“Compare and Contrast”: A little Monday “progressive” vs. “conservative” fun

#1) Let’s start off first with comparing the manliness and toughness of Barack Obama and George W. Bush.  Who wear’s “mom jeans” while borrowing his pastel child’s bike and who really knows how to ride a bike?

Bike “riding” in mom jeans at exclusive locations vs. Mountain biking on rugged property for fitness

From commenter at MichelleMalkin.com

From reader Lynn S.: “I like this photo of Dear Leader on his daughter’s bike and wearing his mom jeans…Is he ringing the little bell to warn others on the paved trail? [Training wheels were photoshopped out of this picture by WH press].” Snort.

#2) From Gateway Pundit, comes our second “compare and contrast”. 

Mirror, Mirror, on Glenn Beck’s wall, who is the most trashy party of all?

A look at the trash left behind at the Beck Restoring Honor Rally vs. Obama’s Inauguration:  A Tale of Two Rallies on the Mall: Clean Conservatives vs. Filthy Libs (Video)

Here’s a look at the National Mall after the massive Restoring Honor Rally yesterday in Washington DC:

And, here is a look at the Post-Barackalyptic Wasteland back in January 2009 after the Inauguration of Barack Obama:

Yep, the party of Obama and Al Gore, flush with all of the  “greenies” and environmental Nazis. really know how to clean up the environment, don’t they?

#3)  On a more somber note, Since Dems took power in Congress 2007 and since Obama took office almost 2  years ago, our economy and future financial outlook has went from bad to completely soured with their redistributionist policies.  (While Bush/GOP had spending issues of their own, they are amateurs compared to the Dems….) Look at these stats/figures for proof:

Federal spending:  per HH has increased 20% since 2007, National debt will triple from 2008-2020.  From CBO numbers:

Federal spending per household….has risen from $25,000 to nearly $30,000 over the past three years (since 2007) . The national debt per household, which was $52,000 before the recession (2008), would approach $150,000 by 2020……

Deficits and Public Debt:   Just read below and weep…again, from CBO numbers:

 …..The Bush Administration oversaw budget deficits averaging 3.2 percent of GDP.  The 2009 budget deficit of 9.9 percent of GDP shattered the postwar record. Furthermore, the budget deficit is projected to be 9.2 percent of GDP in 2010, and to remain above 5.7 percent of GDP indefinitely.

Over eight years of an Obama Administration, baseline budget deficits are projected to total $10 trillion—triple the $3.3 trillion in deficits accumulated by President George W. Bush.   The public debt—7.5 trillion at the end of 2009—is projected to triple to $23.5 trillion by 2020.


9 Responses

  1. [The 2009 budget deficit of 9.9 percent of GDP shattered the postwar record. ]

    2009 was Bush’s last fiscal year, Einstein. The huge debt comes from mainly from the deep recession and the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts. Bush inherited budget surpluses and by the end of his reign, had created massive deficits that DOUBLED our national debt. And we have very little to show for all that debt.

    At least with the stimulus bill, we have improved highways and roads, an upgraded electric grid, the creation and saving of millions of jobs, improved transportation, money for renewable energy R&D, among other things. That means an improved America.

    Why do you right-wingers hate America so much? You don’t have a problem spending over a trillion dollars on Iraq and Afghanistan but you’re outraged that we’d spend money on our own country.

  2. […] my post of comparing and contrasting earlier today, I ran across this post on Facebook that does a great job of asking what Obamabots […]

  3. Ben,

    I’ll warn you in advance that this reply is lengthy…but I can’t let your faulty assumptions stand as they are.

    I’ll address the year 2009 in a minute, but did you read the next line in the post?

    Furthermore, the budget deficit is projected to be 9.2 percent of GDP in 2010, and to remain above 5.7 percent of GDP indefinitely.

    Is that 9.2 percent in 2010 and indefinite 5.7% also Bush’s fault when it averaged only 3.2% under Bush?

    But back to 2009 budget….. I would be the last person to defend the spending of the Bush era, including the Republican-led Congress and the last two years with the Democratic-controlled Congress.

    But you have to look at the overall debt and deficit info to get a true picture.

    First looking at the 2009 deficit—- The budget (through 9/2009) submitted by George W. Bush had a deficit of around $400 billion.

    The CBO updated that in late 2008/early 2009 to $1.1 Trillion due to the TARP bailout, the recession, and Fannie/Freddie.
    Now you can argue all day that those expenditures all lay at Bush’s feet, but it is quite disingenuous to do so. First off, we had a Democratic Congress in 2007 and 2008. While I believe Bush never should have signed TARP, Obama voted for it, and Democrats wanted it.
    As far as Fannie/Freddie, Bush warned the Democratic Congress 18 times at least that action had to be taken before the scheme of giving loans to those who couldn’t pay them turned into a crisis. The Dem Congress failed to act and we have a mess on our hands in late 2008.

