Quote of the Day – Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan (R)

Today’s best quote comes House Rep. Paul Ryan (R) from Wisconsin

Ryan is talking about the budget proposal released by Obama today.  He clearly gets the idea across that the Obama administration/Democrats and Republican debates are no longer about differences in how much money to spend (or not), but a clear case of two contrasting visions of America.  Ryan says this (my emphasis):

President Obama’s budget “is not like most budgets, with some tax-code tinkering and spending.” No, he says, “this budget is a choice. We are about to make a decision whose consequences will last for generations.”

This budget presents a choice of two futures,” Ryan says. “Don’t look at the president’s rhetoric, look at his actions. His substance implies a different reality. Not only is this budget worse than the last one, but it triples our debt within ten years, features gushers of tax increases, and relies on some partisan commission to do the heavy lifting on fiscal policy after the next election. Make no mistake: This is a budget aimed to advance the administration’s philosophy and ideology. By increasing taxes and letting the country spiral into debt, this budget is a firm step toward transforming America into a collectivist society overseen by a social-welfare state.”….

……This budget is about more than specific programs or policies. It is really about the American idea, and whether we want to move towards a European-style welfare state. I know that seems like those are big words, but those are the stakes. It is hard to come to another conclusion when you look at our debt and how we are spending. We are in a very dire fiscal situation.”….

……We believe that the individual is the nucleus of American life, and they see the government in that role. That is our big difference.”

“This is a choice of two futures,” he reiterates. “It’s not too late to make the right decision.”

Truer words have never been spoken.  And it is good to finally see some Republican leaders cut to the chase about Obama’s intentions to change this country. 

I certainly hope that Obama/Dem agenda can be stopped.  Our way of life, values, and freedom depend on it.

(H/T: Pajamas Media, Ed Driscoll)


3 Responses

  1. I wish more people would stand up against what this administration is trying to do to our country. I am increasingly worried everyday.

  2. I love Paul Ryan’s philosophy. But in reality the Democrats and Republicans in congress have given us two choices over the past decade, “Tax and Spend” or “Don’t Tax and Spend Anyway”.

  3. Bobby,
    You have a point there.

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