It’s not your money, “Jackass”

I have frequently marveled at the Washington math that says Tax Cuts = Spending.

Tax Cuts are just that. It means that we the people keep more of the money that is ours and our government gets less of it.

In a Capitalist economy, we should keep more of our money because our wealth/money is the engine of the economy.

But Obama thinks differently. His Socialist viewpoint is one that says our money is really government’s first and they distribute and spend as THEY see fit.

The President recently said the following:

“If we were going to spend $700 billion, it seems it would be wiser having that $700 billion going to folks who would spend that money right away.”

The $700 billion Obama is referring to is the amount “rich” Americans will keep without the massive tax increase that awaits on January 1, 2011. He thinks the money is HIS to distribute as HE sees fit.

The only thing correct about his statement is that if the $700 billion is to be left in the government’s hands, they will “spend that money right away”. Oh, yes they will but it will do nothing to benefit the economy if spent by government. Just look at the Obama “stimulus” for proof.

Keith Riler at American Thinker sums it up this way:

I thought I understood this tax debate – whether to leave tax rates as they are or to raise them. But when I heard the President’s words something was off, specifically his first use of the word “spend.” The President basically said that not to increase taxes on small businesses and individuals making over $250,000 is equivalent to spending money on those businesses and individuals.

This is an extreme concept and one that is best understood by analyzing it personally. Everyone understands that when I “spend” money on a charity or at the grocery, the implication is that I am using my money to make a contribution or to buy chips and beer.

The President clearly believes differently, that my paycheck does not begin its life as mine, from which taxes are taken. Rather, he believes that my paycheck begins life as his, from which residual amounts are beneficently granted to me for living expenses. He clearly believes that the yet untaxed portion of my paycheck is still his, to be “spent” on me at his discretion.

This is revolutionary. This is Marx and Chavez, and it is a stunningly honest admission of President Obama’s worldview.

Rush Limbaugh was much more to the point on Obama’s sorely lacking understanding of capitalism and the economy. Rush on his show 10/5/10:

…….That $700 billion he’s (Obama) talking about, they will use the money that they are allowed to keep to invest in their businesses and save or create jobs, which once upon a time we were told was Obama’s top priority. “Obama dismissed the notion that the well-off — he included himself — would simply ‘take our ball and go home’ if they didn’t continue to get a big tax cut.” He said if they don’t get a tax cut, they’re not going to pout, they’re gonna still be out there.

 Mr. Obama, our imam child, they have already taken their trillion-dollar ball home and they’re sitting on it, you jackass, and I’m sorry to have to say this, but we have all of this pile of cash, how many trillions is it that the news has reported that companies large and small are sitting on. They’re not investing it in anything. They’re not buying bonds; they’re not buying stocks; they’re not going into hedge funds. They’re sitting on the cash, trillions of dollars. They already have taken their ball and gone home, which is why we have 1% GDP growth and 9.6% unemployment. They’ve already split the scene because they have no confidence, and they’re probably right.

This is where he’s an ignoramus. They’re not putting the trillion dollars into play because they’re trying to hold onto as much of it as they can before they have it confiscated which is what they think is coming, which is not confidence inspiring.

He’s a jackass.

He’s an economic illiterate.

He’s an economic ignoramus.

And that’s being charitable.

Nail —–> Head.


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