Victor the Contractor: “Today is a momentous day. Today we lose our right to choose.”

From DougRossatJournal — exactly my sentiments from someone named “Victor the Contractor”.  Read it a little further below.

Even though I am not giving up hope until the last Marxist votes today (UPDATE after vote: 219 Marxists for, 212 Patriots against), I am ANGRY, frustrated, and sad for our country all at the same time.  The Democratic leaders have lied and bribed their way through this process.   They are arrogant and happy about running roughshod over our freedom, our opinions, and our Constitution. 

It is hard for us to imagine that our country is descending toward something similar to what we have read about in history books (USSR, Stalin, Chavez — name your tyrant or you Communist).  It is surreal.  But it is happening.  And many Americans are going right along with these arrogant people we call the President and leaders in Congress.   Many will deny it.  And many will call me crazy for saying it.  But it is true nonetheless. 

Even though the vast majority of Americans oppose this power grab called Obamacare, it is still astounding that so many Americans feel that something is “owed” them….so much so that they feel it fine for our government to take over free markets and give to them whatever they want.  But, again, it’s happening.

I am sick to death of the “always been a Democrat so Obama has to be right” crowd, too.  Ladies and gentleman, the Democratic party of JFK jumped ship long ago…and any stragglers went overboard in November, 2008.   I have encountered individuals who know nothing to very little about what is going on in Washington — but because they (Or their families) have voted “D” all of their lives, Obama must be the god he thinks he is!  It is frustrating.

<slap><slap><slap> Wake the hell up America…..we are on the verge of losing 234 years of greatness…..that is NOT an overstatement.  Read, be aware, protest, donate to the people running against the Marxists in Congress this November.   Get involved locally.  Work to get Obama out of office in 2012 ( if not before).

If America can be damaged from within its own structure…She can be repaired as well.

But put aside your family’s political history, or your bad choices, and even circumstances you didn’t ask for…..and know that freedom is not free.  And there are no guarantees with individual freedom.  Some people experience hard knocks in life, but it is still not the job of all Americans to be forced to pick up your pieces (Many will, thank the goodness of American hearts, but they should not be forced by mandate of government!) 

Understand that the lifestyle we all live (where the rich can get as rich as they want and the poor drive cars, have cable and cell phones) didn’t come free.  Men and women fought and died for the things we have and our way of life.    Our way of life is being threatened like never before from within! 

I could go on, but “Victor” has more to say in more eloquent fashion than I.  “Victor” has captured the sentiments of many of us. 

Worth a read (my emphasis):

Today is a Momentous Day!

Today is the day! Today is the day that all Americans see the naked ambition of fifteen percent of the population as they exert their will over the silent, hard working 85 percent. Today is the culmination of many years of hard work in swaying public perception, breaking down the walls of decency and building a climate of victimization and entitlement. Today the House of Representatives votes on the Senate Health Care Reform Act.

Never mind that no one has actually read this pork nirvana: this bill that nationalizes one sixth of the economy. Never mind that this bill is a slap in the face to all who work hard and don’t expect or would accept a handout from anyone. Never mind that, on its face, the bill is a brazen attempt to subvert the Constitution of the United States and assign obligations to buy a service and criminalization of the God-given right to choose.

The right to choose not to buy a service one may see as a bad bargain, or the right to decide what is right for your own body. Those who have eroded the belief in right and wrong for decades; who have literally made a federal case over the right to control a person’s body; who have cried that the state had no business, indeed no say at all, about what what one put in their body, believed in their head, and even what they did to their unborn children. Now those very same harpies have turned that tenet on its head as they grasp at the ability to regulate every aspect of what we do with the body God gave us.

A God they do not believe in and they do not seem accountable to. For we live in a time where the ugliest of motivations are cloaked in compassion. A time where the killing of an unborn child is seen as ‘kind’ as opposed to saddling a selfish couple with the ‘burden’ of raising unwanted offspring. A time where the lazy and the losers in the lottery of life are trying to maintain a lifestyle by taxing the driven and conscientious people who make this country hum with productivity. These are times that try the morals of men as those who want to invalidate hard work and drive have control of the levers of power and use that awful responsibility for their own gain and avarice.

