If Obamacare passes, our American experiment may be at Code Blue

The dance of Socialism

That headline sounds dreary, and it should.  If Obamacare passes, it is the climax of the coup that the left has been perpetuating on America for the last 50 years.

Our Democratic government leaders and President know this is the culmination of years of “changing” America from a free republic to a dependent Socialist state.  That is exactly why they are lying, bribing, and shredding the Constitution to pass Obamacare. 

The true power-hungry, leftist colors of our President and Democratic leaders is now exposed for all to see….if we all just pay attention.

Some thoughts from Protein Wisdom:

And if it passes — and then somehow withstands the legal challenges — it’s game over for this American experiment.

And that’s not hyperbole. What we’ve been witnessing is a kind of ideological coup — decades in the making — that will culminate in a takeover of a vast portion of the US economy. This takeover will lead to a proliferation of government unionized labor, which in turn will lead to a perpetual progressive majority wherein Democrats will be able to redistribute wealth in exchange for votes, essentially trading money for power in the form of legalized theft and bribery.

When the Congress passes and the President signs a bill that takes over 1/6th of our economy against the wishes of the “governed”, we are on the downhill slide through revoking of freedoms, to fascism and further down to socialism.

The piece at Protein Wisdom continues:

That’s why a short-term defeat in mid-term elections doesn’t much bother the leftwing ideologues driving this “reform” debacle (to the point where we are all of us now daily counting votes for what we all know to be a cowardly and unconstitutional procedural gambit); because in the long term, the left has set itself up for a checkmate: as the economy moves more and more toward government-run jobs, competition will die out, and the left will have a stranglehold on the means of production. They will control you — in exchange for the promises of cradle-to-grave “protections.”

For those who have read Edward Bellamy’s socialist “utopia” Looking Backward (and its sequel, Equality), the maneuvering is familiar: ultimately, “the nation is the sole employer and capitalist,” having taken over industry on the way to becoming the economy. Or in other words, liberal fascism on the way to socialism.

For the last 8-years or so, I’ve been writing here about how the takeover of language has provided the epistemological cover for the strategies of the left; and now that they are so close to winning the culture wars — the end game being a fatal blow to the horrid notion that all men are created equal and so deserve equality of opportunity, and the freedom to make their own way in the world — they are no longer much concerned with keeping up appearances: this is, we all now know, a bald attempt to overthrow the US government as it was initially envisioned in favor of a soft socialist state, run by an “elite” political class, using nothing more, ultimately, than the weapons a perversion of language and meaning provide. By infiltrating and re-forming our institutions — itself made possible by institutionalizing certain ideas about language that (by way of epistemology) led inevitably to the reinforcement of progressive ideals — the left has been able to invert core classical liberals ideas, to the point where “tolerance” is now synonymous with “giving no offense;” individual identity is only “authentic” once approved by an identity group and its official narrative; and “freedom” is only possible by way of government provision, with Natural Rights shucked off as a quaint byproduct of Enlightenment thinking — the kind of thinking that has been replaced by the postmodern lie that, because we are created and prescribed by language, and because language is man made, truth itself is an invention of mankind, and so has no permanence other than mere consensus.

I hope our grandchildren enjoy potatoes, and don’t mind standing in line for toilet paper.

Because let’s face it: this has been done before. And unless we stand up and so no right now, it’s going to be tried again.

For those of you who are paying attention and approve of this bill even with its clear trampling of our freedom, free markets, and economy, we have to assume you that you are a proponent of the nanny state and against the principles of our founding.   I have a few words for you.

I no longer believe that there is room for compromise with the left in power in America.  There is no room for benefit of the doubt for Obama.    It is clear that the Democratic leaders in Congress and President Obama are proponents of a new America that lives in a Socialist state with few individual freedoms.  They strive for power over the people as their “protectors”.  Equal opportunity is to be banished so that “social justice” and the elite choosing “haves and have nots” is the rule of the day.

There is no longer a left vs right in America, at least as far as Washington’s leaders and their special interests (Unions, ACORN, etc.) are concerned.  We have now clearly moved to a fight of  anti-American change agents versus pro-American patriots.   

You simply can not stand for American values and freedom and approve of this Obamacare bill or its process….it is impossible.

These are serious, serious times.   My patience for those Americans approving of this bill is zero.  I’m in the fight to win.  My side is fighting for American freedom and values.  My ideological enemy wishes for “hope” and a “change” in America that is anathema to our founding and values.

For those of you who don’t pay much attention or you just don’t understand this bill or care about it, but “it seems OK”, I beg of you to read about the details of the bill: the revocation of our freedoms, the tax increases, that it won’t reduce deficits, and that the process of “passing” this bill has included bribery, favors, and potentially anti-Constitutional “rules”.  Is this the kind of government you want?  Do you want to be a servant  or slave to your government? 

For those of you who are against this bill and standing up for freedom and our founding, please try to keep up the faith.  All is not lost yet!   We can stand up to this attack on our country from within….and it STARTS NOW.    

We can no longer “tolerate” anything that doesn’t represent freedom, tradition, and American values….NOTHING.   Keep up the fight.  Speak out.  Teach others about our Constitution.  Inform your friends and family of the seriousness of our time.    DO NOT be ashamed of your conservative and pro-American views.

Our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren are worth it.

FYI — Real courage, not Faux-bama courage, for the fight comes from above:

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Galatians 6:9


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