Quote of the Day – Victor Davis Hanson

From Victor Davis Hanson:

 Remember — endless globally-warmed drought was not our preordained future here in California; Iraq was not “doomed” and “lost,”  the EU was not the “ideal,” and “ a new permanent  liberal majority” was never likely. Never give up hope…

My additions:  “Hope” turned into “Nope”;  No more “politics as usual” has turned into “politics as usual on steroids” under Obama/Pelosi/Reid; “Violent teabaggers” have been proven to be a tea party of  “peaceful blockers” of healthcare takeover, as of now; the so-called man-made global warming “alarmists” were proven as liars and frauds……

Conservatives are making progress in this liberal onslaught.  Be hopeful.

Read the rest of Hanson’s “Obama Fatigue” article here.  He has a great outline of why we are weary of Obama after only one year: Money, Style, Laureate Warmaking, Saintly Partisanship, The “Bush Did It” whine is over, and Race is a no-no.

Read it all.


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