Dems trying to eliminate filibuster?

A lot of things in Washington stink right now….and it’s not just Rahm Emanuel (who, let’s just say, “expelled” on Charlie Rose’s show).

Perhaps one of the worst hypocritical power grabs we’ve seen in while (at least since the Obamacare cramdown) is the prospect that Senate Democrats in the rules committee are meeting to eliminate the filibuster.

From the GOP’s Senate blog today:

Senate Democrats Gather In The Rules Committee To Eliminate The Filibuster, Which They Previously Called One “Of The Most Treasured And Cherished Traditions Of The United States Senate.”

The very party that claimed  the filibuster is one “Of The Most Treasured And Cherished Traditions Of The United States Senate” now believes it should be done away with so that they can cram amnesty, Cap and Tax, and Financial “reform” down our throats with only 51 votes instead of the filibuster required 60 votes.

These hypocrites see their chance to completely recreate the United States into a god-awful dependency state with limited freedom.  If they have to overcome Senate rules of filibuster they can’t cram the rest of this BS through before they get tossed over the cliff in the November election.

It’s not exactly clear that they will have to have 67 votes to change the filibuster rules.  They may only need a majority and hypocrite VP Biden. 

Senate rules require 67 votes to change the rules of the Senate. However, it’s actually quite possible for 50 Senators—if backed by the Vice President—to have elements of existing procedural deemed unconstitutional.

The US court system neither will nor should rule on things like the constitutionality of a de facto supermajority rule. But this is precisely why you have a President of the Senate (i.e., a Vice President) and I think it would be perfectly plausible for Joe Biden to say that by specifying supermajority voting for certain purposes (treaties, veto overrides, constitutional amendments) the constitution is clearly assuming majority rule for other purposes. Then it would take a majority of Senators to back up Biden’s ruling. And low and behold, a return to majority rule

Just so you can understand the sheer hypocrisy in this, here are some words from Dem leaders on the importance of the filibuster….words they spoke when they were in the minority:

THEN-SEN. BARACK OBAMA (D-IL): “What [The American People] Do Not Expect Is For One Party, Be It Republican Or Democrat, To Change The Rules In The Middle Of The Game So They Can Make All The Decisions While The Other Party Is Told To Sit Down And Keep Quiet.” “What they do not expect is for one party, be it Republican or Democrat, to change the rules in the middle of the game so they can make all the decisions while the other party is told to sit down and keep quiet. The American people want less partisanship in this town, but everyone in this Chamber knows that if the majority chooses to end the filibuster, if they choose to change the rules and put an end to democratic debate, then the fighting, the bitterness, and the gridlock will only get worse.” (Sen. Obama, Congressional Record, S.3512, 4/13/05)

THEN-SEN. JOE BIDEN (D-DE): “I Pray God When The Democrats Take Back Control, We Don’t Make The Kind Of Naked Power Grab You Are Doing.” (Sen. Biden, Congressional Record, S.5737, 5/23/05)

SEN. HARRY REID (D-NV): “The Need To Muster 60 Votes In Order To Terminate Senate Debate Naturally Frustrates The Majority And Oftentimes The Minority. I Am Sure It Will Frustrate Me When I Assume The Office Of Majority Leader In A Few Weeks. But I Recognize This Requirement Is A Tool That Serves The Long-Term Interest Of The Senate And The American People And Our Country.” (Sen. Reid, Congressional Record, S.11591, 12/8/06)

•    REID: “Mr. President, The Filibuster Is Not A ‘Procedural Gimmick.’ The Filibuster Is An Important Check On Executive Power And Part Of Every Senator’s Right To Free Speech In The United States Senate.” (Sen. Harry Reid, “Reid Floor Statement On Nuclear Option,” Press Release, 5/17/05)
SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY) On Any Threat To The Filibuster: “The Basic Makeup Of Our Senate Is At Stake. The Checks And Balances That Americans Prize Are At Stake. The Idea Of Bipartisanship, Where You Have To Come Together And Can’t Just Ram Everything Through Because You Have A Narrow Majority, Is At Stake. The Very Things We Treasure And Love About This Grand Republic Are At Stake.” (Sen. Schumer, Congressional Record, S.4801, 5/10/05)

•    SCHUMER: “We Are On The Precipice Of A Crisis, A Constitutional Crisis. The Checks And Balances Which Have Been At The Core Of This Republic Are About To Be Evaporated By The Nuclear Option. The checks and balances which say that if you get 51% of the vote you don’t get your way 100% of the time. It is amazing it’s almost a temper tantrum by those on the hard right. They want their way every single time, and they will change the rules, break the rules, misread the Constitution so they will get their way.” (Sen. Schumer, Congressional Record, S.5208, 5/16/05)

Read the words of the rest of the spewing hypocrites here.

As one commenter at Ace of Spades blog commented:

 I believe there’s a fair-to-high probability that within our lifetimes, the USA will no longer exist as we know it.


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