UPDATE: About Honor, Restoration, Unity, and Beck

Restoring Honor rally by Glenn Beck 8/28/10 Washington DC

Yesterday, was the 47th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech on the Washington Mall.

And 47 years later, we saw hundreds of thousands of Americans, including Dr. King’s niece Alveda King, gather on the mall to celebrate our country, our one human race, and make a pledge to restore HONOR in our country.

Here is what Alveda King had to say AT THE RALLY:

“….we are a family of faith, hope and love. And that’s why I’m here today…..Glenn (Beck) says there is one human race, I agree with him. We are not here to divide. I’m about unity. That’s why I’m here, and I want to honor my uncle today.”

Despite the protestations of the MSM, Beck-haters, and race-baiters, Mr. Beck led a day of worship, proud patriotism, remembrance of our Founding, and the idea that we are ONE human race. 

Young girl with flag at Beck rally. (AP Photo)

I’d say Dr. King’s Dream was alive and well on the national mall yesterday….black, white, Jewish, Christian, man, woman, child…..the Dream will live on …. but only if those who never lost their honor take the reins from a country that has collectively, and in some instances, individually, lost its honor and self-respect.

Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally in DC on 8/28/10, was a non-political effort to raise money for our military families while also invoking the call to turn this nation’s eyes to God, to remember the values of our Founders, and to restore the individual and national honor of the greatest country on earth. Hundreds of thousands of Americans responded by attending the rally…the crowd stretched from the Lincoln Memorial past the Washington monument. Thousands more, like myself, responded by following the events on television.
I am happy that Beck understood this it not a fully political issue and kept the event as one that was …well…honorable.

However, the events that have sometimes culminated in or exemplified America’s fall from honor have happened under a political banner. An example…A citizenry that elected Barack Obama as President in 2008 was a huge sign along the way that America, the country, had lots its honor. All of the deception, Hollywood-like character creation, and so-called intellectuals (conservative and liberal alike) touting “The One” as the next God-send upon our country have placed upon us a “leader” who clearly does not respect the honor, traditions, values and Foundations of this country. Regarding the unrelenting ideology of this President (and his cohorts on the left), the list of agendas is long, the arrogance immeasurable, and the genuine dislike of American capitalism and freedom is unquestionable.
As never before as a country, we are in a position of restoring the honor of this country, our government, our traditions, and the office of President. Obama did not single-handedly rule over America’s “fall from honor”…. but he certainly personifies it.

How have we gotten to this place of dishonor? Well, Doctor Zero at HotAir.com has some great thoughts on it.  I have outlined the main points below, but I encourage you to read his piece:

….We dishonor ourselves when we tolerate the use of our fighting men and women as pawns in a political game.

….We dishonor ourselves when we create massive obligations with unsustainable financing. This shows disrespect to the future, and a craven refusal to face the realities of today.

….We dishonor ourselves when we declare the rights and freedoms of our fellow citizens to be conditional, and subject to our needs. …… There is no honor to be found in the pursuit of a perfect State to rule an inadequate people.

….We dishonor ourselves when we embrace death as the solution to inconvenient people.

….We dishonor ourselves when we deny the possibility of progress to embrace tribal hatreds. Race and feminist hustlers peddle a message that says the vast majority of people cannot be trusted to show common decency to minorities and women. We’ve had enough of this toxic superstition.

….Most crucially, we dishonor ourselves when we forget we “have the same steel spine and the moral courage of Washington and Lincoln and Martin Luther King,” as Sarah Palin said at the Restoring Honor rally. We remain the proud inheritors of a revolutionary philosophy, the children of vision and industry. We have not diminished into timid weaklings, unworthy of the trust of our ruling class. Our land is still abundant, and filled with parents who want to make a better life for their children.

….We dishonor ourselves by believing we have no moral claim on the entirety of our labor, or responsibility for the maintenance of our needs.

…..We dishonor ourselves by paying trillions to hear the same old fairy tale about limitless entitlements distributed by friendly giants wearing power ties.

As Beck said at the rally, we either advance or perish.

How do we restore this honor?

I believe we are a nation of God. We have God’s protection as long we acknowledge Him. We have honor if we live by the moral codes outlined by our Founders, almost all of whom used the Bible as their guide.

I also believe that we exude honor we when get back to the principle of individual effort and responsibility. It is what has set this country apart from all others in history and made it great.

I believe honor only survives when we realize there is a difference between right and wrong. Moral principles are almost always absolute.  Relativism and the mixing of human “wants” into right and wrong is a formula for dishonor. Our soldiers and military personnel are great examples of those who understand honor, self-respect, and clear guidelines for life and rules of war. They have clear notions of right, wrong, brotherhood, death, life and more. As a rule, they do not ( and cannot) equivocate between right and wrong, between war and peace, between good and evil, and between pain and joy.

Our nation must reclaim the ideas of right, wrong, individualism, hard work, prosperity and equal opportunity…..versus the things we’ve come to know and teach: relative morality, collectivism, welfare, “spreading the wealth” and forced “equal” outcomes.

Doctor Zero also has a notion for reclaiming honor:

We reclaim our honor by turning away from those who believe the great mass of us are beneath their contempt, and compassion is best expressed through domination. They have no power we didn’t give them, which means they have no power we cannot take away. Let us begin.

And begin we must.

UPDATE 8/29/10:  Other very worthwhile reading about the Restoring Honor Rally and Glenn Beck.

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