“Restoring Sanity” means never having to understand economics…

Well, of course, the Obamabots, Socialists, and Hippies don’t understand economics…

But couple that with a profound lack of knowledge of geography, throw in a dash of poor listening skills and a littler “birther” agitation….and….

Ta Da….Restoring Sanity!

From HotAir.com via Ben Smith at Politico.com:

LOL.  Perhaps they should have asked the little Hitler guy if he knew that
Adolf outlawed the speaking of “Austrian” after the Anschluss!

“Restoring Sanity” means never having to understand economics.


2 Responses

  1. I’m sure you would get the same response at a “tea party” rally that you would get if you asked this question at a yes on 19 rally in Calif. Probably speaks more to the general ignorance of the American public…

    What would Sarah say?

  2. GB,
    I beg to differ with you.

    The people at Tea Party rallies actually KNOW why they are at the rally and exactly what it is they are supporting and/or protesting. Most of them know exactly what is happening to the country or else they wouldn’t be there.

    From all I’ve read and seen from the “Sanity” rally—heck, even for many of the astroturfed protest rallies by the Unions/Dems—many do not even know what their signs mean or why they are there. And with the Sanity rally, many get their news from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, which explains alot.

    I’m not sure what Sarah has to do with it, but if you imply she is not worthy to address the basics of Keynes economics, then underestimate her at your own peril…. 🙂

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