Inhofe family tribute to Al Gore

With record snowfall in Dallas and the rarity of significant snow falling in almost every Southern state, it seems Washington DC and the Altantic corridor are not the only areas suffering from global warming. (Yes, the global warming myth extenders are claiming the record snowfalls this year all prove global warming).

Of course, Al Gore, Mr. Chicken Little, is no where to be seen while we all freeze in this “global warming crisis”.

His recent disappearance and Al Gore’s hypocrisy on carbon reduction have not been lost on Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OKLA) and his family…..they built an igloo for Mr. Blowhard to live in

Inhofe Family Pokes Fun at Al Gore, Global Warming During DC Feb Blizzard

 Perfect igloo—it’s everything a guy like Gore wants us to live in–low carbon, no electricity, small footprint, etc.–but HE never will.   Pompous, hypocritical, lying air bag…where are you now?

Love the igloo…..and Inhofe’s family.


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  1. […] get me wrong….the America apologists, statists, socialists, and global warming maniacs among us will not be raising the white flag any time soon.  But the more they double-down on their […]

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