    The actual deficit in 2009, after Obama’s 11 months in office was around $1.7 Trillion. The additional deficit (above the projections above) is primarily attributed to Obama’s stimulus package passed in spring 2009. If my memory serves me, only 3 Republicans voted for that massive spending spree for unions, blue states, and Obama/Democrat slush fund.

    In addition, in 2009 Obama SIGNED the $410 billion omnibus bill for 2009 packed with thousands of earmark/pork projects…..those same pork projects he committed to drastically cutting in the 2008 campaign.

    So just how is the 2009 deficit all Bush’s fault, Einstein?

    One more thing on the debt/deficits in the Bush years. Bush’s deficit to GDP actually hovered a little lower (about 2.0% avg to GDP) than the historical average of 2.6%….until the last year in 2008 which saw the deficit swing wildly upward with TARP, etc. that I mentioned earlier. Average deficit/GDP was around 3.2% overall in the Bush years.

    (Frankly, I think the deficits should be mostly eliminated with balanced budgets and Constitutional discipline in Washington from BOTH parties, but that is a story for another day)

    Obama’s projected deficits?
    From CBO estimates, Obama’s deficits for 2010-2015 will total around $6 Trillion with a deficit/GDP of 6.1% of that same time period.
    Yet, Obama and Dems hammered Bush for his deficits, just as you are today.

    National debt will almost double from 7.5 Trillion to almost $15 Trillion through 2015. Through 2020? That debt skyrockets to $20 Trillion.

    Another perspective….Debt to GDP at end of 2009 was 53.0%,. With Obama, by 2015 it will be 77%….by 2020, a completely unsustainable 90%.

    Those numbers make George W. Bush/GOP look like a textbook case for fiscal responsibility (and they weren’t).

    Oh…and “scoring” the next budget will be a tougher project for CBO since the Democratic Congress, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, decided to “DEEM” a budget instead of develop, debate and pass one. This “deeming” allows spending with no clear and documented limits. Never before in history….remember that.

    Who is fiscally irresponsible?

    Now about that mythically large surplus Bush inherited (he also inherited a recession, but I wouldn’t want too many facts to muddy this conversation)….let’s go back in history and look at the facts, shall we?

    Via CBO, the so-called 2002-2011 budget “surplus” of the 1990’s has swung to an almost $7 trillion deficit for that time period. The “Clinton surplus” projection included assumptions of high-tax revenues from the 1990’s bubble (that wouldn’t last forever). It also assumed spending levels would fall to levels of the 1930’s as percentage of GDP. It also assumed no terrorist attacks, natural disasters, recessions and much more. Clearly, the bubble burst, we’ve been attacked, recessions have occurred, and spending under Bush, and even greater spending under Obama has occurred.

    All information straight from the CBO….And, if you believe the CBO continues to be “non-partisan”, here is where that “surplus” went:
    • 33% was due to two recessions and the bursting tech bubble that was not accounted for in Clinton’s so-called “surplus” (in other words a correction of bad assumptions).
    • 32% is due to entitlement spending and defense. (The largest supplemental appropriations for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were provided after the Democrats won control of Congress. In addition, the Dems proposed $800 billion in spending on Medicare…Bush signed into law $400 Billion… both are too large, but Dems would have doubled the spending on it!)
    • only 14% of that deficit “swing” was due to Bush tax cuts.
    • 12% due to interest on debt.
    • 6% is due to the so-called “stimulus” of 2009. The stimulus plays a significant role in the 2009 through 2011 budget deficits as I mentioned above
    • 3% to other tax rebates and AMT.

    Only 14% of that “swing” was due to the Bush tax cuts. By far, entitlement spending is the biggest enemy of a fiscally responsible Washington….and as I outlined in CBO estimates of Obama’s plans, that entitlement spending is a friend of this administration and the Democrats. If I recall correctly, the deficits out about 4 or 5 years will almost solely be generated by entitlement spending….not Bush tax cuts, not defense….entitlements.

    Your cheerleading for the failed stimulus bill is almost laughable.

    The Stimulus Bill was supposed to cap unemployment at 8%. This was shouted loudly by Obama and team in order to try and pass that nearly $1 Trillion dollar slush fund. Instead, our unemployment shot to 10% and has hovered just below that for months on end!

    In addition, there is absolutely NO precedent nor any way of proving the “jobs saved” shady reporting of the Obama administration.

