The nauseating nautical metaphor that is Obamacare

(source: flickr)There are certainly some unsettled seas in America right now and the American Thinker asks “Is Obama steering the ship of State toward the rocks?

Obama is now coming out with two contradictory messages.

Either… (a) He is set to drive Medi-Grab through Congress, regardless of American popular opposition, or… (b) He is ready to junk it. ………..

….Obama is steering his ship right between two rocky promontories, like Odysseus trying to navigate between the dangerous rocks of Scylla and the whirlpool of Charybdis. But then, Odysseus was a smart navigator.

I suppose one could also use the pirate metaphor. After all, according to Wikipedia, piracy is defined as a “war-like act committed by private parties government officials that engage in acts of robbery and/or criminal violence criminally bad ideology” (Ok so maybe I changed the definition up a little, but it is clear that this definition lands us somewhere on the map that defines the state of healthcare “reform” in America.)

The ascension of Government-run Obamacare from its death bed is big news this week. Seems so long ago that a long shot Republican named Scott Brown from MA put a major kink in the healthcare coup being attempted by Obama and the Dems. (It appears that may be all that Scott Brown was good for in fighting the anti-Americans in DC, but I digress)

Obama has asked Republicans to a “kabuki” health care summit on Thursday. I think Republicans should tell Obama where to take his healthcare and his summit and shove it. But I don’t work in Washington DC, nor do I care what the liberal media thinks of me.

And, of course, today Obama unveiled HIS healthcare “plan”. Guess what? His version appears to be more expensive with more taxes than the Senate version — something around $1 TRILLION — but it is hard to tell because even the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office could not score Obama’s “bill”. And his version has been labeled as “unsustainable”.

But don’t for one minute think that “unsustainable” will deter Obama and the Dems.

According to Fox News via American Thinker, it is assumed that Obama is veering the ship to the Left:

……the most mentally fixated president in American history is going for an all-out Medi-Grab, regardless of the results for the country or the Democratic Party. Obama’s Medi-Grab is the biggest wedge the Democrats can drive into the body politic, intended to turn the U.S. forever into a socialist, Left-controlled zombie state, just like Europe.

Notice how the socialist label keeps being continually applied here. It is unbelievable that anyone is surprised by that label these days.

American Thinker calls this Left swerve “Obama’s Audacity of Desperation.”

Medi-Grab couldn’t pass the Senate when the Democrats were playing by the rules. But now Harry Reid, the electorally doomed Majority Leader, is said to be signaling his willingness to commit hara-kiri for Obama. If Reid can push through the “public option,” a 51-vote majority in the Senate will let the Democrats drive private insurance out of business with tax-subsidized Medicare for 330 million people, including illegals — even if it breaks the budget for decades to come.
This is Obama’s Audacity of Desperation.
And the more this healthcare bill is shoved down the throats and into the faces of the American people, we can see even more of what it is. We already know this is something the liberals have wanted for a VERY long time and they aren’t about to give up now…that is one part of why rational people can’t figure out this political suicide mission the Democrats are on.
Another fact coming into clarity includes the exorbitant costs and the medical personnel shortages that will, in fact, naturally (if not by fiat) produce a system where elitists on high will decide who gets what care…and whether that person is “worth” it….in other words “death panels.”
Obama’s Medi-Grab will break the Medicare system, because you can’t cover 330 million people, including illegals, just with the tax money currently dedicated to the elderly. Something’s got to give, and it will be Medicare for the elderly. But the elderly are the most medically endangered sector of the population. Does anybody see Death Panels in the offing?
Well, Robert Reich and Rahmbro Ezekiel Emmanuel have called for exactly that. They have told us the elderly are not worth the money to keep them alive.
Just for the record, I can’t stand “Death Panel deniers”. For those of you who deny that Obamacare ultimately ends in death panels — it is settled science. And its called supply and demand….or better yet, read the white paper on “Socialist Decisions by the Elite and their effect on Supply and Demand in the healthcare system”.
Clearly, this is a fight that freedom-loving Americans can not lose. Obama and the Dems are threatening to pass this bill through “reconciliation” if Republicans don’t bend to their will. In other words, they’ll try to pass it via (questionable) procedural rules with only 51 votes.
I’ll close this post with the last part of the American Thinker article.  When you get to the end….let me know if your horse is saddled up, you have your boots on, flag in hand and ready to ride.
Well, it won’t work. We can’t allow it to work, because it will zombify the country. It’s Obama the Vampire time. Europe is already zombified, as you can see by their inability to use common sense. The voters have been intimidated and bought off. They can no longer act in their own self-interest, and they are being sucked into the European Union against popular opposition. That’s the model.
Obama’s desperation pass makes 2010 the most crucial election year ever, more important than the 1980 election that pitted Ronald Reagan against Jimmy Carter. If the FOX News report is true, this is a suicide charge by the Left. They will try to drive in that solid wedge before voters get a chance to act, and let the consequences be damned.
It is therefore crucial to convince the Democrats that they will never be forgiven — by the Medicare population, for one — for driving a wedge through the heart of this country. The Left is counting on the fact that most Americans don’t pay attention to politics. But no sensible American can doubt that this is the most power-hungry, radical Leftist administration in history. Americans are waking up — slowly.
Obama’s Medi-Grab must be stopped immediately by a public uproar of unprecedented size and intensity. We know who they are, we know what they want, and we, the people, want to stop them. It’s time for a Megaton Tea Party.
Now we know why Evan Bayh is resigning. He doesn’t want to fall on his sword for the greater glory of Obama. He’s letting the hard Left go for broke, and when things fall apart, he can come back and pick up the pieces. Maybe.
But that doesn’t save the country from the mind-locked Fraudocrats who are now in power, determined to impose a Leftist Revolution from Above. The “Revolution from Above” is a Stalinist concept. It means permanent power for the control freaks. That is what the U.S. Constitution was designed to block.
But the Constitution can sink without voters who are alert to the danger from the radicals who control the White House and Congress today.
So it’s up to you. The bad guys are running the town. It’s time for the U.S. Cavalry to ride to the rescue.
That means you. 
(Source: Wikipedia)

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