Chris Christie Rocks and Rolls against Leftist Teacher’s Union Leaders Drivel

Wow….I wish we could clone Governor Christie….similar responses to his below should be given around the country to counter the drivel and entitlement mentality that swirls around the leaders of the teacher’s unions.

Watch the entire video if you can….he counters each and every point with truth, common sense, and blunt facts.  LOVE IT!

From Ace of Spades:

When the big man takes off his coat…you’re toast.

I’m not saying the guy is perfect but damn, he’s simply demolishing the union talking points. I love how he can move between big picture political themes and policy details on a dime. He has total command of the subject and the conversation.

I think the most impressive thing about Christie is he is simply not cowered by the liberal talking points that send most politicians running to their mommies. You want to take a shot at him? Fine, he’s going to punch back.


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