URGENT: Harry Reid sneaking amnesty into DEFENSE bill TODAY!

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As Michelle Malkin and others are warning, Harry Reid is sneaking the “DREAM” Act (Amnesty) into the defense bill that will be voted on today.

From Roy Beck at Numbers USA:

Tell them that this bill still:

  • covers everybody up to age 35
  • is wide open to fraud because people only have to CLAIM to meet criteria and the government has to PROVE that their claims are false
  • is open to at least 2.1 million illegal aliens (even before fraud)

Here’s the even worse news from NumbersUSA in an e-mail earlier today:

Pro-amnesty zealots are predicting that a massive, last-minute phone bank effort by the website DailyKos and the SEIU unions will bury our anti-amnesty voices today. (See the boasts lower in this email.)

Call your Senators and tell them to vote no.  Call Now!

Michelle Malkin has updated her blog to indicate that the vote was pushed back about an hour…seems Reid may be having trouble getting the votes needed.


Here is the Senate Call List info and background info.

Today is critical. The Illegal Alien Lobby is mobilizing its forces to call the Senate in order to pressure key Senators to support the ‘DREAM Act’ Amendment Tuesday at 2:15pm, as an Amendment to the 2011 Defense Authorization Bill. This amendment has no business whatsoever being in the defense bill. This is pure politics by Senate Leader Harry Reid, in a desperate attempt to rescue his sinking re-election prospects. It has NOTHING to do with defense, let alone with securing the borders, verifying legal employment, or any other aspects of “comprehensive” immigration reform. It is a 100% amnesty bill, and a 100% INSULT to our men and women fighting in harm’s way, to use them as pawns in Harry Reid’s personal political battle. Call your Senator today, particularly the ones detailed in the lists below, and convince them to VOTE AGAINST CLOTURE on this amendment. The D.C. and local phone numbers are included in most cases, and are the best numbers to use. You may also try the following toll-free numbers:  1-866-338-1015, 1-866-311-3405, 1-866-220-0044.

UPDATE: The SEIU has helpfully set up a website to make direct calls to Senators for you. You enter your callback number and they connect you to the Senator. Of course, you will instead urge your Senator to vote AGAINST the DREAM Amnesty Act: SEIU Dream Act Call Center

9:57 UPDATE: Sen. Snowe (ME) is now a “No” vote, due to “process objections”
10:55 UPDATE: Mark Pryor is now a “Solid No” vote
11:15 UPDATE: Sen. Brownback (KS) is now a “No” vote , due to “process objections”


Sen. Pryor of Arkansas 202-224-2353    501-324-6336 SOLID “NO” VOTE

    Sen. Landrieu of Louisiana 202-224-5824    225-389-0395

    Sen. Stabenow of Michigan 202-224-4822    313-961-4330

    Sen. McCaskill of Missouri 202-224-6154    314-367-1364

    Sen. Baucus of Montana 202-224-2651    406-657-6790

    Sen. Tester of Montana 202-224-2644    406-449-5401

    Sen. Conrad of North Dakota 202-224-2043    701-258-4648

    Sen. Dorgan of North Dakota 202-224-2551    701-239-5389


Sen. LeMeiux of Florida 202-224-3041    904-398-8586 “FENCE SITTER” – CALL HIM!

    Sen. Collins of Maine 202-224-2523    207-945-0417

Sen. Snowe of Maine 202-224-5344    207-874-0883 “LIKELY NO” VOTE – Keep calling!

 Sen. Brown of Massachusetts 202-224-4543    617-565-3170 SOLID “NO” VOTE

 Sen. Johanns of Nebraska 202-224-4224    402-758-8981 SOLID “NO” VOTE

    Sen. Gregg of New Hampshire 202-224-3324    603-225-7115

Sen. Hutchison of Texas 202-224-5922    214-361-3500 SOLID “NO” VOTE


    Your first and most important phone calls are to the Senators above.

    ACTION: The following list is of Senators who have shown a real proclivity toward amnesty but seem to have remained uncommitted. Under the pressure of the impending November elections, some of these Senators could be persuaded to vote NO.

    I would emphasize with them that a controversial bill like this has no business being put inside a Defense bill, regardless of how they may feel about the amnesty itself.


    Sen. Murkowski of Alaska 202-224-6665    907-271-3735

NOTE: Try telling Murkowski you are interested in her write-in campaign, but will not even consider writing her name in if she votes for cloture on the DREAM Act.

    Sen. Lugar of Indiana 202-224-4814    317-226-5555

Sen. Brownback of Kansas 202-224-6521    785-233-2503 SOLID “NO” VOTE

    Sen. Voinovich of Ohio 202-224-3353    614-469-6697


    Sen. Begich of Alaska 202-224-3004    907-271-5915

    Sen. Shaheen of New Hampshire 202-224-2841    603-647-7500

    Sen. Tom Udall of New Mexico 202-224-6621    505-346-6791

    Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio 202-224-2315    216-522-7272

    Sen. Wyden of Oregon 202-224-5244    503-326-7525

    Sen. Casey of Pennsylvania 202-224-6324    412-803-7370

    Sen. Johnson of South Dakota 202-224-5842    605-332-8896

    Sen. Warner of Virginia 202-224-2023    804-775-2314

    Sen. Webb of Virginia 202-224-4024    703-573-7090

    Sen. Goodwin of West Virginia 202-224-3954    304-342-5855

    Sen. Rockefeller of West Virginia 202-224-6472    304-347-5372


    Once you have done what you can with phone calls to the Senators on the lists above, you should look through this list to see who is causing all this problem by pushing so hard to give 2 million more permanent work permits to illegal aliens to compete with 22 million American and legal immigrant workers who can’t find a job.

    You can reach these through the Switchboard at 202-224-3121 or in our Congress directory (I apologize that this directory is loading sluggishly today).

    Give special attention to Boxer, Gillibrand, Lincoln and Mikulski, all of whom are running for re-election in November.

(AR) Lincoln

(CA) Boxer 

(CA) Feinstein

(CO) Bennet (not Bennett of Utah)  

(CO) Udall (not Udall of New Mexico)

(CT) Dodd 

(CT) Lieberman

(DE) Carper   

(DE) Kaufman

(FL) Nelson

(HI) Akaka   

(HI) Inouye

(IL) Burris   

(IL) Durbin   

(IN) Bayh   

(IN) Lugar   

(IA) Harkin

(MD) Cardin   

(MD) Mikulski   

(MA) Kerry   

(MI) Levin   

(MN) Franken   

(MN) Klobuchar

(NV) Reid   

(NJ) Lautenberg   

(NJ) Menendez   

(NM) Bingaman   

(NY) Gillibrand   

(NY) Schumer

(OR) Merkley

(PA) Specter

(RI) Reed   

(RI) Whitehouse

(VT) Leahy   

(VT) Sanders

(WA) Cantwell   

(WA) Murray   

(WI) Feingold

  • allows illegal aliens to arrive as late as age 15 and claim that they don’t know the language or culture of their home country and, thus, should not be forced to go back home
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