About those alleged abuses by the Tea Party crowd in DC…..

If you watched any of the State Run Media the last few days you have witnessed the hyperventilating talking heads go on and on about alleged racial and sexual slurs that protesters on Saturday were accused of by Reps Lewis, Cleaver, and Frank.

If these occurences happened, we should not excuse that behavior.    It is wrong to do.  Besides, it is not representative of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who simply believe our country is headed in a dangerous direction and who don’t want anything to do with such personal attacks.  One or two kooks in a crowd is not unusual and they should not be made poster children for the entire group, as the MSM is doing.

So let’s try to get some rational thought on this whole alleged event and contrast it to what Democratic Congressional leaders in our country have said to and about their own citizens just since Saturday.

First off, the alleged abuses have not been proven….it is still considered an “alleged” event because there has not been one shred of evidence so far that the events took place.  There is even video that proves that for that window of time, at least, this event never occurred.  (Video and background on the accusations at the link) 

(AP photo)

Second, if there are 40,000 citizens protesting the very policies that you, as Congressional members, are about to debate and vote on, why on God’s green earth are you walking straight through the crowd of protesters on your way to the Capitol?  Are we to believe these Congressmen had no idea the protesters were there?  Or that they knew of no other entrance to the building? 

It’s my opinion they did it, for the same reason Nancy Pelosi walked through the protesters with a large gavel…..to rub it in the faces of the citizens who protest their statist agendas.   And, perhaps, to incite the rare kook in the crowd?

Third, and perhaps most compelling, is the fact that these Congress people work for the very people that they are accusing.  If this event actually occurred as described, isn’t is best for that LEADER being wronged to simply keep walking, ignore the childish insults, walk on, and never mention it again?   Why did these Congressmen feel the need to shout from the hilltops about their alleged abuse? In their position shouldn’t they be able, as most of us understand, to simply ignore the few who cause trouble and move on?  If its caught on tape, then let it takes its course, but otherwise why mention it?

I shudder to think how often George W. Bush could have made similar accusations from word bombs, accusations, shoe throwing, and downright nasty verbal pitches thrown at him.   Of course, George W. Bush had more class about it, and even if he hadn’t, the MSM would never have repeated his shouts of abuse, as they have for the current Congressmen — it would not have fit their political agenda as it does now.

Politics is rough and tumble.  If you are a black man or woman in office, you may occasionally hear a kook yelling racist words at you.  It’s not right and I certainly don’t condone it, but doesn’t this attention come with the office to some degree?  If you are Barney Frank wearing homosexuality out on your sleeve, something that many Americans oppose, don’t you expect you may hear about that once in while?  Right or wrong?    The office they hold requires them to be above making the ignorant petty molehill into a racist/victim MSM mountain.

But if we contrast the accusations above and the overblown MSM/lefty blog coverage with the actual derogatory statements made to and about conservative Americans, clearly a double standard is in play.

There are LEADERS in Congress calling their constituents names and, worse, using slang and hateful language against others in this country who protest the policies in Washington?  Last time I checked protesting is still within the law, for now.

Not only that, when you are an elected leader in this country with the powers and “megaphone” that affords, what business do you have name-calling the very people you are supposed to represent, whose “microphone”, conversely, consists only of protests, donations, e-mails and phone calls?

If you watched only MSM and read lefty blogs, you may have never seen or heard any of these offenses that occurred in just the last few days:

* Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), accused Republican leaders and citizen protesters of causing teen suicide:

Where are you MSM?

* Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has ranted more than once about “teabaggers” a sexually derogatory term about Tea Party protesters.  (Video here).   Her latest at Free Republic:

And all this happened despite the best efforts of the tea party efforts to convince members of Congress there would be repercussions for voting on a bill that public opinion wasn’t in line with, or as Waters referred to them as “the teabaggers.”

“Thinking that the teabaggers out there had influenced a lot of people and had caused them to be on the ‘no’ side, and when it finally happened, I thought, my God, this certainly is historic,” Waters said. “This is a moment in history that will be remembered for a long time.”

* Rep. Jim McDermott  (D-WA), himself in no position to accuse anyone of “indecency”, calls Republicans and Tea Partiers “teabaggers” and “indecent” on the House floor this weekend

……radical leftist Democrat Rep. Jim McDermott earned the infamous moniker “Baghdad Jim” after traveling to Iraq in the fall of 2002 for a Saddam-backed junket before the U.S. invasion.McDermott is also the defiant lawbreaker who leaked a tape of an illegally tapped phone conversation by GOP leaders to the New York Times…..

 He took to the House floor over the weekend to condemn conservatives (including yours truly) and “Teabaggers” for their “indecency.” Our crime? Having the audacity to question Democrat pro-health care takeover anecdotes and to challenge their indecent kiddie human shield strategy.

These are but a few examples, but all have happened since Saturdays alleged event by pro-American protesters.

Where, pray tell,  is the MSM hyperventilation regarding nasty words from elected Congressional members about their less-powerful employers, the American citizen?


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