Job-killing Obamacare: Repeal it or Starve it!!!

With fresh new Republican majority in the House of Representatives, a vote on repealing the healthcare law is coming within days.

It will take only a small 2 page House bill to repeal the 2700-page Obama/Dem job-killing healthcare law….

What is the title of the 2-page bill?  Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act.

Of course, the Senate remains in control of the Dems (by a much smaller margin than the last session)…and they are trying to tell the House to stuff it on this vote!

The House will vote on it anyway on January 12.  Considering that 60% of Americans want this Obamacare law repealed, I’d say Obama and the Senate Dems continue to be fighting on the opposite side of the American people.  Of course, what else would we expect from the shameful bunch of control-hungry Socialist wretches we know as Obama and the Democratic party?

So, if the House bill becomes only a vote on confirming what the American people want and the law is not repealed by the Senate/Obama….well, then starve it, choke it, and take the funding away!

We’ve already witnessed Kathleen Sebelius issuing vast new rules for healthcare cost controls.  But, according to the law, she does not have the power to do so. 

…….Sebelius’s “rule” marks “an effort to end-run Congress, which by some miracle declined to give HHS the formal legal authority to explicitly block premium increases, despite a direct appeal from President Obama.” Not having been granted that formal power, “Ms. Sebelius is creating by regulatory fiat larger de facto powers to achieve the same end.” 

Yes, well, there is a lot of that de facto regulatory unelected “power” already being used by the Obama administration in its efforts to bypass Congress….best example– just before Christmas, a new medicare regulation was released that “ includes incentives for end-of-life-care planning“…aka “death panels”.

The “death panel” language was stripped from the final bill before it became law, but the Obama administration is bringing it back in through regulatory means.

Some have recommended that Republicans in the House must “starve” the new law of funding…and some in the House GOP have stated the same.

Well, don’t waste ANY time….Go get ’em Republicans…..Repeal it or starve it!


One Response

  1. SRT:
    I’m not as optimistic about the Rs willingness to do the RIGHT thing…
    Are Republicans going down the same road as our Socialist/Progressive/Liberal/Democrat friends JUST MORE SLOWLY.
    I gather from the actions of Nixon, Ford, and the Bushes, and their associates in Congress, that they believe they can countenance socialist programs in small doses and everything will be alright.
    I rarely see Reagan types who are willing to appoint Scalias and Thomases… or to defend against affirmative action, Medicare, Prescription Drug whatever, DATD, etc…
    Is the road to socialist hell paved with Republican compromises on Democrat progressive ideas?
    Is it time to cut bait?

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