Before you go on and whine about the poor and stricken and the addict who can neither care for themselves or have the tools to prosper in this world, know this: Life is a harsh taskmaster who punishes the dumb, the lazy and the foolish with scourge and tribulation until they learn to operate within the constraints of civilization. Lessons you don’t learn or fail to heed as a child will be revisited repeatedly until you get with the program, succumb to the destruction brought on by your own lusts. Attempts to rewrite God’s law, or common sense, for those agnostically inclined, will always result in an unbalanced society that careens hither and yon morally, until it sputters to a halt, mired in the ambivalence of indecision and relativism. A civilization that feels more empathy for the sinners than the sinned-against is destined to fail as the criminals achieve a critical mass and take the controls in efforts to profit from the moral decline.

We have such a state of affairs now. The ugly girl at the dance is now calling the tune, much to the chagrin of the highly offended orchestra. The drop-outs who threw stones at the University’s stained glass windows now are the faculty; destroying the ideas and ethics that made this country great. There is a joke in the trades that men teach their children to work before they go off to college and get ruined. The ability to define right and wrong is the hallmark of a great society and the lack thereof the talisman of a civilization in decline. The loafers and anti-establishment crowd of the sixties are now deciding the tax rate for the rest of us, and they are not amused anymore. They are out for revenge. Revenge on the ‘boy scouts’ who kept their collective noses clean and worked eighty hours a week and put their kids through college and took care of their ailing parents and saluted on Veteran’s Day all across this fine country.

‘Liberal’ doesn’t even begin to appropriately label these Marxists! They really are the failed Communists who sewed the cancer of relativism into our public psyche and tried with all of their drug-addled reasoning to convince the rest of us that drive and vigor were not valid traits and conscientiousness was tantamount to selfishness. That success was to be punished, or at least taxed to support the ‘less able’ among us.

The Democrat majority in both Houses and the Marxist in the White House are poised to enact their vengeance today on all those who ignored their pleas for fairness and charity to the losers and lazy in society. Today they can ‘get over’ on the corporate toadies and millionaires who rule over and abuse the working class. If it were that easy, FDR, LBJ or even Ralph Nader would have so changed the collective zeitgeist to such an extant that this latest populist farce would be ignored, even maligned by the healthy, prosperous and well adjusted masses.

Instead we have an anti-St. Patrick leading the snakes from the swamps right into the halls of power. Its ironic that the ‘most transparent’ government in history has hidden its agenda and blocked public reflection on its programs. Its ironic that even the President is not sure what is actually in the health care bill and more troubling that he doesn’t care by what process it arrives at his desk. It will be law, no matter how many seats are lost in the coming elections.

This rush to political suicide by an overtly socialist Democrat Party barely disguises the real intent of this travesty of legislative process: the health care reform bill is Communism. Socialism is a ‘cooperative’ between business and Government. Communism’s hallmark is the Government’s possession of the means of production. I trot out this aged mare to make a point: a government that can nationalize the better part of a native automobile industry is, by its very nature, Communistic. Such a Government should not be trusted to ‘nurse’ a substantially healthy industry. Period. If its too big to fail, its just too big.

If the Government can decide that an entire industry needs to be saved and defies its own Constitution to do so, then that Government is invalid and must go. I trust that the Supreme Court will strike this law as soon as the mountain of lawsuits start. But what do we make of a process by which a minority of the population forces its mindset on the majority? Under what authority have GM and Chrysler been seized? Its not Constitutional. And neither is this health care bill.

Yes, today is a momentous day! It is the day we declare war on Liberalism. Today is the day we record the vote for this Communistic legislation. Today we make plans to campaign against our socialist Senators, reprobate Representatives and power-hungry President. And, pass or fail, we will know who voted for our ‘right to choose’ and who opted for a ‘Stalinization’ of our legislative process. It works both ways: Freedom of choice extends to the right to choose NOT to do, buy or consume anything, for whatever reason.

Give me Liberty or give me death!

Victor The Contractor

Victor, I’m with you!


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