Iran Launches Worms Into Space

Gee, I saw just the headline for this story and I thought Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Frank, Emanuel and Gibbs had agreed to a free ride on an Iranian rocket.

Actually, I think Pelosi thought they said free ride on a 737 Military Jet and was the first to volunteer.

And Iran asked Obama “Wanna take a rocket up?”  and Obama thought they said, “Wanna come and talk it up?”  Obama quickly volunteered for the chance for talks with Iran.

Seriously, as Iran tells it, here is the story:

In what seemed designed as a display of advancing missile technology, Iran said on Wednesday that it had test-fired a rocket into space carrying living organisms — a rat, two turtles and worms, according to the official Press TV broadcaster.

The launch of what was described as a Kavoshgar-3 missile, capable of carrying satellites, came as the Tehran regime is facing a series of challenges.

Press TV said Wednesday that the Kavoshgar, or Explorer, missile was the third of its type to be launched space since February 2008, and was carrying an experimental capsule to transfer telemetric data, live pictures and other information to Earth. A second Kavoshgar was launched in November 2008, Press TV said. The model launched on Wednesday was described as an updated version of the earlier rockets.

From…not impressed (my emphasis):

A search around the Internet finds not one story that can offer any verification of the launch. But, kudos to Iran if they managed to launch a few tiny living creatures into space, over 40 years beyond the time when the U.S. put Alan Shepard, Jr. into space.


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