    As for roads, power grid, etc….It is clear that the money did not just go for infrastructure that you tout. Many wasteful projects have been well-documented. Here is but one: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/After-a-flurry-of-stimulus-spending_-questionable-projects-pile-up-8474249-68709732.html

    Regardless, this stimulus DID NOT create jobs as it was touted to do. You don’t create and ‘save” jobs while unemployment increases about 3 to 4 points in Obama’s two year tenure. You will have some splainin’ to do on that one to prove how jobs lost equals jobs gained.

    In addition, almost every stimulus dollar spent is now on the backs of our kids and grandkids….They will be paying that bill!

    Oh…and “right wingers” don’t hate this country. We are the ones trying to save it. The big difference is that conservatives believe, as did the Founders, that a great defense is one of the TOP priorities of a free and sovereign nation. We can discuss the merits of Iraq and Afghanistan all day long, but at least defense is clearly one of the FEW things that our Founders intended our government to lead.

    Our Founders did not include in our founding documents the notion that our government should run healthcare, that it should fund unions, that is should take over private companies and fire corporate management, that it should follow the Marxist notion of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”…nor do you find the concept of unelected “czars” ….nope you won’t find those things outlined in the Constitution.

    I’ll turn the tables on you….What is it about the Constitution, free markets, smaller government, and capitalism that “lefties” hate?

  4. [Regardless, this stimulus DID NOT create jobs as it was touted to do. You don’t create and ‘save” jobs while unemployment increases about 3 to 4 points in Obama’s two year tenure.]

    It did indeed create those jobs. Other jobs were being lost at the same time.

    [I’ll turn the tables on you….What is it about the Constitution, free markets, smaller government, and capitalism that “lefties” hate?]

    I’m all for adherence to the Constitution. That’s why Bush needs to be prosecuted for violating the Constitution. Free markets don’t work. The move towards a free market during the past dozen or so years led to the melt-down of our economy.

    Regulation keeps our economy strong. Here’s an example: Lack of regulation and oversight led to the tainted eggs and the BP oil spill. That has tremendously hurt the fishing and restaurant industries. The worst thing that could happen to a restaurant is for one of it’s patrons to get sick from their food.

    Well regulated capitalism helps the small business owner. Small businesses are the biggest employer in the country. Deregulation primarily helps big business, often at the expense of small business.

  5. “Other jobs were being lost at the same time.”

    Regardless of what is created/lost….the bottom line is that unemployment is sitting at amost 10% for over a year….
    The Obama stimulus was supposed to cap it at 8%.

    Whatever faulty machinations the Obama adminstration is going through for “jobs saved and created” … the rhetoric still doesn’t square with reality.

    ” Free markets don’t work. The move towards a free market during the past dozen or so years led to the melt-down of our economy”

    Wow…free markets don’t work? Well what type of markets have we had for the last 234 years that have made us the most prosperous nation in history?
    Inquring minds want to know.

    “Regulation keeps our economy strong”

    Most people agree that some minimal regulation is appropriate in some areas of our market.
    What most Americans also agree on is that free enterprise is what makes our market tick….not the intervention of government at every turn.
    Is regulation perfect at all times? No. Are our markets perfect at all times? No.
    But It is very apparent that our government increasingly intervening in the free market, private business takeovers, unjustified moratoriums on industries that kill jobs….and more and more does nothing but boost big government.

    I’ll take the imperfect capitalist free market with its ingenious creators, risk takers, and individual achievers over the crony-infested, union-funding, irresponsible whims of federal government any day.

    You, my friend, are in the minority if you believe government regulation is the key to capitalism.

  6. Who’s more manly? You all are frickin’ rediculous.

  7. Maddoc,

    Well, I must admit that Bush can’t take claim to leading the “moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”— as Obama has.

    But he does look more manly and in charge on a bike.

  8. [You, my friend, are in the minority if you believe government regulation is the key to capitalism.]

    Got any proof of that? Even Alan Greenspan has admitted that his view of the market was wrong and that regulation is necessary . The markets are not self-regulating. The failure of our banking system is proof of that as it was when regulation was put in place during the Great Depression. Less than 10 years after the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, we had a repeat of the banking sector meltdown.

    Are you one of those people who blame all the problems on Barney Frank and the GSEs?

  9. Proof?

    How about the definition of capitalism. I’ve found no definition that outlines GOVERNMENT REGULATION as the key to its success.

    One example from Wikipedia: “Capitalism is an economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately owned and operated for profit; decisions regarding supply, demand, price, distribution, and investments are not made by the government; Profit is distributed to owners who invest in businesses, and wages are paid to workers employed by businesses.”

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