You’ve got to “hand” it to Palin

The lefty blogosphere and left-leaning “objective” media outlets are all atwitter over Sarah Palin’s use of her hand as a note pad during Saturday’s Tea Party Convention Speech.

(View Palin’s Tea Party speech here.  She received good reviews for taking down Obama’s policies and clearly outlining the issues this country faces.)

For the speech, Sarah Palin wrote down a few little reminders on her hand and it can be seen in some videos and pics of the event.  From

Somehow the left believes this is unprofessional and scandalous.  Of course a Far Left President, whom they support, fully relies on his teleprompter at 99.9% of his public speaking engagements.  And, unlike the soaring rhetoric in his campaign speeches, most of his telemprompter-advised speeches today fall flat with arrogance, lack of emotion, and ego.

Of course Palin shows her sense of humor and completely runs over the illegitimate and stupid complaints from the left.  The day after the speech, while campaigning for Rick Perry, Palin writes “Hi, Mom” on her hand and nonchalantly makes sure it is shown in the pictures. (FYI: These pics are not photoshopped.)

True to form, the sickening left, of course, takes this episode to its misogynistic sexual level.  From Legal Insurrection:

I’m talking about the impulse in the Democratic base to use a non-sexual situation to sexualize and demean a female politician. Hillary had to deal with it. And there is a long history of sexist treatment of Palin, including the Newsweek cover last November.

Today, the story was a play on Palin giving a “hand job”:

There’s also plenty of play on Twitter for the “Palin hand job” theme. Blue Lyon has collected some foul comments from popular “progressive” blogs and forums, and sums it up with this:

Way to go progs. The “Progressive” blogosphere needs to get their heads out of their junior high asses (no offense meant to junior high kids) and get smart. But I am not holding my breath.

The Democratic base has revealed itself once again. Thanks Sarah.

Palin wins the round…with humor and a result that exposes the Leftists for what they are.

(H/T: Michelle Malkin)


3 Responses

  1. Ha ha…we go on scrutinizing Palin’s $100K “handjob” while media whores on the left and right trade shots w/GOP televangelist/pin-up doll — she trades shots w/Mr.Wall St-banker bailout POTUS — we continue to lose our jobs, homes, futures (minds) and our children continue being sacrificed in their wars (mega profits) — how’s that working out for ANY of us? These so-called leaders are installed via corp funding, and know this…they don’t give a damn about us! Bread & Circus…like it’s been for thousands of years –the Romans were most honest about it…rulers and serfs…that’s the playing field….read “The Grand Chessboard” by Zbig Brzezinski…Obama/Sarah Palin phenomenon was planned before she won Miss Wasilla! Why are ALL Obama records sealed? They play multi-level chess, while we play checkers…

  2. intheknow7 –

    Hey, buddy, time to get back on you meds!

  3. Hopefully, some day you’ll advance beyond seeing this as some kind of sporting event…what these people do effect our lives for years into the future…until then Be Well

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