PROOF: It’s the Leftists who hate the children*

Just found this tidbit amongst all of the election and political news via the Drudge Report Twitter feed….in San Francisco…they hate kids:

San Francisco on Tuesday became the first major U.S. city to pass a law that cracks down on the popular practice of giving away free toys with unhealthy restaurant meals for children.

San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors passed the law on a veto-proof 8-to-3 vote. It takes effect on December 1, 2011.

Because they HATE the children.   Can’t we all just get along?  Stop the hate.* 

Oh…and because the government needs to tell the Leftist sheep in SF what is and is not healthy for them.   Don’t entice the children, you know. 

Let’s see if I get this straight, though…let’s follow the logic, or lack thereof, of SF’s “leaders”–

Happy Meals bad for the children.

Pot good for children at baseball games.

That logic completely explains the wins by Moonbeam Brown and Babs Boxer yesterday in the once-great state of California.

*for the no-humor leftists who read this blog…this is called humor.  If you don’t get it, then let’s meet at the nearest Micky D’s and discuss it over a Happy Meal.


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