Jacka$$es literally celebrate “victory” over the American people they represent

I don’t know about you, but I am more angry today than yesterday over the passage of the “destruction of American healthcare” bill on Sunday.  I hope I can vent the anger into action.  We are all going to have to act to get our country back.

Before I get to the leftist and MSM celebration of America’s downfall….I was driving in the car today and an articulate lady speaking on Rush’s program fired me up….she clearly stated what many of us feel…I was cheering her on loudly in my car — all by myself !

SHE IS NOT ALONE IN HER SENTIMENT….She stated that its time the snotty-nosed young entitlement crowd and the lazy, old irresponsible adults among us need to understand the meaning of personal responsiblity, hard work, taking care of yourself and your families.  Owning a home, having a care, a cell phone, healthcare….none of it is a right!   You have no right to healthcare.  You do have the right to support yourself and access healthcare, buy a home, pay your own bills.    It’s time to get over your sense of entitlement, greed, and envy and buck it up….America does not owe you a living, a home, a car, food, or HEALTHCARE….We’re tired of covering your spoiled, griping backsides. (ie.  the above are my paraphrased words conveying the lady’s message)

And we certainly are not happy about supporting “Christmas every day for you” with the futures of our children and grandchildren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soak it in Nancy...for tomorrow, hopefully, you move to unemployment

So, coming home and seeing our leaders in a pompous celebration of victory over Americans is downright nauseating.  

As Rush said today:

“The liberal media is celebrating this great victory.  What great victory?  Over who?  Us! The American people! These people on the left attack us because they hate us. Period.  There’s no love whatsoever animating liberals or liberalism.  They simply seek to eliminate all opposition.” -Rush

Today, King Obama, Queen Nancy, Prince Harry, and Jester Biden, along with their leftist groupies, cheered, hollered, and smeared this monstrosity into America’s face. 

From Gateway Pundit:

When Obama arrived they chanted, “Fired up! Ready to Go!”…..

…..The assembled leftists shouted, “Nancy! Nancy!”

Biden even slipped out an F-Bomb….yea, I know hard to believe Biden said something questionable!?!

From the American Thinker:

 “Teddy Roosevelt knew [passing universal health care] was right,” thundered President Barack Obama at a Fairfax, Virginia rally last week. Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s repeated “one-day-closer” mantra tells us that the Democrats believe they have in fact won a “100-year” clash.

But if the Democrats were waging war, who were they fighting? If  Obama and Pelosi won, who did they defeat?

There are certainly the public enemies–insurance companies, doctors who saw off limbs and rip out tonsils to get fatter reimbursements–but the real reason socialized medicine has never passed is because the public has rejected it each time it is proposed.

Perhaps Obama, Pelosi and the others have won a war, but if that’s true, it is the citizens of this country who they fought against; it is the American people who they have conquered.

On the lighter side:

Joe Biden introduced President Obama today at a get-together that was hopefully more of a mass political funeral visitation than a health care bill signing ceremony, but in any case, Biden proved he’s still in “stand-up comic” mode when he reminded Americans that further debt and loss of freedom will make everybody richer:

In his opening remarks, Vice President Joe Biden noted that the Roman poet Virgil wrote that “health is wealth” — and that the signed law would make “Americans a lot more wealthy.”

The government is going to hire thousands and thousands of extra IRS agents to enforce this blessed health care bill. I feel richer already! And since health is wealth I’m assuming that Americans can now pay their taxes in avacados and wheat germ.

After the bill signing, the US Constitution was quickly escorted from the White House via the garbage exit (Dems claimed it made a racial slur).

Just as a reminder for Biden, the poet Virgil also wrote, “His sickness increases from the remedies applied to cure it,” and “Curst greed of gold, what crimes thy tyrant power has caused.”

As Biden introduced Obama at the bill signing, an open mic caught Joe telling the president, “This is a big f-ing deal.” For a second there I thought Chuck stood up.

If you didn’t see Bart Stupak in the audience, it’s because he was out on Constitution Avenue buying the Brooklyn Bridge from a homeless guy demanding change. What you also didn’t see at the health care bill signing ceremony was the health care bill. Scott Brown refused to loan Rahm Emanuel his pickup truck so they had no way to get it there.

Now Obama is off to Iowa on Thursday to sell something he’s already forced on America, like Captain Hazelwood going to Prince William Sound post-Valdez to convince the otters that they’re gonna love being covered in goop.

Good luck with the sales pitch, Dems. See you in November.


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