Since Oil Spill…Obama plays golf, basketball, party animal with McCartney and Calderon, politics, fundraiser, the blame game, host, lunch date, grad speaker, presenter…….

As they said at Ace of Spades, this video should go viral and probably will…..

A pictorial review of Obama’s “concern” for the citizens on the Gulf and the oil spill disaster. 

At….a reminder of the unofficial count:

Just to remind people of the unofficial count:

  • Two days of media events (White House Correspondents Dinner and a tête a tête with Bono)
  • Three days of fundraising
  • Four commemorations (graduations, Cinco de Mayo, etc)
  • Six days of vacation
  • Six days of campaigning
  • Six sports events

What a great display of Obama’s incompetence, lack of focus, irresponsibility, and lack of true concern.

Oh, but the grand finale is this video below….cleverly created as “Hey, Crude”….

One month after Obama says he “will not rest” until the crude is gone, he’s partying down with a bunch of lib stars and the ignoramus Bush-bashin’, America-insulting Paul McCartney….

Just havin’ a little Obama “I won’t rest” White House party while the Gulf goes to hell in a hand basket….

“Na….Na…Na…NaNaNaNa….NaNaNaNa…….Hey CRUDE…..”

Yet, the master of arrogance continues to lash out at BP, while ignoring his own role in cleaning up this mess.

Oh, and McCartney might have enjoyed his visit with the “Taxman” Obama, but many Americans think Paul should just shut his knighted self up when on our turf….read rebuttals Doug Powers filling in for Michelle Malkin, at the Washington Examiner, and from John Boehner.  

As Nice Deb alluded to ….McCartney “apparently spent much of the night engaging in an embarrassing, (and now out of vogue),  leg tingling, obsequious manner“.

I guess Paul McCartney didn’t get the memo that the Americans who’ve put a lot of money in Sir Paul’s pocket no longer get leg tingles when having dreams nightmares of our inept, America-loathing President Obama!


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  4. We have started the Obama Golf Tracking Project at

    Obama has an addiction susceptible personality. The golf against the better interest of him and the country is just an example. He should not be our president. He is unstable.

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