NO COMPROMISE, GOP: 33% of Democrats in newly elected House caucus as Socialists Progressives

Back in August, Gateway Pundit posted about the 70+ Congressional members who he claimed caucus as American Socialists….all of them Democrats (of course).  However, with further review, it appears the linked information is actually a list of  members of the Democratic Progressive Caucus.  The list includes the 76 members of the 111th Congress in the caucus.

Now, while the list doesn’t say Socialists, I think a huge argument could be made that most, if not all of these members of the caucus, have socialist leanings.  After all, here are the views of the caucus:

…organized around the principles of social and economic justice, a non-discriminatory society, and national priorities which represent the interests of all people, not just the wealthy and powerful

One view of Socialism, found at Wiki:

Socialists generally share the view that capitalism concentrates power and wealth within a small segment of society that controls the means of production and derives its wealth through a system of exploitation. This creates a stratified society based on unequal social relations that fails to provide equal opportunities for every individual to maximize their potential,[14] and does not utilise available technology and resources to their maximum potential in the interests of the public[15], and focuses on satisfying market-induced wants as opposed to human needs. Socialists argue that socialism would allow for wealth to be distributed based on how much one contributes to society, as opposed to how much capital one holds.

Social and Economic Justice=Redistribution.  References to the wealthy and powerful are typical class warfare strategies.  Besides, the 111th Congress that was just thrown out on its ear has been the most Leftist and Socialist in our history.

Progressive is Socialism by another name.  So now that we have established that…..

I thought it would be interesting to see how many of these listed Socialists “Progressives” were re-elected on November 2.

Of the 76 “admitted” Socialists “Progressives” in the last Congress, a whopping 64 Socialists “Progressives” were re-elected in the House last Tuesday.
And most all of those were by a wide margin.

Only 3 of those Socialists “Progressives” who ran lost their elections.  Nine of these Socialists “Progressives” either didn’t run again, won other offices, or are no longer in the Congress for other reasons. currently has the latest numbers for Democrats in the new House at 196.  

 Of all Democrats in the newly elected House, 33% of them caucus as Socialists “Progressives”. And that doesn’t include the Democrats who have yet to admit their Socialist “Progressive” leanings because it is not popular in most areas of the country.

I thought this analysis was interesting because despite the red wave on Tuesday, our country has several pockets where the majority of citizens are just fine with a Socialist “Progressive” representing their views in Congress. We know this because they re-elected them.

This tells me that the Republicans who were elected in a big wave majority had better stick to Constitutional Conservatism.   That is what the red wave was all about on Tuesday.  That wave resulted in a Republican majority in the House, 30+ governorships in the hands of Republicans, and multitudes of State legislatures now run by Republicans.

The red wave represents the vast majority of Americans who are speaking very loudly AGAINST the Socialist “Progressive” policies of the Obama administration and the Democratic-led Congress.  We’ve spoken and we want our Constitution to be followed.

Constitutional Conservatism is the moderate/centrist position in this country.  After all, the principles of the Constitution and the intentions of our Founders can only be considered as the average or center view of how this country should be operating.    Nothing else is a centrist view.   

It pains me to hear pundits/leaders/Obama and others talk about this clear voter correction on Tuesday consists of radicals who are reacting to “fear” or who “don’t understand” what good has been done. 

Sorry, but we do understand.  OUR position is moderate and we are pulling this country back from the Leftist radical abyss we’ve been swimming since Obama and Dems began their “rule” by implementing policies against the will of the people.

Constitutional Conservatism means closing the borders and fostering ONLY legal immigration; drastically reducing the size of government; halting current spending levels and substantially rolling them back; implement a plan for reversing the $15 Trillion debt our Federal government has generated; it means honoring state sovereignty; rolling back the federal control of our education system; providing the necessary resources for the defense of our country; free markets;  free-market healthcare; and much more.

These views ARE Constitutional and THE moderate position in this country.

Socialism “Progressivism” is not moderate…it is radical.  33% of Democrats in Congress are clearly radicals.  

NOTE TO REPUBLICANS:   There must be no compromise with Obama and the Democrats.  They are the radicals.  The American people who ushered in this red wave are the moderates.  Most of these Democrats may represent the radicals in their districts, but they do not represent the Constitution nor the principles of a free, limited government.  We want Constitutional Conservatism.  There is no compromising those principles. 


2 Responses

  1. No President in our history HAS ever talked about making our country MORE EQUAL, MORE JUST… THIS GUY REALLY BELIEVES IN SOCIALISM…

    These are the annointed one’s own words whilst speaking of Ted Sorenson:
    …”Ted lived an extraordinary life that made our country — and our
    world — more equal, more just, and more secure.”

    He is a member of that progressive gang…

  2. Boria,

    Not only is Obama a socialist, but he does not hold this country in high regard. Much of his rhetoric could be construed as anti-American or anti-Constitutional.

    He may have been born in Hawaii, but Constitutionally, he is not one of us.

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