics rationale you must believe in order to defend their cause of abortion and claim that Gosnell’s atrocities are NOT about abortion, but blame everything else on Sarah Palin and the right:

 …A shooting isn’t a shooting, it’s about right-wing rhetoric, but a story about a gonzo abortion murderer aided and abetted by pro-abortion state officials turns out to not be a story about either abortion or murder or the high government officials the grand jury says aided and abetted the crimes, but about… access to quality health care for the poor.

Read the Grand Jury report here  if you can stomach reading the evil that was administered at the hands of Gosnell.   From Michelle Malkin, the briefest description of murder covered up by abortion-approving officials:

But the grand jury itself pointed out that loosened oversight of abortion clinics enacted under pro-choice former GOP governor Tom Ridge enabled Gosnell’s criminal enterprise – and led to the heartless execution of hundreds of babies. Mass murder got a pass in the name of expanding “access” and appeasing abortion lobbyists. As the report made clear: “With the change of administration from [pro-life Democrat] Governor Casey to Governor Ridge,” government health officials “concluded that inspections would be ‘putting a barrier up to women’ seeking abortions. Better to leave clinics to do as they pleased, even though, as Gosnell proved, that meant both women and babies would pay.”

Of course, the media doesn’t see fit to link the actual depravity of “live-birth” abortion and those who perform them with the left-wing– upon whose shoulders this atrocity was enabled.  If not for the numbing politically correct influences of the abortion industry and its crusaders, the atrocities of Gosnell may have been reported or never would have occurred.  

From the National Review editorial:

This procedure, sometimes called a “live-birth abortion,” is illegal. But not thanks to President Obama. As a state legislator in Illinois, he argued that the law should offer no protection to neonates if they had been delivered before viability. He said that protecting them would violate Roe v. Wade and undermine the right to abortion. What looked like infanticide to most people was for him, it must be inferred, a “private family matter.” When Gosnell applied his scissors to pre-viable children, he was, on Obama’s terms, merely exercising a cherished freedom.

And, really now, do you think Gosnell is alone in his evil deeds in this country while cowardly “officials” look the other way?  I highly doubt it.

Well, Obama had a lot to say on the anniversary of Roe V. Wade…the day that led to the late term live abortions of the kind that Gosnell frequently performed:

“I am committed to protecting this constitutional right,” Mr. Obama said in a statement.

I want to know where in the Constitution it states that the lives of the unborn may be sacrificed on the altar of a “woman’s choice” and political correctness?  Where is that found?

Obama sickeningly continues:

“I also remain committed to policies, initiatives, and programs that help prevent unintended pregnancies, support pregnant women and mothers, encourage healthy relationships, and promote adoption.”

Mr. Obama, the father of two young daughters, called on Americans to “recommit ourselves more broadly to ensuring that our daughters have the same rights, the same freedoms, and the same opportunities as our sons to fulfill their dreams.”

I guess those same daughters when in the womb or born alive and then murdered don’t count.


Mr. Obama said the 1973 Supreme Court ruling “affirms a fundamental principle: that government should not intrude on private family matters.”

And because Obama cares so much about the lives of our children and choices for women, here is what he had to say about the (sometimes) forced live-birth abortions performed by Gosnell and the tiny victims he murdered by a few snips to the spinal column after they were born ALIVE:


Yep, the Obaminable One has not at this time seen fit to speak out on behalf of the women abused and mutilated at the hands of Gosnell nor of the murder of live babies at the hands of the evil man.

The irony of the Obama’s inserting themselves into our healthcare and even our food choices, but not into the atrocities of baby murder, is lost on many who follow the left’s lack of moral compass on this issue.

One commenter at The National Review  portrayed it best:

Obviously Barack and Michelle do not consider choosing to give your child Cheetos on occasion to be a “private family matter”. What happens in your 12 year old child’s womb is private, even from the parents, but what’s included in her lunch? Not so much.

The absurdity of this belief system is abundantly clear and deeply revolting.

May God Bless those faced with unplanned pregnancies and may He speak to them about the value of the life of those little ones they carry. 

 And may God speak to the hearts of every American in an effort to end this holocaust we’ve forced upon the most innocent and tiny of Americans.


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